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At myth fanpage ask What age were you when you started gaming? so that’s actually a very interesting question because I try to track my origin of like when I started gaming a lot like I tried to track it down Pretty often because I really like don’t remember when I started like I don’t remember my my first game or my first console But I do remember when i was in my silly faze Halo combat Evolved Christmas release on the original Xbox platform, and I think that came out in 2001and it was the day my wife left me REEE That would mean I was I mean, I was young two or three years old at Nathan 3:9 for ask What would you do if you weren’t playing games and streaming? That’s a fun question. I would be in college for computer science definitely Cooper H One one one four five six two six a lot of numbers ask. Where’s your name from? I’m guessing and talking about my you know, like my online name myth is from a line slash series of the Call of Duty clan tags so back in the day when I used to play a lot of Cod back in the day like I’m like a 90 year old man, but a couple years ago, basically when I used to play a lot of Call of Duty I Got into this clan called leprechauns, you know It’d be really cool. If people are like watching this from the clan and like we linked up again would really appreciate that But anyways back to the point I was in this client called leprechauns, and I wanted a cool name right and he had leprechauns chrono leprechauns zillow leprechauns boss, you know leper kind of rifle and I was like, Damn, I need a good name. So I decided to go with leprechauns myth So that’s kind of how that started then I kind of shifted it over from from something else and then I like cut that off And just kept the myth part and then myth has kind of been a name that I’ve stuck with that I that I really really like and has some thought behind it now as well now that I’ve thought about the name and stuff I’m glad that I think it’s nice name At Plainview 2ks. I’ve never had a girlfriend. Can you pick it? Can you give me some good advice as to how to pick up a girl? First bit of advice don’t okay, just you know, you don’t go out and just pick up girls This ain’t Walmart, but what you can do is like just just get to know somebody man, like don’t be in a rush I don’t know how old you are or whatever but there’s real like just focus on yourself. Yeah, I don’t know your age I don’t know how developed you are But if you’re not fully developed and you don’t know what you want to do in life yet just slow your roll You don’t need to add somebody into your life yet? Because then you’re just gonna add them To like the process and then train of trying to find yourself as a human being and I think you should just relax Not you know saying but maybe you are developed. Just go out and talk to people man just like have a conversation get to know them as a person first and Then I mean if things develop if feelings develop for one another, you know Do it kill it girlfriend and boyfriend up General underscore zero seven ask how often does someone recognize you in public? I think it so I Mm. How often I think about almost every time I go out I Get recognized or somebody wants to take a picture say hi, which I love personally It’s always it’s always a great experience to be honest. It’s always a great time. So I don’t really mind it so much But yeah I would say almost every time I go out somewhere if it’s like if I’m out for more than like an hour – I’ll typically get stopped or if I go to a restaurant. I’ll typically get stopped and you know, say hi to somebody that that knows me It’s new ask if you could add a weapon – for night. What would it be? I don’t really feel like we need anything the weapon that I really wanted the hunting rifle I actually liked that was the weapon that I wanted in fortnight I mean epic answer to my prayers then so maybe they’ll answer it again but I don’t really have a weapon that I really want but let’s go with a new assault rifle at Jonathan did go X Ask was ever a point where you thought you were going nowhere with streaming as a whole what kept you going? And how did you your fan base? That’s a very good question. So to answer the first part of it of it you kind of There there wasn’t a time where I felt like I was I wasn’t going anywhere with it I always knew that you know, you have to put in time It’s it’s definitely a grind It’s a it’s a process right and even though you may not feel like you’re growing You have to put yourself. You have to put yourself in the best mental state to kind of keep the future in mind What what do I want to do in the future? How do I want to improve my stream? So that’s something that kind of always kept me going is like, how do I improve? How do I improve? how do I improve my content, you know, if you can’t watch your vods and be like hey i’m entertained like I I enjoy watching my stream like in general. I would watch this person then then that’s where like the first issue lies, right? I feel like a lot of content creators I feel like they may not be going anywhere is because they become stagnant They they’re not really trying to change things up or they’re not really being themselves honestly to them you know truthfully because I think that’s when I feel like that even even now where when I’m not being Truthfully and wholesomely like myself on stream I feel I just feel like I’m not progressing and and that’s that’s like a really scary feeling that I that I put myself in sometimes but I definitely get myself out of it for the second part of the question To expand your fan base man. I think this isn’t something that’s talked about a lot but The way that I think is the best way to do it is to itch You need to try to integrate yourself within the community of the game that you’re trying to play As much as you can without making it, you know without without doing it wrong, basically Like don’t don’t go to these streams in link You’re put link this and link that or or or try to put your content in places. That obviously doesn’t belong just to get a click or to try to to come up with ways to make people care about your content and You know put your face in the game in a sense, for example Building is something that a lot of people will directly associate to me. That is something that is tremendously Made migrant in my nomogram base my fan base grow like by miles So and then on top of that for Anna sample skeleton skin That like I would I don’t want to say us planned but there was a time. We’re like I started noticing I’m like people associate the skin with me and if you could make people associate in-game content with you, that is something that’s like that’s like You got it baby like its you’re gonna grow because people associate Things that they’re just they don’t have to be watching your stream and they’re thinking about you rave 2:03 acid. Do you think you can defeat a ninja in a build battle? Oh The question that everybody wants to know the answer to could I defeat ninja I mean, could I yes? Do I think I can yes I mean I’m not gonna say you’re enlightened be like You can’t you can’t be humble with that type of question like especially like knowing my my ability in-game I’m not I’m not gonna be able to like no I couldn’t take on ninja like I’m gonna be honest Yeah, I think I could take on in gender build battle. But like if you want to speak completely to like a literal and physical point of view I play on a way higher dpi in sensitivity than ninja my building speed is probably significantly faster in terms of like Placing and flicking stuff to kind of counteract bullets and whatnot and just building up one by once and crazy stuff So yeah, I think I can. Hey guys. Thank you so much for watching Asked TSM. It’s been your boy myth. I’ll see you guys all later, you know if you want to fall it Hit me up on Twitter. Love me on Twitter. They’re both TSM underscore myth I’ll check you guys out next time and as always keep believing


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