Best Email Marketing Software (2019 Review!)
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Best Email Marketing Software (2019 Review!)


  • Magdalena Koh

    Hello Justin! Great to see you in 2019 and look forward to more…Thank you for sharing and your advise. I will check those two that you recommended, I always wanted to know who is the best to date…

  • wedoebe

    Thank you Justin for simplifying this information. I've been around the block a few times with different email marketing platforms, and they can definitely be overwhelming and cumbersome in nature for the average person.

    As a business owner/marketer, you need to determine what your ultimate goal is from the start. Ask yourself these questions:

    * Are you building an email newsletter just to inform your list?

    * Are planning on selling something to that list?

    * Or are you planning on doing both (now, or in the future)?

    * Are you planning on doing joint ventures with other people/marketers?

    I think are the most basic questions you want to ask yourself, and then pick your email platform accordingly. 🤓

  • Frank Katzer

    Good to see, how ConvertKit has evolved recently!
    I started with Mailchimp, left for ConvertKit (when it was very small) and I am now with ActiveCampaign. And i support your evaluation of the mail-systems a 100%!

  • Misha Basu

    Hello Justin, I would like to know if these marketing tools are only targeted for online businesses or can be used to grow YouTube channels also? I know little about it hence asking 😊

  • Elise Marquam Jahns

    Thanks for this very helpful information. I'm also trying to decide what platform to use to offer classes I'm going to create. I'm looking at Kajabi and Teachable. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Optomly

    This is a great video for anyone who does email marketing! Thank you, Justin and Mike, for your research! Maybe you even enjoyed geeking out a little!

  • Juan Guerra

    I realize you did a video on comparing video editing software. Windows doesnt have movie maker anymore. Is the software/program "photos" just as good or should I download davinci resolve free? anyone please help me out! Thank you!

  • jaxwild11

    How's it going I got power director do to your recommendation and could not
    figure out how to download my own music was not very happy with it any tips or suggestions.

  • TheManglishSpeakingDude

    Hi Justin
    I have been following your videos for quite sometime and your work is truly amazing.
    I learned most of my editing stuffs from your videos and recently started my own channel and is excited to produce good content in the future. Would really appreciate if you could subscribe back and give your feed back and support.

  • KingSoo

    Hey great video. Just random question. Trying to get Primeire Pro for my iMac. and I chose to use this product as I wanted to use after effects as well, so I'm choosing the adobe path over the final cut pro. Anyhow, just stupid question: Can I use adobe on my Mac? like does premere pro works on iMac? Thank you!!

  • Tony T Blum

    From what I have heard, Convertkit does not accept people who use the platform for make money from home or online businesses.

  • Kerry King

    Great analysis Justin. I used a bunch of these and now have settled on Kartra On-line Marketing Platform developed by the Webinarjam people. This enabled me to drop 5 other services (including AWeber+Digioh) and for Infusionsoft, Kajabi, Click Funnels etc. users, I think Kartra will wipe the floor with them. Just saying ….

  • Deep Mindfulness Collective

    I feel like you should be more clear that you get a big bonus for every referral to both of these companies.

    Also, you can do pretty much everything on Mailchimp that you can do on Convert Kit, except the terms are different. Here is a good article:

  • Digital Hungama

    Yes this is best software but not nice and we have almost all video marketing tools and you can get it now with this hashtag and click on it

  • coach nick

    Justin, have you heard of or tried Builderall? It is an email marketing software that allows you to do sales funnels, websites, seo, and much more! I am curious to know what your thoughts are!

  • raja rao

    Hey Justin,
    Nice video man.
    Keep up the good work.
    Premium Email Marketing Services in Hyderabad | BOXFinity

  • Siviwe Mavish

    This is a great video for anyone who does email marketing! Thank you, Justin.I use get response and the getresponse link is

  • Phil B

    Thanks for the info! I am using Mailchimp right now but they are getting a divorce with Shopify so I'm thinking of switching. I am considering convert kit now. Thanks again!

  • Miandra Barbosa

    Hi, thanks for the information. It is very informational. Looking for email marketing software, then you should search and you can find lots of email marketing software. They provide it for free but don’t give their service properly. Mail chimp is the best to email marketing software to send bulk email. Last month my brother told me about an email marketing software Fresh Emails Daily. He uses it from last 3 month and he satisfied with their service.

  • Creator Fundamentals

    Thanks for the video Justin. You helped me make up my mind to migrate over to ConvertKit. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  • Kasunmu Olayemi

    Justin I would love to know if you have any idea about sagawebs someone recommended it as a good email list generator for email marketing I would love to know your thoughts on this. Thank you

  • Archiel Curzada

    do you any prove of some your words is working for the small company or big company. if you catch my words just hit the link. and send to me okay have a nice day. if you have oh that's bad.. but i know you have right now

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