Average Japanese House – Inside the Home of a Typical Tokyo Family
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Average Japanese House – Inside the Home of a Typical Tokyo Family

In today’s video, we’re gonna go check out how a typical family lives in Japan. It’s a family of two with two kids. I guess it’s like you’re like kind of standard family. In fact, I’m getting to the age where a lot of my friends have families. So, why not go check out their house, and have a little barbecue? I brought some beer. I brought some corn. I brought some chips for the kids. It’s kind of like Cheetos. All right, let’s check out what’s inside! This is my friend’s wife, Haruka, a mom of two kids. Hey! And this is my good friend, Yohei. He’s a surfer and a skater and his bones are always broken, but today he’s all healed up. And his son Yotoro. You might be surprised that it looks completely new on the inside but that’s because it was renovated before they moved in. Their house has two stories with an attic and a basement and where I’m hula-hooping is a living room. You don’t see a lot of these basement areas in houses in Japan. Especially In the middle of Tokyo where we are now. This is actually the size of some people’s apartments in Tokyo. This is great. Can you show us around? In a japanese house, you don’t have a lot of space. In fact this place has a lot of space. But one thing that I really like is this. Check this out — Wow, cool! This is Haruka’s workspace as a graphic designer. I love Japanese and how efficient they are with their storage systems. So this is like your typical Japanese kitchen. I’m gonna show you what’s around. You have your sink here, it’s quite big. You’ve got a stove here, and it has one, two, three stoves. Japanese kitchens usually come with this type of grill. It’s small because it’s specifically made for fish since grilled fish is served quite often in Japanese home cooking. Usually every household has at least one rice cooker, a microwave, and an oven toaster. Oh, I totally forgot to introduce you to the cutest one Tai-chan. He’s such a cutie! This is like your standard toilet here in Japan It’s very like very common to have the toilet and then you have the faucet. But once you flush, the water comes out and you can actually wash your hands. Water that you used to wash your hands actually fills the toilet. Which is pretty ingenious if you ask me, it saves a lot of water instead of flushing and then using the sink. And then here, you have the bidet. It has all of the washing features you can adjust like the strength then the heat and all that stuff and Then you can also warm the seat. Pretty cool if you ask me! This behind me is the washer and dryer set. Some of these houses have dryer and the washer all in one, but in this case you have Washer at the bottom and you have the dryer at the top. Having a door intercom system is very common in Japan so you can see who’s at the door. Look at Yohei’s cool studio. He turned this storage room into his own secret room. So awesome! Now let’s check out the second floor It’s actually not really polite to look around people’s bedrooms in Japan But Yohei is super chill and was kind enough to show us around It’s big! This is what they use as their guest room. This is your standard tatami mat, very very traditional Japanese. Dude! We’re all the way to the top. I’m sweating so much. It’s so big up here. I’m hot! It’s like a sauna up here, you can actually use this as a sauna and sit up here and sweat all day. And then you put towels, and then you can do hot yoga. It’s so cool! What’s cool about this place, too? It has this back patio area. You can actually have a barbecue here. Luckily there’s no neighbors around. It’s one of the biggest things here in Tokyo – they get really really angry when you fire up the barbecue And they’re window is right next to you, but luckily there’s no neighbors around this area. Well there’s neighbors, but they just don’t have any open windows. So what I showed you earlier Is that they actually have, you know, the washer and dryer? But a lot of times they don’t use it and so they have these hanger areas. And look, they even have a pool! Hello! Now let’s just enjoy the barbecue How’s it looking? What’s your favorite place about your house? My studio. We just finished the corn. Look at how it looks so good! That kind of rounds up the whole tour. This is just like life in Japan This is how we this hang once in a while. I hope you guys liked it. If you liked this video hit that Like button. If you have any questions Or comments about this place or about what we did? Leave a comment in the comments section below, and like always if you want to subscribe, Subscribe! And we’ll see you in the next video. See you guys soon.


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