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Are you ready to sell your Woodlands home? Choosing the right realtor is vital. When we listed our home that was actually kind of hard on my part to have to deal with that for a
couple of weeks, but Brian made sure to call us every single day to check in let us know that it was all going to work out. The best offer … (um) a lot of people are doing ‘The short closing. The short closing,’ but financing (is so important). We had one that was a cash offer I and it was gonna
take a lot longer to do that… He walked us through each little step and so I think that helped to kind of relieve some of the stress. And so in the end, once it was all said and done We are The Richardson Group Realty. We’re an award-winning, knowledgeable real estate team that knows The Woodlands. My husband and I had a second home and we, unfortunately, needed to sell it. and so when it was time for us to put it on the marketing we did a lot of research and came up
with a lot of names. I liked several of them and then Brian came, and and after several minutes, I thought ‘Okay. This is the guy.” We’re local real estate
experts with over 20 years experience. We take time to find customized solutions
that work for you. We’re results-driven with outrageous customer service. And we guarantee results. When I got the call from Helen I just
immediately started doing tons of research and so when I walked in the house (I wasn’t ‘Joe Schmoekitelli’ saying ‘hey, we can put my sign in front of your house. I told her my sign is a place (that says) TURN HERE. I’m not advertising me. I want to sell the house. You need The Richardson Group Realty. ‘We will move you’ 713-320-6712

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