Benefits of Using a Local REALTOR®

We did use a local REALTOR®. We were very impressed with her. She really knew the market, she really knew how to negotiate
on our behalf, knew what was reasonable to ask for, what we’d be able to get. The
experience working with a local REALTOR® was fantastic. He knew the area, was able to really show us around, what we were getting into, all
the comparables, really listened to what it was we were looking for as new
first-time buyers in the area. When we were looking into moving into a home we
did go with a local REALTOR® to kind of help us transition into that. Their
knowledge was invaluable; the amount of information that they had about the area,
and the pricing, and all that sort of stuff was was really great. We’d
actually started with a REALTOR® who wasn’t local, and when we started looking
at Oakville, and we found that they just didn’t know the neighborhoods. I mean,
I knew the neighborhoods a little bit better just from having lived here about
11 years ago. We had a great experience with our REALTOR®. She knew and understood
our needs very well, and she knew the neighborhoods that we were looking at
very well, and we’ve been in our house for 15 years. I would definitely
recommend a local REALTOR®. I would absolutely recommend a local REALTOR® to
anyone who is looking to jump in to buying a house. Absolutely I would
certainly recommend going with local REALTOR®. I think it’s a safe bet I think
when you’re securing such an important asset. Why take the risks. And of course
you know you want to get the best price possible as well, so trust the
professionals. I would highly recommend that.

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