Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Trafficking Minors | The Daily Show

I don’t know
who’s writing real life now, but this story is insane. First of all,
that this hedge fund billionaire got away with running
an underage sex ring for years, and secondly, that he lived
right across the road from Bill Cosby. Like, I don’t know
who the neighborhood watch is, -but they’re doing a shitty job.
-(laughter) Like, seriously,
how do two major sex criminals buy houses
across the road from ea… Like, what are the chances? Huh? Is there a filter on Zillow
that I’m unaware of? Is there? It’s like, “Fireplace,
secret sex dungeon… Oh, and doorman, doorman,
definitely doorman. Like, I’m sorry,
Bill Cosby and Jeffrey Epstein on the same street– talk
about a dangerous neighborhood. Like, they could do
a whole season of Law & Order that just takes place
on that block. -(laughter)
-Just that block. So… so the police raided
Epstein’s mansion, found lots
of incriminating evidence, and threw him in jail. And today,
Epstein’s lawyers argued that he should be allowed
to live under house arrest until his trial. Although I don’t think
“house arrest” is a good idea, ’cause, I mean,
the house is where all this shady shit
allegedly went down. It would be like Walter White
getting to go wait for trial in an RV in the desert. It’s, like, well, that’s…
that’s where it happens. And you might be asking: Where
does Epstein even get the balls to ask for such lenient
treatment from the law? Well, maybe it’s because
this wouldn’t be the first time. NEWSMAN:
In 2008, Epstein was accused of running this very same
sex trafficking operation involving at least
40 underage girls, but those federal charges
back in 2008 were dropped after Epstein received a controversially lenient
plea deal Epstein was only county jail
for 13 months and was allowed out
to go to work six days a week. I’m sorry, everything is shady -about this deal. Yeah.
-AUDIENCE MEMBER: What? Yeah, “What?”
is the right reaction there. Not only did
the charges get dropped, what he was charged for meant
that he was going to jail but he was allowed
to leave prison for six days a week
and go to work. Yeah. That’s not prison,
that’s just life. (laughter) You go to work every day, and then Sundays you stay in. The only difference is
he was living rent-free. I mean, can you imagine if you were sharing
a cell with this guy? Epstein comes back to jail at
night and his cellmate is like, “What a day. I spent 12 hours
in solitary confinement.” And Epstein is like,
“Oh, I wish I was in solitary. “Starbucks was a zoo
this morning. Anyway, good night, Bill Cosby.” (laughter and applause) Now… Now, one of the reasons
this story has blown up isn’t just because
Epstein is a billionaire who was running an underage
sex trafficking ring. It’s also because
the man who let him off with that lenient
prison sentence, went on to become
Donald Trump’s Labor secretary. Yes. And now, because this story
is blowing up again, Trump’s guy has been forced
to step down. TV REPORTER:
The fallout from Epstein’s case reached the White House Friday, Labor Secretary
Alexander Acosta resigning his Cabinet position after Acosta faced
mounting pressure for his role in negotiating
a controversial plea deal with Epstein as a U.S. Attorney
in Florida more than a decade ago. President Trump
accepting the resignation while praising Acosta. This was him, not me,
because I’m with him. He was a–
he’s a tremendous talent, he’s a Hispanic man… (audience reacts) He’s a Hispanic man? What a strange thing to bring up
when a guy is resigning. Like, no other boss
would do that. No one would be like,
“So, everybody, “uh, today is Jerry’s last day. “Uh, he’s Korean, and, uh, “there’ll be cake
in the break room. Thank you, everybody.” So the guy who gave Epstein
that sweet deal has resigned in disgrace,
but the question remains, how did Epstein manage
to get away with just a slap on the wrist
in the first place? Well, it turns out maybe it’s because of how
insanely connected he was. TV REPORTER: The 66-year-old
has palled around with some of the most powerful
in politics and business,
including President Trump. TV REPORTER:
In 2002, Trump called Epstein a “terrific guy,” adding, “It is even said that he
likes beautiful women as much as I do and many of them
are on the younger side. TV REPORTER: Reporting
this morning suggesting closer times between
the president and Epstein. A 1992 party at Mar-a-Lago billed as a calendar girl
competition. A Florida businessman who
organized it tells The Times 30 people attended this party. 28 girls, Mr. Trump
and Mr. Epstein. That’s the entire party. 28 women in a room with Donald Trump
and Jeffrey Epstein. Doesn’t sound like a party. It sounds like
an escape the room. That’s what it sounds like. “Pull on his hair.
See if it does something.” And it’s not just Trump. It turns out Epstein
has had powerful friends on both sides of the aisle. TV REPORTER: Mr. Epstein
was also friends with former President
Bill Clinton. TV REPORTER:
Bill Clinton’s office released its own statement. “President Clinton knows
nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey
Epstein pleaded guilty to.” TV REPORTER: Clinton
acknowledges he flew four times on Epstein’s private jet
in 2002 and 2003. Chauntae Davies was
a flight attendant on the jet known as
the Lolita Express because it allegedly shuttled
underage girls between Epstein’s homes. She told Inside Edition Clinton did nothing improper
on those trips. She said she made him peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches. (laughter) You know, I’m… I’m glad the news got her
to reenact the making of a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich, just so that we all know
what that looks like. That was nice.
That was nice. And, clearly, clearly, this is, this is a man who had
a lot of connections, right. It might explain how he got away with those heinous crimes
for so long, and with these new charges
being filed against him, many are wondering who he might
bring down with him. Over the coming weeks,
the story is gonna unfold. There’s a good chance a lot of
questions are gonna be answered, like how exactly Epstein made all of his money,
which is shady. Which powerful people were
involved in his sex ring, and, most importantly, why his front door
is so goddamn big.

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