Babar: Land of Witches – Ep.72

♪ (All giggling) (Kids giggling) Hmm. That’s strange… I think I’ve seen
this tree before. Yeah, didn’t we pass by here
just a little while ago? Dad, I think we’re lost. Lost? Do you mean we’ll never
get out of this forest? No, that c-c-can’t be. When you get lost, the best thing to do
is to sit down and think. Huh? (All gasping) What’s this? Let’s check it out. Okay. All right. Be careful. Wow. It’s beautiful. Mom! Hurry! What a splendid
carpet of flowers. What’s happening? What? It’s fog. Fog? Oh… FLORA:
Dad. Where are you? POM:
I can’t see anything. ALEXANDER:
I’m scared. It’s okay. I’m here.
Nobody move. (All exclaiming) Well, I don’t think
we’re lost anymore. In fact, I think we found our
next Land of Adventure. Then what are we waiting for? FLORA:
Let’s go. BABAR:
Hello? Hello? Hmm. Isn’t there
anybody here? Huh? That’s strange. Babar, this place is weird. I want to leave right away. Zephir. He’s gone. Please answer, Zephir. ZEPHIR:
Whoa! (Screaming) (Coughing and sputtering) (Laughing) That was so funny. (Laughing) I can’t stop laughing. Hmph! It’s rude to laugh. Just so that you know,
this place is not weird. It’s the Land of Witches. That sounds like fun. Yeah. Hey, then are you a witch? Of course.
I’m the Great Witch Lulu. (Jingling) Nice to meet you. You really are a witch. Then you can use magic, right? Of course. Abracadabra. Lululoon. Turn into a flying broom. Huh? I– oops–
I made a small mistake. One more time. Abracadabra. Lululoon. Turn into a flying broom. Wow. Oh my. FLORA:
Look, Mom, she’s flying. ALEXANDER:
Wow. (Laughing) That’s incredible. ALL:
Wow. That’s incredible. You really are a witch. Excuse me, Miss Witch. Listen, could you get it right? My name is the Great Witch Lulu. Sorry. Um, Great Witch Lulu, can you really do
any kind of magic? Of course. I’ll grant
you any wish you want. Then, I want to fly in the sky
just like you, Great Witch Lulu. Ha! That’s easy. Abracadabra. Lululair. Make this boy
fly in the air. Ah! CELESTE:
Alexander! Maybe I used
a bit too much power. Ah! Abracadabra, Lululella, turn that branch
into an umbrella. That wasn’t flying.
That was… And what would you like? Would you make a whole bunch
of flowers appear, please. Okay. Abracadabra. Lululeer. I’d like some flowers
to appear. Lulu, you made
too many appear. But you said a whole bunch. You’re next.
What do you want? Some yummy cake. Abracadabra. Lululake. give this boy
some yummy cake. Wow. Ah! Oof! Ow. That was mean.
That wasn’t a real cake. Hmm. That’s odd. Maybe this little witch doesn’t know how
to use magic properly yet. I heard that. I’m the greatest witch
in the Land of Witches. Oh, I’m sorry. (Laughing) Well, Great Witch, how about taking us on
a tour of the Land of Witches? Sure, that’s easy. Leave it to me. Abracadabra. Lululoon. Now get bigger,
flying broom. ALL:
Wow. Come on, everybody,
get on. I’ll show you the land
from the sky. Babar, I’ve had enough
of heights. I’m not going up there. It’s not every day that you get
to ride on a flying broom. We’re all together. There’s nothing
to worry about, Zephir. Come on, get on, get on. We’re off. Let’s go. ZEPHIR:
Okay, okay, wait. Wow. FLORA:
Wee! (All laughing) This is great. Wee! Did you see that? Terrific. Isn’t this great?
I’ll try going farther. Yes, but how about
driving a little more carefully? (All screaming) (Laughing) Uh-oh. Is there something wrong? Ah! The broom is… Don’t push, Dad. What’s going on? It’s gotten shorter. (All screaming) Lulu, make the broom
grow longer. Abracadabra, Lululow, make this broom
start to grow. Abracadabra!
Oh, I can’t do it. Abracadabra…
Oh, it’s no good. Look out. Make sure you watch
where you’re going. (Cackling) You can do it, rookie witch. Rookie witch? Hang on tight. LULU:
Oh, no! (All screaming) Is everyone all right? Yes, Daddy. I’m fine. Hmph! I’ve had enough
of thrill-filled sky rides. You said you were
a great witch, but you’re no good at all. You’re just
a rookie witch. You can’t even make
a real cake appear. (Laughing) (Snort) Pom, you just snorted
like a pig. (Laughing) Hmm. A pig, did you say? That sounds interesting. Abracadabra, Lululig. Turn this boy into a pig. BABAR & CELESTE:
Pom! (Snorting) He’s really a pig! (Laughing) It suits you perfectly. See, now you know that
I can use magic just fine. Too bad you can’t. Ha, ha. See you. Pom, are you all right? Mom, I don’t want
to be a pig. Babar, what are we
going to do? We have to a find Lulu
or another witch and ask for help. Look, Babar. A book. Hmm. It looks like Lulu’s book. Excuse me, but have you
seen this little witch? Oh, no,
I’ve never seen her. But there are many little
witches around here. CELESTE:
Well, maybe you can help us. You see, this young witch cast a spell on my son
then disappeared. Perhaps you might
break the spell? Oh, sorry, but I can’t. You’ll have to find her. But why? Once a spell is cast, only the witch that cast it
can break the spell. ALL:
What?! (Gasping) FLORA:
Oh, look. Pom’s nose. (Snorting) ALEXANDER:
He’s getting more and more like a real pig. No, no!
I don’t want to be a pig! (Crying) We have to find Lulu fast. Have you seen a little witch
called Lulu? No. I don’t know her. Are you by any chance
looking for Lulu too? Yes. Oh. It’s Lulu’s witch’s
handbook. Then you know her? Yes, she’s my student. Student? In this land, every young witch has a teacher
to teach them magic. But Lulu hates to study and she took off again
during lessons today. ALL:
What? (Crying) Please find Lulu quickly. Lulu didn’t do this,
did she? Yes, she changed
Pom into this pig. She shouldn’t have done that.
I’ll summon her right away. Abracadabra, Tulalalear. Student Lulu, now appear. Ah! ALL:
Lulu! Why are you with
my tutor? Lulu. What have you done? They said I wasn’t
a real witch. I had to show them. Just turn Pom back
into an elephant, and we’ll be on our way. I… I can’t. You see, Lulu hasn’t learned
the spell to reverse spells yet. ALL:
What? (Crying) BABAR:
Don’t cry, Pom. We’ll think
of something. CELESTE:
Look. Pom’s nose. It’s getting shorter again. He’s getting worse. Oh, no.
We have to hurry. If you don’t break the spell
before the next sunrise, he can never change back. Please, teach Lulu the magic
to break the spell. Quickly. Unfortunately,
I can’t do that. Why? Why can’t you? There are stages
in the study of magic. You must learn things in order, just like climbing steps
one by one. That’s the rule. But unless Lulu
learns the spell, Pom can’t get back to normal. Please. We can’t
leave Pom like this. TEACHER:
Well, there is one way. Lulu must find the spell
to break the magic on her own. What? Me? Where would she find it? In a magic spell book. The sky after the storm
may help you, Lulu. I will transport you
all to the library. Abracadabra, Tulalalee. Fly at once
to the library. FLORA:
Look at all these
books about witches. BOTH:
Shh! Be quiet. Excuse me. Lulu, which one is
the magic spell book? All the books in this library
are magic spell books. What? All of these books? That’s impossible. It’ll take years to find it
in all of this. (Flora gasping) It’s getting shorter again. BABAR:
We don’t have time. Lulu, let’s get
started right away. Nope. This isn’t it. Not this either. Not this one. Uh-uh, not it either. Nope, this isn’t it. Mm-mm. Nope. Uh-uh. Yikes. Look.
It’s morning already. (Snorting) ALEXANDER: It’s my fault. If I hadn’t said that– Ahem! Words can sometimes
do more damage than a sword. The way it’s going,
it’s just a matter of time before he becomes
a real pig. We haven’t even looked through
half of the books. The sky after the storm
might help you. The sky after the storm… What are you saying, Dad? These are the words
Lulu’s tutor said. The sky after the storm… Hmm. There’s no time to think. Huh? What’s this? That’s it. The sun comes up
in the sky after the storm. Lulu, try reading this book. This is it. Really? There’s no mistake. This is the spell
to break spells. This is it. Great! Hooray! That’s good! Okay Lulu.
We’re counting on you. Okay. Abracadabra. Lululurn. Turn back. Now return. He’s the same.
He didn’t change. Lulu, one more time. Do your best. Um, all right. This’ll do it for sure. (Clearing throat) Abracadabra. Lululurn. Turn back. Now return. Are you sure
that the spell is right? Yes. This is it for sure. Then why isn’t he
turning back to normal? LULU:
I don’t know. I can’t do it. FLORA: Please, Lulu. (Crying) (Snorting) He’s even talking
like a pig. (Snorting and crying) (Ticking) Oh, no. In half an hour,
he can’t be turned back. (Snorting) Poor Pom. He can’t
stay like this forever. Can’t you do something? You are the only person
that can turn Pom back. Please save Pom. Hmmm. That’s it! I just remembered something
in my witch’s handbook. What is it? These are the witch’s
principles. These are the first things
my tutor taught me. What do they say? First: Never use magic
for evil. Hmm. Oops. Second: Learn magic properly
before using it. Should have remembered
that one earlier. What about the third one? Third: Put your heart
into casting magic spells. Is that all? (Snorting) Lulu, Please help Pom. Please. Maybe it’s this third one. Put your heart into
casting magic spells. Do you think you could
cast the spell by putting everyone’s
feelings into it? I’ll try. Everyone
concentrate with me. Abracadabra. Lululurn. Turn back. Now return. (Snorting) ALL: Yay! Thank goodness. I’m… I’m back to normal. I’m not a pig anymore.
Hooray! Mom! Pom. Thank you, Lulu. TEACHER:
Lulu, you did very well. LULU:
Teacher. You have remembered
the most important thing about being a witch. The most important thing? The witch’s principles, especially the third. Lulu, because you cast
the spell with all your heart, Pom’s spell was broken. We were wishing
with all our hearts too. Do you think that helped? Absolutely. I think you learned
something important today. You’re going to be
a great witch one day. Yes. I’m going to be the best
witch in the world. Ow. (All laughing) KIDS:
Oh, Lulu. Babar, as a token
of my appreciation, I would like to offer you all
a ride back on my magic broom. Thank you.
I hope we’ll get to relax and enjoy the view
from the sky this time. Not for me. Forget it. We’ll be okay, Zephir. This time it’s the teacher’s
magic. Yeah, the broom
won’t get shorter when we’re flying this time,
right? (Laughing) Hmph! (All laughing) Good luck,
Miss Great Witch. Goodbye, Lulu.
We’ll never forget you. Come visit us again. ALL:
Goodbye! Goodbye. ZEPHIR:
Fog? Yes, it’s the fog again. ALEXANDER:
I can’t see anything. Wow, the Land of Witches
is gone. You’re right.
It’s disappeared. ♪ Ooh! Wow. It’s gone. (Alexander laughing) ALEXANDER:
Come on, Pom, let’s go. FLORA:
Come here. Look at this. (Kids laughing) POM:
Come on, Alex, let’s go. FLORA:
Mom, Dad, where’s our next
Land of Adventure? ♪

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