BEST Place To LAND For EASY WINS and LOOT (Fortnite How To Win Tips)
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BEST Place To LAND For EASY WINS and LOOT (Fortnite How To Win Tips)

This might be the first video that I regret
making because I’m about to share with you the landing location and even loot path that
gave me 5 wins in 1 day, that’s a pretty big deal for me because I had less than 50 wins
at the start of that day, I almost don’t want to share it. But you guys know me, I just love sharing
secrets, I can’t help it. I shared dozens of hidden chests locations,
so it’s about time I share the best landing location and loot path ever to get easy wins. Just to prove to you guys that I’m not making
this up, I tweeted the five wins with screenshots using the love ranger skin right before valentines
day at 9:55 pm which is about 14 hours after the fortnitegame twitter tweeted that the
love ranger outfit is out which I used in all those games, so you know it all happened
in one day. I’ll also show quick montages of those games
at the end of the video. So let’s get started. THE BEST LANDING LOCATION FOR EASY WINS IS
CONTAINERS, it’s the place between retail row and wailing woods. It’s an unnamed location but I call it containers
because well there’s a lot of containers, but feel free to call it whatever you want. I’m just gonna use containers for this video. There are four big reasons why containers
is the best place to land that I don’t think a lot of people know about. 1. One of the biggest reason is that it has a
lot of chests in a small area. And most people don’t even know where half
of these chests are. Unless you landed here a good amount of times,
chances are you probabaly think it has like 3 or four chests only, not because you’re
stupid, but because a lot of them are hard to find, when I first started, I landed here
like three times in a row and only found 3-4 four chests and then I stopped going here. But turns out it has 8 chests which is just
as much as some of the other smaller named locations like junk junction, shifty shafts,
tomato town, dusty depot, wailing woods and moisty mire. All of those places have 3-9 chests. And after you finish looting containers, there’s
three chests south of containers that most people don’t loot, I’ve been able to get them
almost everytime I land at containers. So you can get up to 11 chests which will
always give you ar/shotgun and full shields most of the time so you can easily win fights
to get the win. If you don’t know where the chests are, then
rewatch this section because I’ve been showing them in the gameplay. 2. You don’t have to share your loot. The only thing better than having a lot of
loot at your landing location, is not having to share it with anyone. Barely anyone lands at containers. Usually I’ll find 1 or two people that land
here at most, a lot of times I’ll be the only one looting all 8 chests + the three other
chests. And, even if one or two other people land
here, the place is small enough where you can find them very quickly and just kill them
fast before they get to loot. The key here is that I don’t let them loot
more than one chests before killing them. If you’ve been on any kind of battle royale
forum like reddit or even youtube comments. Chances are you’ve heard this quote a handful
of times. “Why loot when you can have everyone else
loot for you?”. What they mean is that instead of looting
a bunch of chests at the start of the game, you can pick up a gun, then kill other people
to get their loot instead of doing the work yourself. This may works in other battle royale games,
but not in fortnite because of one simple reason. Shields, fortnite is one of, if not the only
battle royale gamse that has shields giving players over 100 health. Please tell me if any other battle royale
game does this. I’m actually just curious, cause I’ve only
played h1z1 before fortnite and that game had no shields. So we’re gonna have to do some quick maths
here, I know I’m sorry. Greasy grove can spawn up to 11 chests, you
land there with 3-5 other people which is usually what happens. Maybe you kill a guy because you landed in
the most popular building that has three chests. Then 3 other people land in other buildings
and loot 2-3 chests of their own, so by the time you finish looting your building, there’s
only really a couple of chests to loot after if any at all. So your best option of getting more loot is
to go for kills. The other players might’ve found minis and
a full shield potion, they use it all except 1 mini because you get 3 at first and you
can’t use all of them. Then you kill a guy and take his 1 mini shield
which you might have to use if he shot you. Then you get into another fight and same thing
happens. You see where I’m going with this, when you
let other people loot chests, then chances are you’re probably not going to get most
of the shields that they looted because they used them up. So if you manage to be the last one standing
in greasy grove, you might get up to 11 chests worth of weapons since those don’t disapear
but probably only around 1-3 chests worth of shields because you gotta use them and
other players use them as well especially because so many people are fighting each other. Now we go to containers, you land in the general
area, pick up a weapon, if anyone lands there, you just kill them real quick because there’s
no houses, it’s mostly just an open area with a lot of containers. And maybe they looted 1 chest, but after you
kill them, you still get to loot the other 5-7 chests in the area. And you only have to win 1, sometimes 2 fights
at most for all of that loot. Not to mention the three bonus chests south
of containers that no one usually loots. After finishing the loot path, almost every
game, you’ll have an ar, a shotgun, full shields and extra shields in your inventory plus sniper
or rocket launcher a good amount of times. Which is actually so important, being able
to loot all those chests by yourself means you get to start the game with great weapons
and extra shields while taking minimal risk. I know I went on for a long time about this
reason, but it’s the biggest reason why containers is the best. 3 Now let’s talk about the third reason. Which is these wooden pallets. Like I said in the five things I wish I knew
video. Wood is super underrated by newer players,
building wood in fights is way better than bricks or metals. If you ever watch a pro player’s game, all
they farm is wood and all they use in fights is wood unless they run out. Just look up daequan vs ninja if you haven’t
seen it already, they went through hundreds of wood during the fight. And the thing that gives the most wood is
those really thick bright trees in moisty mire, around loot lake and near the farms. But the next in line is these wooden pallets,
there’s eight of them in containers. These eight wooden pallets alone can give
you anywhere from 300 to 500 pieces of wood. And if you’re able to hit 2 out of 3 of the
blue circles that pop up which you should be able to with pactice, then you’ll be able
to break three pallets grouped together in under 10 seconds for over 100 pieces of wood. Literally no other place can do this, not
even moisty mire, moisty has big trees that can give around 100 pieces of wood, but they’re
all spread out in between water that slows you down so it takes a longer time which sucks
because moisty is in a corner of the map and if you take too long, then the storm can end
up screwing you over. And if you’re really into building, all you
tsm_myth fans out there, you can farm the small trees to the south of containers, part
of the loot path. Those trees give less than the pallets but
more than the taller trees does, so they’ll set you up real good for building to win you
some fights. So far, we’ve talked about how containers
can give you a ton of weapons and shields that aren’t gonna be used up by other players
because you can just kill them before they even use it. Then there’s the fact that you can get 3-500
wood in under 30 seconds with pallets or go for 999 of them south of here by hitting trees
if you want to. I can literally just end it right here without
giving you the fourth reason and it would still be hands down the best landing location
in the entire map for easy wins. And yet there is still another big reason
why this is the best place to land. 4 The final reason is that the storm will
never be an issue when you land at containers. To win a game of fortnite, you need weapons,
shields,healing, materials and last but not least, good positioning. For the entire day that I landed here, I never
once touched the storm. I had a restraining order on that thirsty
thing, always trying to blow me away. I put this reason last because it doesn’t
make much sense by itself. Like, if there’s an issue with the storm then
just land in salty, tilted, dusty or loot lake. But like I said, you won’t get all the weapons
and shields all to yourself there because those places are so popular since they’re
in the middle of the map. But here’s the thing right. It’s ok if you didn’t land directly in the
middle of the map. Most of the time, the first circle is gonna
look something like thiss, so you only have to run a minute or so to get there from containers. The worst that could happen for containers
start is if this circle moves to the left a bit more, but you’d still have plenty of
time to get to the safe zone and find good positioning after looting up to 11 chests. I’ve had so many cases where I land at moisty
mire and the circle keeps moving to the northwest and ends at like pleasant park so the whole
game I’m just running there while people are building a mansion out of metal up in the
mountains starting 3 minutes before I even get there, I tried landing at haunted hills
a couple times because it has a lot of chests but same thing happened where the circle moves
to moisty mire and then there’s the annoying loot lake slowing you down too. That doesn’t happen when you land in containers,
you get to be one of those guys that are fully geared with tons of materials sitting on top
of a mansion in the mountain in the middle of the safe zone, it just makes getting the
win so much easier, and it’s way more fun fighting people when you have good positioning
versus running to the safe zone constantly and struggling to hit people up in their mountain
bases. That’s pretty much it, if all of that doesn’t
convince you that containers is the best place to land to get easy wins, then maybe this
montage of me getting five wins in one day will convince you. And if you want to see the definition of an
easy fortnite win, then make sure you watch the last game of the montage, you won’t believe
how ridiculously easy it was. As you guys can see, I don’t really make montages. But I hope you guys enjoyed it. Try out this loot path and see if you win
more. Drop a like and subscribe for more fortnite
content. Thanks for watching and good luck getting


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