• AIRBNB UK Make A fortune Without Owning Property
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    AIRBNB UK Make A fortune Without Owning Property

    (upbeat music) – [Shaf] Everyone’s making money on AirBnB these days, aren’t they? If you’ve watched my last Ask Shaf, you’ll know I pointed out the pros and cons of becoming a host and letting out a room on the accommodation website. But what if you don’t own any property? There’s no chance of making money through AirBnB, is there? Actually, that’s not strictly true and this week’s Ask Shaf is going to look at ways money can be made through AirBnB even if you don’t have a room to let. If you are organised, like dealing with people and have lots of time on your hands, think about managing…

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    Properties of Definite Integrals Calculus 1 AB

    Bam!!! Mr. Tarrou. In this video we are going to be talking about properties of definite integrals. And starting off we are going to look at the definition of two special definite integrals. That is is if function f is defined at a value of x=a, then we define the definite integral of f(x) dx from a to a is equal to zero. Now you can use definite integrals for other things, but if you are doing it for area and you think of my lower and my upper bounds being pushed together and being the same number, what is left in-between? Nothing So it is zero. If function f…

  • Comparativa 4×4: Toyota Land Cruiser (PRADO), Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Mercedes Clase G – Diariomotor
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    Comparativa 4×4: Toyota Land Cruiser (PRADO), Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Mercedes Clase G – Diariomotor

    Hello friends, Today we’re going to find out which is the best great 4×4 of the world. Our playground will be the 4×4 circuit of Ocaña, Raid Aventura, in the province of Toledo (Spain). Let me introduce our contestants. The first one, from Japan, representing the Asian continent with 2,250 kg of weight, the Toyota Land Cruiser Limited, top of the Toyota range with all possible gadgets. Its strong point, its secret weapon, the Crawl Control, an electronic system that emulates the locking of all the differentials. Its weak points: the smallest wheels of the comparison, the worst approach and departure angles and the lowest ground clearance of the three…

  • Google AdWords Success Story: Twiddy & Company Realtors
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    Google AdWords Success Story: Twiddy & Company Realtors

    ROSS TWIDDY: I’m Ross Twiddy, work at Twiddy & Company on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, property manager for vacation rentals. And right now we’re looking at the oceanfronts in Whalehead at [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Outer Banks. Everybody comes to the beach. It’s pretty, and it allows you to slow down. You have a chance to come and relax and enjoy it. Twiddy & Company started in 1978. My dad came down to the Outer Banks and opened up a shop in Duck. DOUG TWIDDY: I was in real estate before that, too. One day I walked home and my wife was there and said, why are we doing this? So…

  • Dinorah Guerra For Vice President of Woman’s Council of Realtors
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    Dinorah Guerra For Vice President of Woman’s Council of Realtors

    Womens Council of Realtors has meant different things for me throughout the years of my membership and involvement. It has given me confidence, It’s shown me the importance of collaboration with your peers. I’ve had the opportunity to represent the Council on a local, state, national and international level and let me tell you that credibility that the Women’s Council has throughout the world even is amazing. If I were to summarize Womens Council has done for me throughout my involvement I would definitely said I had individual growth both on a personal and professional level. My husband and I have grown our brokerage to over 400 agents and 4…

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    How the White House Stores Documents | WSJ

    – [Narrator] When a president does anything, like, make a simple phone call, the Presidential Records Act says it has to be recorded. Twitter DMs, sticky notes and all. Kelly Magsamen is a former National Security Council official under both Presidents Bush and Obama. During her experience in the White House, every call by the president included an involved process to keep all of this information in the right place. – There are basically three main systems that NSC staff use. First is the unclassified system, which we like to refer to as the low side. There is a secret system which we call sipper, which is used essentially to…

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    Current State of the Housing Market – January 2019 Real Estate Market

    hi this is Audrey Whittington with realtor.com and we’re gonna be talking about economic insights with chief economist Danielle Hale and today we’re gonna focus on the current state of the housing market and the reason I want to talk about this danielle is I think it’s particularly important for first-time homebuyers. So let’s talk about where we’re headed as it relates to them first. Okay, so the current state of the housing market I’m just gonna back up a little bit and say you know we we study what’s going on by looking at our inventory data on a regular basis. We ratings regular monthly measurements that’s how we…