Assisted Living Facilities
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Assisted Living Facilities

>>TONYA BYRD: Assisted living. Why might somebody choose
to go into assisted living? Let’s talk about that. Hi, my name is Tonya Byrd and I am
with the Byrd Group Realty powered by Keller Williams
Realty Atlanta Partners in Peachtree City, Georgia. And today we’re talking
all about assisted living. Why somebody might choose to
move into an assistant living. What kind of things to look
out for when you’re trying to make a decision on whether
or not you want to move into an assisted living
facility and the different types of facilities.
Let’s get started. Assisted living facilities
actually can be a great place to help with some
essential needs for living day to day. They often have private
rooms or it’s an apartment like setting and they’re
cheaper than nursing homes. They are great at helping
with light chores or dispensing a medication. And if your family members
aren’t nearby maybe they’re far flung maybe
they can’t provide assistance. They’re a great place
to give that assistance that little extra
help that you need. So they’re mainly for different
types of assisted living communities. And even though the titles
or the labels may vary from state to state
they generally fall into these four categories. Continuing care retirement
community in this type of community depending on your
needs is where you may be living in this facility. You can start off at independent
living gradually move on to assisted living
and then on to full on nursing care depending
on how your needs evolve. Assisted living type A. Assisted
living type A person typically is very mobile and can follow
instructions and if there was a need to evacuate
they could evacuate quickly, where they may want to live
in this kind of facility as if they need help with light
chores they need help with cooking
or they need help with medication dispense
but they are for the most part independent and do not
need 24/7 care assisted living to B in this kind
of facility the person may not be mobile may not be able
to evacuate quickly may not be able to follow
instructions well because they have
issues with memory. In this type of situation
you have a 24 hour seven days a week monitoring
with nurses and staff. Assisted living type C
and this is our fourth one, so this is where you may have
somebody who lives in a home with five or less people
who are needing the assisted living and one person
who’s kind of over the home and running it. So it’s more of a private
like environment. OK so now you’re ready
to go out and take a look at some of these facilities. Here’s what you should keep
in mind when you’re going
and taking tours. Don’t let the proximity
of the facility to your family be your driving factor. Make sure that you are looking
at the facility that’s not only going to take
care of your needs. Now that will also be able
to handle other needs that may pop up as you go
through life and down the road. Also don’t let a beautiful lobby
and beautiful grounds make you forget to ask
the tough questions. I have a list of 10
suggested questions you can take with you when you
go to tour these facilities. I have a link below
and this description of this video so that
you can download that print it off and take
it with you when you’re touring the facilities. So I hope that this video
helped you have a little bit better understanding about
how assisted living works what kind of facilities
they are what kind of questions you need to ask
if you’re wanting to move into one of these things. And of course if you need
help downsizing and getting into an assisted
living facility please let me know. I’ll be glad to help you as
a realtor and I will see you next time. Bye. Thank you for watching
this video. And please share with the
world connect with me pop on over to Facebook
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subscribe to my YouTube channel and connect
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me send me your referrals. I love helping people
with real estate.

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