#AskGaryVee Episode 36: How To Create Real Estate Content
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#AskGaryVee Episode 36: How To Create Real Estate Content

– On this episode I talk
about turning points, content, real estate, and chugging. (upbeat music)
You ask questions, and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee Show. (upbeat music) Hey everybody, this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and welcome to Episode 36
of the #AskGaryVee Show. Fun fact about the number 36: it’s the last time I’m doing
a fun fact about a number. – [Voiceover] Barry asks:
“Gary, love to hear your opinion on whether a PR company
or a person should be overseeing social media for a business.” – Barry, great question,
and before I even answer it, I just want to thank you
for being a long time interactor friend with me. I don’t like using the word fan, but I say it sometimes, it just slips. Barry, I’ve always
enjoyed our conversations on Twitter over the last four years, so thrilled to have you on the show. I think I know where you’re
going with this question, which is the notion of,
VaynerMedia was built on coming into companies and taking the social media away from PR companies. Some of the bigger PR companies
in the world right now have built out social media departments and they’ve done a nice
job, to varying degrees. I wanted to answer this question because I want to get people around the psychology of the difference between PR and social, and why I do think that,
of course there’s people, hundreds of people in
this company have worked in PR before, so there’s
some great things about PR. Being able to handle
pressure, the speed of it. The difference though, is PR is very B2B. When you’re a PR person
and you’re working with a client, the Yankees,
you’re trying to get them press in the New York Times,
The New York Post, ESPN. You’re working directly with a human being who’s the gatekeeper to make a decision. When you’re doing social, you’re dealing with all the fans, and it’s much more B2C. So I don’t have a problem if a PR person or company is doing the social
for a company or individual, I just want to make sure
they have a different gear in their brand understanding, brain, not brand, but that
was an interesting slip-up. I just want to make
sure they have that gear to know that they need
to be looking at this as a B2C game, versus
the B2B game that is PR. – [Voiceover] eastcountytoday says, “Gary, love the iTunes touch. When was the moment you knew you would be okay when starting your company?” – East County, right? That’s a little bone thugs reference to episode, I can’t remember. East county, the moment I
knew that I was gonna make it was the first day I walked
into my dad’s liquor store. And the reason I decided
to answer this question and trying to find value
for everybody watching other than me bragging about that I had the bravado from day one was, the notion of not even
worrying about that moment. Meaning, one of the biggest
things that I’m trying to teach, I’m turning a lot today. One of the things I’m trying
to teach all my management here at VaynerMedia, and all
my founders in my start-up investments and my
co-founders in companies that had meeting with my
co-founders at Resy last night, the number one thing I
keep telling everybody is to not worry about the
things that don’t matter. Worrying about or trying to figure out, this is the moment when I made it, is something that I think cripples people, and I just don’t even
think about those things. I could answer this question two ways, which are the two right
ways, which is one: The moment I walked into my dad’s store, because I had that
confidence, or I could answer the other way that’s equally as true, pulling on both sides
like a bridge, which is, I haven’t made it yet. They both are right, and the
truth is, outside of this question, I don’t think about
it at all, ever, period. And the reason I’m answering
the question is because I’m trying to get as many
of you who are watching the show right now to not
worry about those things. Worry about executing,
worry about feeling good about your life, don’t
worry about making it. Because making it is an outside force. The inside force of you just doing it is what you should be focused on. – [Voiceover] Kyle asks, “Gary, is there a way to
drive traffic to a website when posting content directly to Facebook?” – Kyle, yes. (bell ringing) As you can tell, that
Facebook post on my fan page drove a crap load of traffic
to my Medium article, which is content. I answered this question
because I wanted to show you raw details because I
think raw details is even a deeper version of this
show, and I continue to try to go deep within myself
to really drive you value, especially because this is
only a 50 episode experiment. Just kidding. And so, the answer is absolutely. Facebook is actually
probably one of the biggest drivers of content
awareness outside of itself to other destinations
in the world right now, so the question is, how
do you do it organically, how do you do it in a paid, targeted way? What I just showed you was organic. I have a pretty big foundation
of 150,000 fans on that page, but there’s people that I’ve
seen post content that have 800 fans, and enough people
shared it and enough people liked it, enough people commented
it and shared it not only within Facebook but outside
of it, that it created fire. Facebook is content
awareness infrastructure in a 2015 world. So not only is there a way, I
think it’s one of the singular best ways, and so I would
highly recommend making an investment in Facebook
fan pages, recognizing the distribution
opportunities that it creates for content you’re putting
outside of its network. – Hey Gary, I’m a realtor, and our team puts out a lot of video. (bell ringing)
– Ha, the ding. – In Episode Eight you
said it was important to put up daily content,
so my question to you is, if you were a realtor, what kind of daily video content would you produce? – So that was a tremendous video. Let’s all at the VaynerNation
pay attention to multiple things, including he was wearing
the R.O.I. of your mother T-shirt, the fact that
he dinged the jab-jab-jab in the background, a random man walked by in the background, which is a reference to some of the stuff
we’ve done on the show. If you’re listening on the
podcast, I highly recommend you go to YouTube and watch this episode just to watch this video,
’cause it was tremendous. My answer is very simple. If I was a realtor, the
thing that I would do more than anything is actually review the area around the places where I sell homes. Let me explain. If I’m selling homes in
Millburn, New Jersey, I’m putting out a daily
piece of content reviewing the school, then I’m interviewing
the individual teachers if I can get access to
them, then I’m reviewing every local business, the
Subway shop, the wine shop, then I’m interviewing
literally people that have lived in the neighborhood for 50 years. I’m putting out content to
make you romantic around the stories in the area, because
people pick them for utility. What I mean by that is,
convenience of transportation, how quickly from the
office, but they also pick because of the school
systems, and there’s a lot of data out there on that, but how about making it a little warmer and interviewing Miss Robinson the third grade teacher,. And then obviously kind of
the amenities around it, the playground, the best stores. I remember a realtor
telling me that people moved to Short Hills because of Wine Library. I thought that was cool. It felt like such an anchor to that area. And so what I would do is daily content on the 20 mile radius or 10 mile radius around the area where you sell the homes. The stories that are tucked
away in the businesses and the school system,
and the iconic neighbors that have been around forever, those stories are the narrative
that will create emotion which will be on a tipping
point scale, on a 50/50, may be the thing that tips
someone to buying your home. – [Voiceover] Sean asks, “Gary, most big successes have a huge turning point where
things really take off. What was that turning
point for Wine Library?” – Sean, great question. I guess there were some turning points when the Wine Spectator ad that we ran, the first New York Times full page ad, the time I reset the score and took 50% of the beer off the floor
and added more wine, when I started WineLibrary.com, the day I started the email service, the day I jumped into Robert
Parker’s forums in ’97 and became part of the
internet community around wine, the 2000 Bordeaux Vintage,
when we bought heavy, when I first started
promoting wines nobody ever heard of on email, Richard
Partridge Cabernet comes to mind, when I hired Brandon. As you can tell, there are
many moments that we made it, but it was just trucking
along, building on top of each other step by step. My friends, if you listen to
two of my answers on this show, you understand one very
interesting thing about me, which is, I may have
the energy of the hare, but I am the tortoise.
(bell ringing) You know what I’m putting up there, right? That beautiful thing you did, Zak. Show Zak. You did a very nice job on that one. For everybody listening,
I’m pointing to the tortoise and hare image I put out on Instagram. Go check me out on Instagram/garyvee. Anyway, when I made it,
the turning point moment, everybody who’s watching
and asking these questions are looking for this
sign, like I saw the sign, It’s not that. It’s head down, you love
and believe in what you do, and you just never think
about those moments, you just keep trucking along. It’s lunch pail mentality, it’s old school Eastern European
put-in-the-work mentality. I don’t think about these things, guys. The Fortune 40 Under
40 that just happened, is that a turning point in my career? Sure, some people now
think of me differently ’cause I’m in the context of
those people, but it’s not. It’s just chug and chug and chug and chug and chug and chug and chug and chug, And so chug. Thanks for watching the show. You like that DRock?
(giggling off camera) Don’t edit that part, I
want your giggle in there. Thanks for watching the show everybody. Episode 36 in the bag. Question of the day.
(sighs) You know, to use this
whole theme of the show, question of the day, very simply, do you think you’re a chugger, or do you think that you
had a turning point moment, and if it was, what was that? And by the way, Episode 35, we dropped off of the momentum of
Episode 34 on the banter. I’ve told you about the banter. I can’t be in this
situation where I have to yell at you about banter
and then it happens and then you fall off your next episode. I expected maybe 15
episodes, and I’d have to talk about banter again,
but the community, get in the comments. Get in the comments. Thank you. You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. Oh crap, wait, subscribe! I need subscriptions because I can’t push this many right hooks in
social, so subscribe!


  • Mick Russell

    Shared the video with a 'few' real estate peeps that just don't get it…. Well done on breaking it down into such simple steps! Like normal… now they just need to #hustle  and get it done

  • Janina Soto

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  • Anthony Thompson

    f'n great video by the realtor guy. I normally listen exclusively to podcast but also keen to switch when I can (especially if G money makes a request). 

  • Josh Hayes

    ep 27 has been the best content-value to date! 
    DRock to do a compilation edit of all the fluff-ups/mistakes we love to see = being human and #perseveringlikeatrueChamp!

  • adam vilhelmsson

    More and more focusing at the climb instead of the actual goal after a few years of a large amount of Garyvee! I am starting to be more of a chugger! Thanks man! #Sweden

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  • Dermot Mee

    Love it, I love the blue collar attitude and that you have not made it because when you've made it you stop struggling and fighting to get better. Never settle….

  • Glenda Siagian

    I am a chugger. My turning point moment when I found this show, your show this year. I am more focus in action than ever. I am more aware, search more depth and less thinking. Terima Kasih (Bahasa Indonesia: Thank You) #Grateful  

  • Paul Stagg

    I'm both a chugger and had a turning point.

    The turning point was deciding to leave the corporate world to be my own boss.  I've been chugging away since I was 16 and got my first job at McDonalds as the biscuit guy (5AM, every weekend morning for years.)

  • Ivan Widjaya

    Well, Gary, I'm naturally a chugger, but for once, I had this turning point that makes me doing what I'm doing (online business): I failed my business service business, I was nearly bankrupt, I have a family to take care… so I need to do something – fast. I just don't want to go back into the workforce (it sucks – big time)

  • JaNet Adams

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  • Ross Craig

    Definitely a chugger – but have a tendency to get impatient & worried when things slow or progress stifles. Any tips from the Vayner-nation on how to keep the long game in focus, whilst continuing what you're doing without getting too concerned? we're a young business (only 10 months) and have seen expontential growth that is now slowing slightly, but it could also be seasonality – so trying not to hit alarm bells!  #askgaryvee  

  • Daniel Chapman

    100% a chugger.  Loved your answer on "making it".  This part "don't worry about things that don't matter.  Worrying about when you make it doesn't matter. Worry about executing.  Worry about feeling good about your life.  Don't worry about 'making it'… it's an outside source."

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    Had to see this even though I listened to it already on the podcast because of the real-estate dude's video. That was awesome.

  • Edward Wright

    #QQTD- I am a chugger. I can't pinpoint one thing that is the reason for my success, but I can think back to a series of events that made it happen.

    Thank you GaryVee for your energy, answers and overall point of view. It really helps me think big picture going forward while still being able to dive deep and think of real world in the mud tasks that can help my business grow.

  • Mike Salazar

    I myself have had multiple turning-points. For me the most impactful one was getting to a level that I thought everyone would be chuggers to realize hardly anyone actually is. That for me was huge, I then realized I too was not a chugger and saw the importance of becoming one. Stop worrying about the next thing… but even in the chugging style you do need to realize when you need inspiration (think about this show) or redirection (trying something another way).

  • Oli Lewington

    I had my lungs swapped out for someone else's when I was 25, so I guess that was a turning point! Strangely, though, it wasn't the turning point I expected it to be in terms of where I was going: it took me at least another 2-3 years of recovery and fumbling around to find what I was really good at. And THAT was the turning point.

  • Erik Frankhouse

    Building a long, stay focused and execute. So damn true. Show has just been getting better, but why are you stopping the interesting fact about a number? It's a fun ice breaker. 

  • Erik Frankhouse

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  • Josh Elkin

    @Gary Vaynerchuk One of my favorite quotes is "The harder I work, the more luck I seem to have." Grinding day in and day out lead to the turning points in my life. Success comes to those who get up off their ass and work for it. I strongly believe networking was critical to my successes thus far.

  • Ryan iMob Harris

    Great Episode Gary!  Great content as usual!  I would have to say that I am a chugger!  Daily hustle is where it's at!  

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    Glad ur losing the fun fact!

    QOTD: Probably a chugger.  I think I had a turning point moment when I decided to go out on my own…but it was more as a survival tactic.  Something else fell thru and I had to pivot and find work (single 3 kids….) its what u [email protected]
    p.s.  Now I"m watching the lastest #AGV and then catching up where I left off (its what u do)

  • Darren Graham

    High five on another great episode. I have to agree with @Jose Heredia , I used to also believe that everyone that "Makes it" has that movement, that turning point and that in that moment you knew it was your "turning point".

    However after starting my own business, what I now know you be true is there is no time for  a turning point, every day needs to be a turning point. You need to work your arse off everyday, and keep jumping over those hurdles and then begin working smarter. Then mix that work smart with that hustle and then you have the potential recipe success. But this "I waiting for my turning point" attitude will keep you stuck where you are and not allow you to go to where you want to be.

    Any way that's my two pennies worth.

  • Simon King

    Gary, I had to stop this video, then sign out of my GF's account, then sign back into my account, then play the video again because I had to let you know that you nailed that real estate question. Nailed it.

  • jose martinez

    Damn Dude, hit it on the nose with the realtors. We create websites @Alcides Aguasvivas. We have told realtors to get hyper local with your content stop posting bullshit memes and meaningless quotes. 

    Great episode. Just shared with my realtor and mortgage clients.

  • Kevin Bolibruck

    Great value and ideas on creating emotion by interviewing teachers, people in the area for the real estate question.  I would like to know if that guy took your advice and executed.  I failed an exam but it was still mouth guard in, chin strap done up visor down run throw you!

  • Real Matt Lukowicz

    A little bit of Both , I Am a Chugger, But! I Feel Like Listening and Following to Your Advice on Some Things, I Am Having "Shift" Moments Latley.
    I Feel a little Guided lol

  • Jibreel Salaam

    I guess it's like my dad says, someone is always watching. so it response to your question, I'd have to say I'm a chugger. I just keep trucking on and finding new ways to make things work. you have to just keep pushing towards the goals till you get there. if I keep worrying about the soccer teams I want to buy I'll just be a dreamer. less dreaming and more doing.

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    I appreciate your specific actionable advice for real estate content. Time to execute it

  • Tom Mohr

    So I am in real estate and just got done with the thank you economy… been thinking about it a lot and how to execute on something like real estate, caring, and content creation. A lot of people I find aren't interested in follow-up or hearing again from their "realtor" but it's good to get referrals things of that nature. So – is it more about continuing to provide awesome content and they may see it every now and then and providing awesome service while in the selling/buying process (obviously) then moving forward and looking for the next person. I suppose it's just not clicking with me quite yet. At the same time – I know the biggest part of it all is just doing something..

  • Francisco Martinez

    Consuming this like crazy, catching up to current shows! Just thought i'd check in & let you know that your content in 2014 and earlier (wine library) is helping so many people today! Cheers!! (@fmarketingmix)

  • Anthony Machin

    Gary I am getting my real estate license and I agree with you on using technology to your advantage. Is it still worth it to get my license to become a realtor.

  • Zachary Smith

    Both! I think there have been many opportunities that I ran through the door, what may have looked like a "turning point" , but after getting through the door there's plenty of chugging, hustling, grinding, etc to get the job done! love the content Gary!

  • Yone Liau

    One of the best eps so far but I think it's more into the fact I'm really digging deep into what you are sharing. Starting to chug chug chug and best insight from this ep is:
    "Worry about executing, worry about feeling good, about your life, don't worry about making it. Because making it is an outside force. The inside force of you just doing it is what you should be focused on."
    Trust your chug force!

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  • 77PhrasalVerbs

    Hey Gary, love those two answers about chugging and making it! It's so true. The media love to tell stories about people who made it because they had some random piece of luck. It makes a better story. But really that random piece of luck was one tiny incident amongst many more important incidents which got them to the top. The fact is, we should be doing things that we enjoy so much, we'll be happy doing them even if we fail. only then is success inevitable. I guess. Shit man, only another 140 episodes to go! But you're telling me to stop watching and start doing………!

  • Magna Media

    I had a turning point, watched a webinar about mindset. Realized I was unhappy, faced myself in the mirror and moved 2,600 miles away.
    Currently brainwashing myself with Gary Vee, Russell Brunson, Tai Lopez, and David Mills. I'm gonna win, just gotta be patient.

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    CRAZY; I just said to only focus on the process. I've been worried about to many other factions at the moment.

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