Basic Number Properties Rap
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Basic Number Properties Rap

Properties are thumpin, properties are bumpin, listen to these beats…we’ll get your math
skills jumpin. Verse 1:
Associative is all about how numbers are grouped. It works for addition, multiplication too.
Take a good look at the parentheses. Here it’s one and two, but over there it’s two
and three. Solve it either way, you’ll get the same old
thing. Pay attention…be as powerful and Deng Xioping. Chorus Verse 2:
Mess up the commutative is your own dang fault. It’s just that changing the order gives the
same result. It works if you add or if you multiply. You
can do this even if you’re just a little guy. Five times two is just the same as two and
five. Commutative is what you’ve got to do to survive. Chorus Verse 3:
The distributive is kind of like a number game. For a minute tell Aunt Sally that she’s
just too lame. We need another way to deal with quantities,
so we multiply by all that’s in parentheses. The catch is that “ins” can only add or subtract
and the “outs” can only multiply to be exact. Chorus Verse 4:
Let’s discuss the
properties of identity. It’s like a check when you pass through security.
You really want the numbers just to stay the same, so what can I times or add so I don’t
change it’s name? You multiply by one to keep the same amount.
Zero’s what you add so you don’t change it’s count. Chorus Verse 5:
The inverse properties can be problematic. You’ll have to learn to be a mathematical
addict. With addition all you do is add the opposite.
With times use a reciprocal – in other words, flip.
Plus will give you zero and times should give you one. Properties are phat and now this
rhyme is done. Chorus


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