Before You Sell Your Home To Zillow, Offerpad, or OpendDoor… Watch This Video!
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Before You Sell Your Home To Zillow, Offerpad, or OpendDoor… Watch This Video!

Before you sell your home to Zillow,
Offerpad, or OpenDoor, watch this video! You will be glad you did.
Hi, I’m Jeff Crampton with Keller Williams Realty in the Las Vegas Valley
and this means that I work with my home buying and selling clients in Las Vegas,
in North Las Vegas, and in Henderson Nevada. If this is your first visit to my
channel please consider liking this video, putting a comment in the comment
section below, and most importantly, subscribing by clicking on the red
subscribe button right down there, and clicking on the bell if you would like
to be notified when I post my next video. You may be aware that there are now
several online companies directly advertising to consumers to sell their
homes to them. They include Amazon, Trulia, Redfin, etc. but the three you may be most
familiar with are Zillow, Offerpad, and OpenDoor, or as I affectionately refer
to them, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. And I’m going to share my professional
opinion of them based on the experiences that I have had working with each of
them. So what is it that these online companies are offering to home sellers
to sell their homes directly to them? In a word its “CONVENIENCE.”
It’s the seller’s convenience of knowing when their home will close, what their
net proceeds will be when they’re going to move, not having to show their home to
prospective buyers, not to anxiously wait to find out what the appraised value
comes in at. But it comes at a cost which can be more, and often is much more,
than is anticipated. And the cost is different with each one of the companies.
First up is the bad, which rhymes with Offerpad. I refer to them as bad because
I’ve had two working experiences with them and both of them were bad. Wait. Well,
that’s not true. One of them was bad, and in all fairness, the other one was
awful! They made statements to my clients that weren’t true. They tried to cut the
agent out of the deal and leave the clients unrepresented, they sold a house
right from underneath the client even though we had submitted an offer and
we’re in good-faith negotiations with them. Also, none of the representatives
from Offerpad that I was dealing with were licensed agents and this was never
disclosed. On the other experience with Offerpad, their lowball offer was fifty
eight thousand dollars lower than any other offer made by one of the online
companies. So in my experience Offerpad is bad, not like, you know, good bad. But
just bad. Moving on to the ugly, or the fugly.
And that would be Zillow. Now the people who work for Zillow, they were great.
It was the purchase model and their fees that were ugly. A very nice
representative from Zillow carefully explained to me that the cost of the
convenience to sell a home to Zillow was going to be 11 and a half percent. Funny,
but this isn’t mentioned in the commercials where the two neighbors at
the backyard barbecue are talking about selling a house, and one of them says
that he saved thousands by not paying those expensive 6% real estate agent
commission’s… and then they required the seller to spend over $14,000 in repairs
on the home so Zillow could turn around and put it back on the market all nicely
painted and the carpet replaced. So on a home that was worth five hundred and
forty thousand dollars the cost to sell it to Zillow for the convenience they
offered was over $82,000, and that’s not just ugly,
that’s fugly. If you would like some more information about the Zillow experience
that I am describing right now just click on this link that I’ve posted up
here. I’ve saved the company that I would consider the good, or the best of the
bunch, for last. And that’s Opendoor. In fact, when it comes to business I would
do more with Opendoor. And here’s a few reasons why: Opendoor’s
offer to purchase the house was much closer to the market value of the home
than anybody else’s. And their fees were much less. They did not require the
seller to make any repairs on the home. The Opendoor representative that I
dealt with was not only professional, but she was a licensed agent. And my clients
got the convenience they desired for a cost that was reasonable. Also, I have
dealt with open door on many occasions both on the seller side, and multiple
times on the buyer side, and each time the experience was good. Before you sell
your home to one of these online companies, or if you’re just thinking
about selling it and have some questions about the online companies, please give
me a call. You will be glad you did. I hope that this video has been of value to
you, but if you would like more information about selling your home to
an internet buyer, please feel free to contact me either by text or phone at
702 306 -2 773, or you can email me at jeff
sells vegas homes at Thank you for
your time. Thank you for your attention. And most of all, thank you for watching
this video. Bye bye.


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