• Michael Laura

    I appreciate brother much what you shared about the history of Rome and the Basilica. I just watched a video the other day explaining how the Colosseum was made from The spoils of the Jewish Temple. How awesome to see that those very spoils from the Coliseum built the Basilica… Just Desserts you might say! Also, I never knew the origin of the word Palestine. However, you are not being fair to history and negating that Catholic means Universal, and it started with Peter the first pope and upon all the apostles and the apostolic succession continue from there. Of course Paul's letter to the Romans was to predominantly Jews they were the first Converts! But over time the Catholic Church did grow and much of what we stand upon now was ratified by the Bishops in councils! You have to ask yourself where does the Authority for this church (if you don't like the word religion fine) but this church began by Christ upon His holy Apostles and his Apostles continue down the line, you cannot negate the Catholic Church as "THE" church! As soon as you begin to teach one rule over another or 1 Doctrine over another you are creating religion however you like it!

  • Bas Smouter

    Behold Israël, iT is indeed not about THE future of mankind.

    Remember Nebudkadnessar, read Daniël 2, about that image with a golden hst, Silver shoulders, Brons chest, iron legs and feet from clay and iron, Will tumble down. THE future reign Will became according to Daniël 2, vers 44” And in THE days of these kings THE God of heaven Will set up A kingdom which SHALL not be DESTROYED; andvtge kingdom SHALL not be LEFT to other people; IT SHALL break in pieces and CONSUME all those KINGDOMS, and iT SHALL stand forever”.

    And, like you, I have lived at Israël, in between 1979/1983. IT wast that time A christian moshaw, every where at Holland, people named us THE Christian kibbutz. At 1981 came Vreeman from THE USA to Tell Aviv, and Tgey burned A pile of New Testaments. By proclaiming :” this Will be THE end if THE time if THE only saviour, Jezus Christ. We come in THE power of THE Brave New World. We forbit that you live according THE Ten Commandments, like us wanted by His Holy Father. We do invent instead of Perpator Analysis, Delict Analysis.

    What changed at Israël? We got 400 % inflation. What changed in those now 38 Th years, by THE reign if THE antichrist! They use frames:
    1) they claim to be Brave- but are afraid for journalist. They want A givernement as small as posdibky, in order that nobody Will tracé there influence at society
    2) they claim A Free Market- but mention not tomoay A normal wage to THE workers, do niet care about health indurance, do not care about there retirement.
    3) They claim to be Patriots, . But do not pay tax, need privileges and have ruined our social and technical infrastructuren.

    Remember too, my twinbrother, Gerrit Smouter..After THE killing if THE cineast Theo van Gogh, by Amir A., A muslim. Started gevtomoray firvthem, to bless them. Ike us written in THE bible Pray for your enemies.

    He wrote A parallelkoran. Www.GerritAllah.com. I learned at THE work & Studybyear at Nes Ammim, that 95% of THE Koran is copied from THE old and New testament. So, Gerrit used THE Dutch translation from THE Bublé, named Het Boek, in order to find THE origin from THE Koran.
    That Publisher, Jongbloed from Leeuwarden, . Learned at 2011 that 300.000 inhabitants from Caïro downloaded Het Boek, in order to understand THE origin of THE Koran. Remember Prime Minister Begin. He claimed:” Arab do not read”. As you understand, started THE Arab during at 2011 by reading THE parallelkoran.. So, Arab can read- if its is honest written.

    Read revelation 11, about THE Two Whitnesses..

    Remember Immanuel Velikofsky , at 17th december 2017 have Vreeman announched at you tube, that they treated that man like Voldermort from Harry Potter. Because inbetween 1895/ 1979 did he wonder during hus time at Palestina:”What have other people seen during our Exodus?”. And he studied 21 languages and covered 7000 years of human history.

    And realised, that even Chinese have watched twice such an event. Read Genesis 6, about Noach and about mankind what became evil. And THE Lord wiped out evil men with THE Flood. According to those old tails, THE planet Saturn came nearby our earth, and lost A lot if saltwater to THE attraction of our earth. So, we got wet by A part those Saturn rings that Came in THE Flood.

    Important to understand, mankind started to pray to Jehova, to rescue them from slavery By evil men.

    3650 year later, THE hebrew started to pray again, being slaves from THE Farao.
    And He used THE planet Mars and THE comet Venus, who lost her tail into 40 years,. THE hebrew named iT manna. THE Greece, Roman and the people from the Indus named iT Ambrosia. . , .

    Those events while gappen again, now 3650 years later, and becaysevifvtgat have Rockefellers payd that underground dome, below at rhe Carmel mount, below THE Bahaigarden. They started to build iT at 1976; At 1995 was A documentary at THE NPO and VPRO Dutch tekebusiin about THE building if that deep dien bunker complex. To keep a World secret Parliament, to rule THE World during THE passing by of those planets.

    So, indeed, iT us not about A religiën, what Will mather. IT Will bevthe third time that all people pray to Jehova, to God our Father, to liberate mankind from THE slavery of THE Illuminatie. And, Lucky, many people have noticed since 2011 this Message, and jood and live are glooiing in much more heaarts as you can imagine.

    THE question fir you and your followers Will be:
    Are we a light- or a criticus? Are we an example- or A judge! Are we A oart if tbe solution- or are we A part of THE PROBLEM?

    Read Revekation 20, THE Lord Will keep satan and hus friends deep dien innthe pitt fir another 1000 year.

  • NilDesperandum777

    As a Catholic Christian, I have been enjoying Amir's videos.

    What wasn't emphasized – as I suppose it wouldn't be per the theme of the presentation – was what those closest to Sts. Peter and Paul (i.e. The Early Church Fathers) believed about the Church given and established by Christ to be maintained through HIS Disciples.

    The type of disunity being conflated from the political to the theological is not accurate in the least. Moreover, the claim that "religion" is insignificant misses the point of what value that which is common amongst believers, or said differently, that which binds us, what is our ligature if you will…which is where the word religion comes from. The CHURCH is important. It is after all CHRIST's word. He said there would be ONE.

    As for distinguishing "The Church of Rome" from "The Church", for "The Church of Rome" there is only, "The Church". Roman prefixes are a protestant insistent descriptor, not a Catholic one. Rome and therefore Roman are incidental. If Sts. Peter and Paul were called to Zurich (metaphorically speaking) or Londonium, then that's where the base of Christ's Church would have been located.

    It is NO accident that Rome, the world's power at the time, and that which enslaved Jerusalem, was in turn, conquered by Christ's Church in a particular way. If there is a significance to Rome, it is that. That the conquerers were in turn, conquered.

  • Cheryl Sexson

    Catholic man made commandments, laws and traditions are exactly man made! We DO still need to follow God's law which is Christ. He is the Word made Flesh. He is our Passover Lamb!! Pls don't deceive ppl when God is saying in Colossians not to follow pagan commands etc. He was never implying not to Follow God's dietary and other laws. Know who he was talking to and why.


    We are traveling to Eastern Europe next few weeks; please pray for my family and LOVED ONES In Europe that I can fulfill Jesus will; Thank you Amir for your teachings GOD BLESS AND BE WITH EVERYONE THAT READS THIS! I know he’s coming soon in JESUS NAME AMEN!!

  • Sally

    Neither does space, planets, globe, universe. The bible states the earth is flat with a firmament over it the stars, sun and moon are in the firmament. Start with Genesis 1:6.

  • The Advocate of Enlightenment

    Wrong… the facts are totally wrong. The video is meant to glorify the castle of Satan… "many of you may not know that" well in fact your stories are all false. Your name has been blotted out of the book of Life.
    Support this person and his videos and his lies..if so, let it be done.

  • Elsie DeLuca

    Jesus The Christ Alone is “The ROCK.” It was Peter’s Testimony of Who Jesus is that pleased Him. Glory!!!

    Our theme for our Good Friday Services this year comes from Jesus’ question to Peter, “Who do you say I AM?” We all need to answer this question. ♥️ It would take me hours to say “WHO” my Beloved LORD is to me.

  • The Rooted Word

    Brother, you are seeking contention. Seek to remove the plank from your eye, then help with compassion to remove the splinter from your brother's eye. Stop criticizing the Catholic Church publicly. Rather, go to a Catholic brother and help him with kindness and compassion. This public grandstanding is exactly what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ criticized the Pharisees of seeking.

    This is not edifying knowledge, but contention over archaic details that are disconnected. You are stretching facts and hanging threads to accuse brothers and sisters in the Lord. You speak from a lack of understanding. Do you not know that we no longer treat things from a worldly standpoint? And yet your presentation oozes with this attitude, hunting for something to blame even in building materials. You are blinded and need to stop this absurdity. You are misleading people with your blathering. Return to preaching the Gospel in the way that Jesus Christ taught.

    Rather, you are trying to appear intelligent and have become ridiculous. Were you saved with a gospel that was built on criticizing another church? Were you not saved on the grace and mercy and compassion of Jesus Christ? And if you who did not deserve that mercy and compassion, in all of your deep illness of sin, received it, not having deserved it at all, then why do you withhold it from others? Do you treat the precious sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the riches of the treasures of God with such great contempt, acting as the accuser of our brethren in the Lord Jesus?

  • Frank From Upstate NY

    What a fantastic message……the "free gift of the Holy Spirit"…..it's not about religion…whatsoever. We do need to be Born Again….we don't need to pray to Mary, to Peter,….or any other man….other than Jesus.

  • Johan Nel

    The word religion do appear in the bible. James 1: 27- Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

  • John Manuel

    Judaism , Christianity , Muslim, & others are all man made religion and nothing to do with the relationship with Almighty God Yahuah through his son YAHUSHA HaMashiach, the Saviour of the world with the help of Holy Spirit🙏

  • Brenda Fre

    Then why do they have their tentacles all over the world, with there sacrificing children causing wars all over the world with there Jesuit agents stealing all the riches of the world for there Satanic World order…

  • Disambiguation

    Although Napolean abolished the HR Empire, isn't it fascinating that the Queen of England is the Secretary Treasurer and Princess of the Holy Roman Empire? Check it out. It continues.

  • Desire Uys

    This was wonderful seeing the buildings for ourselves and hear the history and truth about it. Thank you once again Amir. May the Lord purify our hearts and fill our lamps with oil for that day when He comes on the clouds to meet us in the air.

  • John Binnie

    Shalom! Thank you Amir lovely Bible study. Hoping to see you on Mars Hill delivering another inspiring study from Athens, Greece. People should realize that there is another leg of the Holy Roman Church as well.

  • twinflower

    Thank you for revealing the truth of GODS most awesome WORD. And to reveal that the Kingdom is within us through the shed blood of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. That it is by faith in Christ that GOD HIMSELF gave us the gift of grace. It is a free gift so no man can boast. Such common sense. GOD is so awesome. Everyday I have more and more humility in knowing what Jesus first did for us. Love this show.

  • My OpenMind

    Why do so many fail to question the beliefs they were told or taught to believe.

    Aside from it’s wealth, it’s failure to recognize women as the equal of men, its stance against homosexuality, contraception and abortion I strike gale to see why Catholicism has any relevance today in the 21st century.

    Pity that even Pope Francis has done nothing of and substance about historical and current abuse in the church.

  • Susan M

    Amazing presentation, bless you, Amir for this great history lesson. Jesus (not religion) is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Shalom 👑💟✝

  • Flordeliza Guzzan

    Thank you Amir. It makes sense to me now. There's a reason why Jesus said it in Matthew 16:18 because the rocks of St Peter Basilica were from Israel that Romans stole. There' must be a reason why the two who were crucified inbetween Jesus were thieves of which, one mocked Jesus while the other believed in Him. Everything happened for a reason.

  • JL Kinsey

    Remember that when we talk about being 'religious', the true definition is more of a general description. Some have linked Christianity directly to the definition of religion or being religious because it is an easy example. When in fact, it is much more broad than just "Christianity". Religious or having a religion; relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity. a religious person. religious attitudes and an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group.
    "The World" view often uses techniques of derogatory terms/ideas applied to the belief in Christ, to attack believers in Christ. I hear of more and more believers in Christ who used to call themselves Christians, change their self designation to just that, "believer in Christ" specifically. I think that is something we should seriously consider. Calling ourselves "Christians" has so many broad connotations that "the world" has applied to the term, that we should stray away from that title. And being a believer in Christ should not automatically make you a religious person. It is simply what it states. I realize that there is still the individual's personal view of what a believer in Christ is (it could mean a religious person to an individual), but we can then simply ask them to define what that means to them. It's important that we single ourselves out from the possibly and probably misguided religious/Christian group. They are less likely to hear the message we have for them without that clarity. Just an observation and opinion I've formed over the past 30+ years. I apologise if this is difficult to read…I have difficulty explaining this myself…words and definitions do not always come easy to me.

  • Meadow Meadow

    AMEN! Thank you very much and be fruitful and blessed. Christianity is a way of life and dependace to God the Father troug Jesus Christ and a Holy Spirit. Thank you.

  • CC T

    Thank you for bringing the Bible alive and making it so easily understandable!!! Man tries to complicate it, which only serves to confuse people and leaving them unable to grasp the FREE gift of grace and eternal life by believing that God sent His only Son here to die on the cross for our sins, Yashua (Jesus) rose from the grave, and sits at the right hand of my Father!!! Fully surrender to Him…and your life will change! I promise!!!! I should be dead by all rights…doctors told me that…so I am living proof that God can change your life!!! Each day that passes, I care less and less about this life and so desire to see His face!!!! I now know what that feels like, and it's awesome!!!!

  • Fritula 6

    Comments on this site are people’s opinions….they are not facts….this shows that none of you have studied your opinions …. to get to the facts of the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings.

  • marianne Rutledge

    did you ask steve berger to repent- he talks to his dead son as you know god words dead is dead- you can't talk to them

  • Cafe_80’s Barako

    Catholic is False religion…they TWISTED The TRUTH..and their pope is encouraging them to pray to the image of his favorite saints…and there’s a video when he visited the catholic group of Filipino’s saw that their pope is telling them to pray on that 8mage and Teaching also them to write their prayers in a piece of paper and telling them to put it under that image so that their prayer will be heard…😭😭😭

  • Brigido Anaya

    Adrian was not the one who first coined the name Palestine, and its unlikely he did it to humiliate the Jews.

    The name Palestine as a place name in the Middle East throughout the history of the region, including its cognates such as "Filastin" and "Palaestina".

    The term "Peleset" (transliterated from hieroglyphs as P-r-s-t) is found in five inscriptions referring to a neighboring people or land starting from circa 1150 BC during the Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt. The first known mention is at the temple at Medinet Habu which refers to the Peleset among those who fought with Egypt in Ramesses III's reign,and the last known is 300 years later on Padiiset's Statue. The Assyrians called the same region "Palashtu/Palastu" or "Pilistu", beginning with Adad-nirari III in the Nimrud Slab in c. 800 BC through to an Esarhaddon treaty more than a century later.

    In the West, the first appearance of the term "Palestine" was in 5th century BC Ancient Greece when Herodotus wrote of a "district of Syria, called Palaistinê" between Phoenicia and Egypt in The Histories.

    The legendary history of David and Solomon in the 10th century BCE tells little about the origins of Judah. There is no archaeological evidence of an extensive, powerful Kingdom of Judah before the late 8th century BCE; Nimrud Tablet K.3751, dated c. 733 BCE, is the earliest known record of the name Judah (written in Assyrian cuneiform as Yaudaya or KUR.ia-ú-da-a-a). Prior to this the kingdom was no more than a small tribal entity which was limited to Jerusalem and its immediate surroundings.

    The status of Jerusalem in the 10th century BCE is a major subject of debate. The oldest part of Jerusalem and its original urban core is the City of David, which does not show evidence of significant Israelite residential activity until the 9th century. However, unique administrative structures such as the Stepped Stone Structure and the Large Stone Structure, which originally formed one structure, contain material culture dated to Iron I. On account of the apparent lack of settlement activity in the 10th century BCE, Israel Finkelstein argues that Jerusalem in that century was a small country village in the Judean hills, not a national capital, and David Ussishkin argues that the city was entirely uninhabited.

    So according to archaeological findings the stories in the Bible, about the Kingdom of Israel, of David,and Solomon just a legend.

    And if not a legend, obviously Jerusalem was not located where it's standing now, so there cannot be a claim to an Historical legacy, as the place where King Solomon's temple stood, since it has not being found, where its supposed to be..
    Sorry guys, Science trumps down myths, and legends one more time.

  • Rockhound *

    Emmanuel Macron said to have a ''Kingmaker''role for the next 5 years despite the Far-Right winning the French vote. ''A KINGMAKER role would give Macron greater influence in deciding the direction of EU policy…..
    The ''KINGMAKER'' and a POPE…the ongoing rise of Europe, progressing faster each day.

  • Aggie Fehr

    I love these educational videos! Knowing how history and bible truth work together is so comforting to me! May God bless your ministry Amir! 💖

  • Sam Brullo

    Regarding Colossians 2, Paul was speaking to people keeping the laws of the Torah regarding being judged by the pagans. People can be judged for keeping the law. Therefore, when Paul says "let no one judge you…" translates to not having the pagans sway their belief and these were indeed a shadow of things to come because they are here now!

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