• E-oy

    How do you keep covering such fascinating topics! Every time I'm introduced to topics I've never thought of exploring by this reporter. She's getting better every post! Keep it up, I'm a fan, haha.

  • jutiajulia

    This episode was so meaningful. It was amazingly done❤️ I started to bawl when they had their wedding ceremony, it was so sweet.

  • Marie V

    I appreciate how beautifully this was done. This makes me feel so uncomfortable because my death anxiety is extremely severe , but Dr. Puri is incredible and makes powerful points. I hope someone like her is there if I get sick. I appreciate this entire documentary series. Processing this uncomfortably is the only way I will ever grow.
    A beautiful representation of how special and incredible each of our stories are no matter where we end up the journey is so precious. I appreciate this, this documentary series, everyone who participated in it and for people taking initiative to cope with their death anxiety.

  • juggermud

    Every time I want to write something or make a comment or give my own personal perspective I find that I can't. What can I say that hasn't already been touched upon by you (Leah) or by countless others in the comments. I have death anxiety. I can't say if its severe or moderate because it's such a personal thing. I feel ridiculous for even mentioning it. I've mentioned it before to friends or family but it always seems like they take it as a comment made in passing rather than an invitation to talk through it. So sometimes I feel alone with my feelings. This can be said about many things in life so, again, a little perspective is needed. Still. This series has struck a chord with me. And I want to thank you for addressing one of my deepest fears as an individual. Thank you.

  • ellen fisher

    Thank you for this kind & thoughtful documentary.. My sister is 8 years younger than me & is battling Renal Cell Carcinoma for the 3rd time. This time it is stage 4 . The Oncologist has stopped the Immunotherapy treatments for now , because it is destroying different systems in her body. She is a fighter & has deep faith . She was a Home Health Care nurse & dearly loved by all her patients, even the 'cranky' ones. So if that times comes, I pray she is cared for by a beautiful soul like this doctor.

  • Alex Verdigris

    Now, this puts Brexit in some perspective, doesn't it?!
    Before you accuse me of shoehorning. Please name one single human thing, notion or concept that is completely irrespective of human mortality. Please reasonably exclude one single thing, and if you can, I'll delete my comment.

  • Alex Verdigris

    Pete McGrath, 92, and staring death in the eyes. He seems lucid, sharp and unafraid. His health is depleted, but not his courage reserves. That's how I'd want to face death.

    Edit: A word about Dr. Puri… the emotional strength needed to do full-time what she does is hard to even contemplate. Astonishing. I don't even have 2% of that. I'm shaken just by watching a short video about it.

  • Chris Jones

    Great that The Guardian decided to run a series on the topic of death,its a difficult subject that is rarely appreciated when brought into a conversation.The fact that we know so little about it makes me think that even science would rather avoid the subject.

  • Kevin Huynh

    I think about death all the time not with fear but it just comes up in everyday thoughts and decisions. This series is crazy.

    Also that Indian American doctor that speaks fluent Spanish is amazing.

  • David Johnson

    Riveting and moving showing such strength belief and acceptance The fear of the unknown is always scary but the line saying no matter where in the process of dying h UK oh are you are still living is powerful and thought provoking Left me feeling sad and thinking there are so many ways to die and we all need help at the end

  • Terry Arnold

    What a wonderful short film you have made. I was truly moved by the individual stories of those in the last periods of their lives and touched by the care, compassion and wisdom of Sunita Puri, a truly exceptional human being. Thank you for posting.

  • Cassytava

    The hardest part of being a nurse is taking care of patients who are actively dying but want to live. 15 years of nursing and it still affects me to my core.

  • n. p.

    Someone I know was diagnosed with cervical cancer and given months to live. She is 32. I have followed her struggle and supported her — she is scared to die, but also wants to get out of the painful life she is living now. No one can imagine the mental state until they go through it themselves…like every important step of life (including dying and death).

  • Silverline

    Very respectfully done, which makes me wonder how you could possibly have thought "Death Land" would be an acceptable name. Fix it.

  • Keith Gottschalk

    Ah man, there's something in my eye. I probably shouldn't have watched this at work but – well done! This is the way it should be. I work in a hospital setting too where people are in hospice so I see these scenes as well. We have only so much time and I think this reminds us – at least me – to make every day count. Edit: I had tears – but I was smiling as well.

  • PDogB

    I don't fear death, but I do fear the pain and/or suffering leading to it. I hope to die in my sleep, but I also live where assisted suicide is legal and would consider that as an option, if needed.

  • Mmm K

    What a beautiful and powerful video! This brought back so many emotions from when family members were dying, we lost first my father, then my brother and then my mother, all within less than 5 years. They all knew they were dying. I hope that I have the same grace that they did when my time comes.


    Most people are not aware that the greater medical syatem is not in the BUSINESS of finding a cure. NO. They are in the business of SYMPTOMS SUPRESSION.


    Most people are not aware that the medical system is not in the business of finding a CURE. NO. the greater medical system is in the business of SYMPTOM suppression.

  • K W

    Great video. I personally await that day when I discover the Greatest unknown. I mean, all of us are dying, we just don't realize it.


    I herd the government is afraid of the medical system and the big mouth doctors 😂😂😂😂😂 how is that possible… I cant believe it.


    Well. Its their business after all and there is no crime is providing relief through drugs. Also no body forces people into chemo or surgery at the end of the line its the patient who has to know better.

  • Preston Roundtree

    Riding a motorcycle almost every day i know everytime i go out some one ould kill me i can kill myselc hell a damn chipmunk in the road can kill, i knew this wheb i bought my first bike now im on my 6th death is just a part of life it dosent worry me one bit i hit 100mph almost daily and i know one wrong bump and im gone! But i know that! Dosent scare me! 🐿______😱🏍💨

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