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(The day of the guerilla
fan meeting) (Still not brave enough
to come out of the covers.) (Went back to sleep) (Lisa and Rosé
is nowhere to be seen.) I’m so hungry. Lisa, I’m hungry. I’m hungry. -Are there any tangerines?
-We have tangerines. -Tangerines…
-Cheese, cheese, cheese! Hey, I love lemon juice!
How did they know? I really like lemon. Do you want to make fried eggs?
Do they have that here? No. We even have jam!
We should buy bread. -I’m so hungry.
-Come here. Kuku… Kuku come. (They’re going to starve to
death before they meet Blinks.) Wait, come here.
There is cereal! Come here.
You are going to like this. -Me?
-Hurry up. (Bread +1) -Put the bread here.
-You are so cute. Kuma, Ku! Kuma, Ku!
Kuma, Kuma, Kuma, Ku! It’s done. (Looks like she knows
how to enjoy the bread!) (It’s so good,
I’m about to fly.) (One bite, please) (She’s ready for some.) (Here’s the burnt toast!) It’s burnt. (That crushes me inside.) This is so burnt. (I must save this toast.) This is so hot. (Holding a scalpel
with her bare hands) (Please breathe, patient Toast.) It’s completely burnt. Don’t. Kuma. You can’t eat it. -Looks so good.
-Kuma. Baby Kuku, it smells so good. (How is the taste of the
toast brought back to life?) (Yum, yum!) Did you have to make that sound? It’s so tasty. Don’t cry. Don’t ask for more. It’s good, right? (It’s not that…) My goodness, it’s so tasty. (No matter what anyone says,
this is Rosé’s best toast.) Let’s go now. Let me eat one more. (Shaking head) (Rosé’s “one more”
ended up being) (White bread) (Burnt bread) (Fresh bread) (And more) (Delicious) I want to hurry up and
give some to the other members. (Now that they are full, they
think about the other members.) (Burning off calories
by hiking up the stairs) Jennie, Jennie. (Rosé delivery service delivers
straight to your mouth.) -What is this?
-Hurry, take a bite! (Yum) (Rosé’s toast review
Great texture) -This is so good!
-You can have this, too. No wonder.
I smelled something good. Wow, so you guys
were making this? (Meanwhile,
we have forgotten…) (Someone who is still
deep asleep) (Someone is heading
for Jisoo’s room.) (The mission to wake other
members continue.) Jisoo… (I’m going to sleep more!) -I’m sleepy. I need to sleep.
-Please don’t. Please… (Screaming) Are you going to get up or not? Come here. (Everyone is finally up.) You are so heavy. Jeez. (Eight hours before
the guerilla fan meeting) It’s awesome! What? It’s awesome! Wow! (What did they see?) -Look.
-Wow! It’s already pretty. (The pink tree completely
changes the atmosphere.) Wow. I want to bring my camera. If we didn’t buy those Christmas
gifts, it would have felt empty. Seriously. It’s a good thing
we got them, huh? (#Bling Bling #Boxed Decorations
#Cost Effective #Perfect Mood) (#Empty Without #Season’s It
Item #Decoration Bulbs #Pretty) (Blackpink shopped
for decorations.) We need to buy it to decorate
the wall. This too! We need all of this because
we will be decorating the house. -This one too.
-What will be better? -The sparkly one…
-Sparkly… (While the others
are shopping…) I get tired easily.
I’m out of shape. (They have got every item
they needed to buy.) -We need another basket.
-I found the lighting guys! I want to buy lighting! (Now time to decorate…
Maybe not!) (What?) Hello. I’m Jisoo. After some helium,
I became like this. This is so fun. Let’s buy one
for the house. -This is great.
-Oh, no. Chae Young, turn on a song. Okay. -Here we go…
-This is so cute. (Blackpink House has been
upgraded with some carols.) This is perfect for a selfie. (She’s feeling it.) I ate all of the ones
with colors. -There is just one thing I need
-And I… Good bye. (Innocent) (It won’t hurt you.) Kuku… (Santa Kuma doesn’t give
presents to crying dogs.) (Will you pull the sled Mom?) (Guerilla fan meeting) (Doorbell) Who is that?
Someone’s ringing the bell. Someone’s here. Did you guys order something? (Who is it?) Hello. Oh… Chef… Yes. (Chef?) Hello. One moment please. (First male to visit
the Blackpink House) Guys! The chef is here! We wanted to learn it right
from the chef. -Hello!
-Hello. Welcome. -Hello.
-Welcome. I heard that you are having
a fan meeting. -That’s right.
-We will be making sandwiches. What kind of sandwich
will we make? It’s called bao bun. They eat them a lot
in south-east Asia. (South-east Asia?
What kind of dough?) We will make a dough
like hoppang. -Hoppang?
-Hoppang? You can think of it
like a hoppang. Hoppang? Hoppang sandwich? -I’ve never heard of it before.
-We will be using chicken patties
for the sandwiches. (It’s seems unfamiliar
and difficult.) (Bao bun? Sandwich? What?
Fact? 100? Hoppang?) At first, he made it sound
very difficult. A hoppang sandwich which is
popular in south-east Asia? Will this be… (Blackpink’s menu, Bao Sandwich) (Main ingredients) Okay. Then we will make
the sandwiches together. Let’s wash our hands
before we begin. (The first step to cooking
in cleanliness.) -What do we do?
-Over here… -Let’s just continue with this.
-You can do it! -So we need to bend this?
-Trust me. Okay. It’s done. (Jennie and Jisoo’s team will
make 100 sandwiches.) (Rosé and Lisa’s team
will continue decorating.) It smells like steamed bread. -It smells like steamed bread.
-Wow! Is it already made like that? (They stop decorating and
look across the living room.) -Wow! It’s cool!
-Come here. (There is is no time.) Let’s slice carrots and radish with a slicing knife. (Preparing the carrots radish
for the sandwiches.) Have you ever used the slicing
knife before? I have. Then Jisoo, you should use it
to dice the vegetables. But I’m not really confident. Since Jisoo knows how to use
the slicing knife… (Slicing) (Slicing) (Slice the carrots and radish
into an appropriate size.) (Regular segment in Blackpink
TV, Jisoo talking gibberish) (Iron arms Iron legs
Man made of iron) (A commemoration song for the
radish who had given its all.) (Shall I taste
how well I sliced it?) (Yuck!) Is this how radish tastes like? You are just slicing it all. You are really good at that. I found something I’m good at. I am an expert! How long have you been an expert
of slicing? It’s since I have been filming
Blackpink TV. I was making sandwiches… Next, we will be making
pickle syrup. -A cup of water…
-A cup of water? And some sugar. Here you go. This is new.
This goes into making pickles? (It only needs to be boiled
to make pickle syrup.) (Cooking is going smoothly.) (Where did Rosé and Lisa go?) (The two are
concentrating on something.) Look at you! Oh, baby… (What are they doing now?) Baby, come here. Oh, the black one is gone. The kitties must be cold. (Kitty baby) They must be so cold. We’re cold too. (The cute babies came to play
at Blackpink House.) There they are! I found them! (Are you falling for me?) Baby, baby! Come here, baby! Hey baby. Run. Run here. The baby is coming. Don’t over-do it. Don’t do that. Don’t do that.
Just stay quietly. The baby is so cute. That’s Baby. I gave it a name. Baby… -He’s Gray.
-Gray? How about him? -Spots.
-Spots? Okay. If we leave food here, I think
they will come and eat it. If we just leave food here,
they will come every day. -Right?
-They will come every day. Let’s do it! Let’s do it now!
Hurry! Hurry! (You scared me!) -It’s too cold.
-Hey! Come here! -Bye bye!
-I’ll give you food! (We will eat it next time.) They’re so cute. Look at them. -They’re so cute!
-Cute! Chae Young,
let’s go back in now. -They’re so cute.
-Let’s finish up! Where is he gone?
Where did he go? Close the doors. (The pink tree decorations
are almost done.) (Jennie and Jisoo are focusing
on making sandwiches.) (Pickle the radish and carrots
in the pickle syrup.) (Marinate chicken) You come here.
Don’t you dare go away. (Marinating) Let’s go. We’re going in. -It’s hot. Hot, hot, hot.
-It’s not hot. -It’s hot, hot, hot.
-Give it to me. Next, take the bread and slice it in half. -Put in the baked chicken first.
-Okay. -This?
-Yes. (Spread the sauce as desired.) (Add the pickled
carrots and radish.) (Red, orange, yellow, green
The visual is a go.) (Pressed down
for an easier bite.)


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