Behind the Scenes with Eddie Harrington on the Hot Seat!
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Behind the Scenes with Eddie Harrington on the Hot Seat!

hi happy Tuesday thanks for joining us
in the hot seat today we have a special guest from our Homewood office, Eddy Harrington. How are you doing today Eddie? Doing good, how are you doing? Very
special thanks for joining us we appreciate it. Tuning in on instagram live
or IG TV whichever so thanks again and our viewers we’ re always encouraging you
if you have any questions for our guests to send them in and we’ll we’ll get to
them as we go through for the day thanks alright so Eddie, we’re gonna talk about a
few things just to get to know you a little bit. So is there something about
you that most people wouldn’t really know when they first meet you about you
that maybe you’re a rock climber. Haha no I don’t climb rocks! Ha, no I don’t do that. Generally I’m not from around here. I’m
originally from Buffalo, New York. Long story how I got down here but ended up
going to the University of Alabama, went to Cumberland for Law School.
So there’s one thing that some people don’t know is I’m still a licensed
attorney. Terrific! I came in second place in the Geography Bee in middle school. That’s
huge! and this one’s really funny and I won’t go into the details,
but as a child I was terrified of public bathrooms. Wow!
Okay well there you go okay so graphically speaking since you’re
such a geography buff. Let’s see I don’t even have one to ask. I didn’t know
that about you. So, what’s the capital Arkansas? Um, I think its Little Rock. I think – we will both agree that is true! I mean I think so, we will have to wait for the fact check on that one. okay wow that’s funny
so how long have you been with RealtySouth? About a year full-time. I thought so. Yep. Yeah, we had
our one year anniversary of opening that branch recently you were one of the inaugural folks. Yeah,
Erle was a family friend and yeah kind of convinced me to make that jump into
real estate so loved it so fantastic so that might answer my next question which
is who’s been one of your mentors with your new career?
um I mean Earl has definitely been a big mentor Lannette Thomas has been huge, Debbie Catanzano, and Meg McCarthy those have all been just instrumental in the
development so far as a realtor. That’s great and I know they under they enjoy
investing that time in you, for sure So, that’s fun.
So, here’s a quirky one if you could be any character in the popular TV series
The Office who would it be? Okay so if I could be anyone it’d probably be Jim but
I’m technically most like Dwight and I’ve done right we’ve done quizzes and I
do tend to skew Dwight’s way because I like rules I like order but I wouldn’t
be as big of a snitch as Dwight was. maybe the rules and so forth come from your legal
background yeah definitely yeah very much so. More regimented, thats funny.
Since you’ve been with RealtySouth what can you can you name a few things that
might differentiate your experience with this brokerage. It’s definitely the
training aspect. When you come in the amount of training they give you you can hit
the ground running but then also the support that you get throughout so it’s
not just like they train you and then they like
go off on your own you know everyone’s willing to help everyone and that’s kind
of been the biggest thing because we’re technically competitors but everyone’s
there just to continue to support each other and I just think that’s been
awesome and kind of makes everyone feel like a team together. Right, you know the more
sales that occur out of any office the better it is for everybody in the
community so it’s you’re right that that means positive perfect.
So if did you practice law before you yeah I practiced for six years and I had been with that same firm though for ten years I worked there before law school
through law school and after law school okay it was that a relationship you had
here in Alabama yeah it was through some mutual friends they can get a job in
between undergrad law school perhaps it was the people they were phenomenal
excellent yeah well that’s a great relationship to have too what what would you say are some of the
things that people ask you about when they’re when they’re looking to purchase
a home what are the sort of common things you’re seeing this year a lot of
it I think sometimes I mean it’s obviously price is always the biggest
one yeah it was the right price and kind of if the price is gonna if the house is
gonna continue to appreciate you know everyone wants to look at it as an
investment and you know the tax notices just went out recently and according to
the county everyone appreciated in value significantly so that’s always that’s
always one of the one big one in you know schools are obviously at the forefront of a lot of peoples minds. well
you mentioned that you you can actually walk to work I think from where you live
yeah I live in Homewood, kind of around the block from the Homewood Office
well that walkability is a big thing these days yeah that’s another big thing
you know planned communities out kinda in the hoover area that kind of thing having it be walkable
community oriented yeah so if I didn’t love being so centrally located I would
love you know the Hoover area with the new developments but my wife and I just
love to be centrally located 15 minutes to everything it’s pretty awesome yeah
yeah that’s fun all right so let’s go let’s speaking of fun let’s have even
more fun so do you buzzer in your hands. I do have a buzzer that’s here it’s working all right so I’m gonna ask you a couple of
fun football trivia questions okay all right perfect
so ready we have about 30 seconds so which team has the highest total of wins
in the FBS: Notre Dame, Ohio State, Alabama, or Michigan? Michigan. Wow one for him! I believe Notre Dame is second, and Alabama might be third have to wait on the fact check on that
one too. I’m not positive. That’s going on record folks all right so which team
has had the most players drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft: Alabama, USC, Ohio State, Miami. And that’s all time? Yes. recently it’s been Alabama but I I
mean I guess I’m just gonna have to go with Alabama. Okay well one for the home. It was actually USC okay yeah so I think you were kind of thinking recently and I
know it’s been Alabama recently but I wasn’t sure yeah overall okay gotcha
well okay so which team has been in the most bowl games:
Alabama, Texas, USC or Nebraska? I think it’s gonna be Alabama. All right another one for Eddie! yep you’re correct
that’s true and maybe get another one this year right
hopefully alright so The Iron Bowl was first played in 1893 a game was won
by the Auburn Tigers 32 to 22 which team has had more wins in the series Auburn, Alabama or tied? I mean its gotta be Alabama. Yep, it is! Another one for Eddie perfect who is or are the
only athletes to ever win two Heisman trophies?
Archie Griffin, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, Kyler Murray?
its Tebow and Griffin. Oh it is it is Archie Griffin yeah yeah okay the only athlete to ever
won two Heisman trophies yeah perfect good job alright so we always want to
give our special guests an opportunity to give their shameless plug oh okay so
you know obviously having the legal background helps a lot and negotiating
contracts so I’ve definitely yeah I’d love to help someone with a deal
using my legal background you can follow me on facebook same thing on Instagram
EddieHarringtonRealtySouth or you can call me 205 492-9384
awesome way to go thanks for joining us today and be sure
and check with our IGTV next week on Tuesday we’ll have another guest. Thanks
for coming I’m Jennifer Causey, Eddie Harrington thanks for tuning in, see you soon!

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