Best Neighborhood In Austin – Realtor Jeremy Knight – Preston Village – N. Austin
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Best Neighborhood In Austin – Realtor Jeremy Knight – Preston Village – N. Austin

Yep, hey, how’s it going people wondering? Why the heck? I’m on a I’m doing a video right here Thanks for stopping by and checking out this video Hey look we just closed this awesome home from the investor client of mine and they bought up here in North Austin and press the village for Reason and this is why we’re looking in places like this tax rate in this neighborhood is 1.9 8% which is Incredible it’s hard to find a tax rate under 2.3 if you’re buying a new community It’s always like three and a half percent or it’s like three point one person One thing I should mention is a medium price for a home in Austin It’s just in there three hundred and thirty thousand dollars. You can pick up a home in this neighborhood between two seventy two three fifteen resale Its location to Companies like Google coming and Facebook The location all the tech companies are coming in right in this area, which is perfect location. Oh, And now word from the sponsor of this video, please like my daddy’s videos if you don’t and my daddy will cry It’s a 2013 home So second half as many issues as an older home and you have a lot of development going in around here what you have if you bought a new house in this neighborhood it cost you upwards of three hundred seventy thousand dollars for the new builds of the whole team it’s also greatest are really close to the domain and in the domain you have the New soccer stadium going in and so just location wise. This is a phenomenal location if you Are looking to maybe invest or find a home for the future reach out? Because we have a lot of great properties, and we know a lot of great areas dreamy night tonight. Have a great day One thing I forgot to mention When a whole neighborhood right you can hear the birds and buy a house in this neighborhood for well under that And as they say if you mess with Texas, you’re gonna get the horns


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