Arresting the kid that broke into my house

what up everybody how you guys doing
today as you guys have seen a couple months
ago this kid Jack and his friend Dom broke into my house. You just walk into random peoples house? You left the door
unlocked yeah that means you walk in and then I got an apartment in Hollywood and
for some reason Jack thinks it’s a good idea to break into my apartment Joe what
the heck Oh yo guys I’m literally in length to his
brand-new apartment he’s not even in here right now
well it’s true Jen I said to Jack multiple times that he if he continues
breaking in my place like I’m gonna call the cops on him he’s just a little kid I
didn’t want to do that to him but let’s be real it’s just annoying that he keeps
doing this not only that but if he continues to do this it’s gonna make
other people think that let go it’s okay to break in the lancers place no it’s
not okay so today we’re gonna be getting some payback on Jack it’s about time
Jack sent me a message a couple days ago asking if you can come up to New Jersey
and we can make a video together and I was like yeah sure man that’s fine and
this gave me just enough time to think of payback as you guys can see I have my
buddy John here who was a cop and today we are going to be arresting Jack for
sneaking into my places I am so excited thank you so much for coming out man
really appreciate it this is gonna be amazing jack is literally like crap
himself I can’t wait yeah what’s that bro yo how far are you alright sounds good I’ll see you soon
oh I Jackson drove up here he comes remember there’s two times you broke
into my house you’re in there so stop your nerve route stuff dude stop
stop exactly what do you don’t plug it in my house again oh you’re a funny dude
stop stop T to actually stop dude my mom’s gonna kill me
dude my mom’s gonna kill me dude stop what dude what stop Lance please just
humph let me go Lance comes let me go Lance’s you’re gonna break it on my
house again Lynn I promise I won’t eat we’re gonna why what are you doing dude
was that are you gonna break into my house again
yes I know where I won’t I swear I won’t why are you doing this dude you just
umph let me go do you swear to God on your life that
you’re not going back I I swear on my life I will never brag you broke into my
house two times dude I had to get feedback see
there were so many things right in my mind right there you were trying to book
it I need to take a shower I got a shower you tackled me bro I know I did
expect me to tackle me that was amazing guys if you thought that was funny smash
that thumbs up bud right now yeah probably got you good shake I got merch
I can give you get your merch later tonight Commerce like Avaya as always my
heart is pounding I start to generate now I don’t even feel the cackle I had
to my heart started pounding soon as I stepped in the house I did not expect
that I might live do not feel getting cackling I was like I like cashed out I
really blacked out I’m not even joking I didn’t know what to think I don’t know
to do I didn’t know what to think I was alright we’re gonna get this kid
submerged he needs some new clothes alright so now that we you know fig
arrested jack oh look at that he’s rocking the merge a
get that merchant yeah right he was completely dirty get the merchandise to
that commerce like a bow as always but we got Michael Lucy here as well we just
came over to Walmart Jack wants to try and get kicked out of Walmart I feel
like a kid again I’ve got kicked out of these places so
many times and then literally get kicked out everywhere
oh my god the whole thing is gonna fall this dudes going all the way up he
disappeared where did he go but you don’t care there’s some please look oh my god Jack we just all have cameras in our hands
we’re not doing anything suspicious I’m not eyelid Jagd all the dirty work he just hop in this random cart did this kid is so confused
Jack I think you just made a friend right Oh oh my god this dude is trying to get
kicked out look I don’t know him if anybody asks oh my okay yeah oh that
almost hit me yeah bro we don’t we don’t know this kid bro yeah I knew I have to
break it up into my house two times he just didn’t care did he just go back
there brothers kids are reckless I’ve never been back here no no I view oh
yeah you went my video doing we’re bears we did like a whole video of like doing
your dares yeah and one of your dares was to come back here gonna go in there
keep out sure running back there jag dong Kari
just walks back here I don’t know I’m gonna turn off the lights and you let me
off it works yeah you stay in there yeah he’s gonna shut off all the lights oh my god no way on my no way no way oh my god I heard somebody call my name I
need to do nine yeah they still haven’t turned the lights
back on we’re telling everyone that comes out of
front they might think they’re think there’s like a power outages off on yeah
yeah it doesn’t make sense the TVs are all still on the back I super here oh my
god bro I thought I was reckless as a kid this kid does not give a frank I
don’t know yeah he got nervous he ran he’s so scared right now he’s sitting in
the car ready you can’t drive bro look I’ve done some
crazy stuff bro but I’ve never shut off the lights at Walmart this dude told you
guys in the previous video my family actually made a YouTube channel where
they’re gonna be vlogging this way when I’m in LA you guys can still see what’s
going on back with the family in Jersey so if you guys would do me a favor they
posted their very first video I’m gonna leave a link down below the very top of
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dropped their very first video right now they are currently at 25,000 subscribers
as you can see it is going up we’re trying to get their account over a
couple hundred thousand subscribers so make sure to subscribe let’s see how
many subscribers we can gain them as you can see in their very first video my mom
poured chocolate all over my dad’s car literally right after he just got done
cleaning all of his cars he was so mad you gotta check it out super funny
I also made grandmama channel as well called grandmom relax this already has
over 100k because this was like an old account of mine that I like never used
anymore so I gave it to her girl I was gonna be posting YouTube videos as well
once again if both links are down below the very top description check them out
whoa we are so fast on the 210 family account right
now guys thank you so much greatly appreciated I’m sure my parents are
thrilled as well that is gonna wrap it up for today’s video I hope you guys
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was going on and it is the funniest thing ever
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time peace

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