Billy on the Street – “La La Land or Nicki Minaj?” with Stephen Colbert!
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Billy on the Street – “La La Land or Nicki Minaj?” with Stephen Colbert!

This is a game that I like to call “La La Land or Nicki Minaj?” A lot of people love La La Land but now there’s a whole contingent forming against it. Right? Why would there be someone? I’m not against it, I just haven’t seen it. I understand, well I want you to see it. Is it sort of like LA inside praising itself. It’s a little bit again, it’s more about La La Land is very earnest and sentimental Right, so? I like that. Me too! I’m cynical person I agree Yeah Hey everyone who didn’t like La La Land Dare to dream! This is a game I call “La La Land or Nicki Minaj” I’m gonna read you
a line or a lyric. You have to tell me
if it’s a line from the movie musical “La La Land” or a line by Nicki Minaj
from a Nicki Minaj song. Do you understand? Yes, I do. “City of stars, are you
shining just for me?” -“La La Land.”
-Yes, correct. “I floss every day,
but I ain’t a dentist.” -Nicki Minaj.
-Yes, correct. “A technicolor world made
out of music and machine had called me to be
on that screen.” -“La La Land.”
-Yes, correct. “Come through and…him in my automobile, let him [bleep] with his grilles
and he tellin’ me to chill.” -Nicki Minaj.
-Yes, correct. “Is this the start of
something wonderful and new, or one more dream that I cannot make true?” -“La La Land.”
-Yes, correct. “I let him hit it ’cause he slang cocaine. He tossed my salad like his name Romaine.” -Nicki Minaj.
-Yes, correct. “Here’s to the ones who dream,
foolish as they may seem.” -“La La Land.”
-Yes, correct. “Put your hands on the toilet.
I’ll put one leg on the tub.” -[ Laughing ] Nicki Minaj.
-Yes, correct. “So, bring on the rebels,
the ripples from pebbles, the painters and poets and plays.” -“La La Land.”
-Yes, correct. “He said, ‘Damn, bae,
you so little, but you be really
takin’ that pipe.'” -[ Laughing ] Nicki Minaj.
-Yes, correct. “Jazz is about the future.” -“La La Land.”
-Yes, correct. “Um, let me think. What could I do to kick it off? How ’bout I [bleep] all on your [bleep]
and then I lick it off?” -Nicki Minaj.
-Yes, correct. “All right, I remember you,
and, yes, I’ll admit that when we met
I was a little curt.” -“La La Land.”
-Yes, correct. “I’m a freak, so I don’t care.
Just don’t get none in my hair.” -Nicki Minaj.
-Yes, correct. “What do you mean,
you don’t like jazz?” -“La La Land.”
-Yes, correct. Did he win? Yes, you win!


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