Becoming a Real Estate Agent at Any Age
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Becoming a Real Estate Agent at Any Age

I think a second career is very important. It’s not like the other one, where you, you know, you have to hang in
till the next promotion comes along. The main thing is you’re doing this because you want to.
And it helps to get paid, too. For 30-plus years, I was teaching high school. I put Huck Finn on the raft, I helped Blanche up and down the streetcar, loving my job. And I thought, well, I also love real estate,
so maybe I’ll get my license. It is definitely like being a teacher. You have to read every word,
every punctuation mark, every syllable. In real estate, I think, for once,
age is a valued commodity. You probably have owned a house,
you probably moved more than once in your lifetime, and you have a sense of the community
that you’re working in. I’ve been here since the ’70s, so that obviously says
I’m very happy here. That’s a long time. I don’t sell houses, I show houses, and then you tell me, ’cause you know it,
you feel it, this could be it. It would fit our needs at the right price,
but most importantly, it feels right. One couple got out of the car
and they said, “This is what I’ve been looking for.” Well, I got teary-eyed. It’s just a great feeling. I love what I do. The best part about being a Realtor is
when it all comes to a happy conclusion. When they find the right house,
it really is a moment of almost triumph. Everybody’s got a dream that he or she just achieved,
and that’s the good part.

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