Arlington VA’s Most Expensive Houses – 2018 Edition | Top 5 Highest Priced Homes in Arlington VA
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Arlington VA’s Most Expensive Houses – 2018 Edition | Top 5 Highest Priced Homes in Arlington VA

2018 has come to an end. And with that, it’s now time to take a look
back at the most expensive properties that have sold in the year that was. How’s it going everyone, Matt Leighton,
welcome back to another real estate video and today we are taking a look at the top
5 most expensive houses that sold in 2018 in Arlington County. In this video, we’re going to be looking
a detached houses, I’m going to do another video that will take a look at the most expensive
condos. So before we get started, a quick disclaimer
to let you know that the source for these properties is Bright MLS. This is where I am getting this data and while
there could have been an off-market deal that was higher than these properties on the list,
we’re taking a look at those properties that hit the open market and we’re readily
available for those that wanted to purchase the property. And with that being said, let us begin. The first property on our list is 2501 N Lincoln
Street, which came in as the fifth most expensive property with a sold price of $2,650,000. This house, which I got a chance to tour was
simply impeccable, I mean it’s hard to describe the level of intricate detail that the builder
had for this home. Even before we get inside the house, what
I like about the home is that it’s on a quiet street, it’s towards the end of a
cul-de-sac and it backs up to parkland. It has so many things going for it, even before
you walk in the front door. The home itself was built in 2007. It features five bedrooms, five bathrooms
and over 7,200 square feet of living space. There are custom built-ins, beautiful archways,
coffered ceilings, and just an excellent use of the windows in the living room with the
parkland behind so you don’t really need to have blinds. It’s hard to find that level of privacy. The kitchen is an absolute dream with a huge
kitchen island, Wolf & SubZero appliances and the kitchen overlooks the living and dining
areas. The finishing touch for this home is the lower
level that has 2,000 square feet of living space, a wet bar, a cinema room and you can
walk out from the basement to the backyard. There is not entirely a huge level backyard
so if that was important to you, maybe this home loses some points, but come on, this
house has everything. And that is just home number 5. Let’s move on to number 4. Coming in at number 4 is 4920 30th Street
North which is located right near Yorktown High School and Washington Golf & Country
Club in the Shirley Woods subdivision. The home closed for $2,650,000 in July 2018. The first thing that stands out about this
home is that it is situated on an entire acre of land. That in itself is extremely rare in Arlington
County. To give you an idea, only two homes sold in
2018 in Arlington that were an acre or larger. And it’s usable space, it’s not like the
lot is taken up by a wooded area, it’s open and level yard space. The home is five bedrooms, five bathrooms,
7,000 square feet of living space and it was built in 2002 by Gruver-Cooley, who have been
building homes in the D.C. area since 1908. This home is definitely more personalized
than some other homes on the list. You have wood door frames, lots of darker
colors in the house like in the kitchen like dark countertops and dark flooring. You have a lot of square feet but some of
the interior looks to be a little bit dated. Not taking anything away from the house because
it’s an incredible home, but at $2.65 million, I would have expected a slightly more updated
interior. The home was purchased in July by an LLC,
which is not uncommon at this price point, however with the size of the lot, I would
not be surprised if a developer looked to subdivide this plot of land and built four
or five new homes on the land in the future. Number three on our list is 4100 37th Street
North. This home is located in the Gulf Branch neighborhood
of north Arlington and it’s the first one on our list to top $3M as it was sold for
$3,125,000 in August. Although the home was originally built in
1934, it was extensively renovated in 2007. The home features 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms,
2 half bathrooms and about 7,000 square feet of total living space. First of all taking a look at the location,
I love the location because you’re just one stop light to D.C. and you have privacy. If you’re buying at this price point, you
kind of want privacy, you don’t want another house right next to you, it kind of defeats
the purpose. The home backs up to a large park and has
multiple outdoor areas including an outdoor patio, a firepit and a pretty incredible outdoor
sport court. You have to think if you have kids or you’re
an adult that loves playing sports, this arena in the woods is pretty much goals right here. This is a really cool feature of the home. The house itself will be a blend of some older
qualities with the newer renovation in 2007. Some parts of the home you may look to upgrade
eventually but for the most part the home is going to check all the boxes, even though
the original home was built in the 1930’s. You might not get everything exactly the same
as you would in a new construction home but the location more than makes up for that quality. Number two on our list 4605 36Th Street North
in the Country Club Hills neighborhood. The home sold for $3,270,011 in June. The home sold while it was still under construction
so I don’t have any pictures of the interior, however, now is a good time to talk a little
bit about the timeline for how quickly these new construction homes get sold. This property was purchased in 2015 for about
$1 million dollars. There used to be just the smallest home you
could think of on the plot of land. The home was originally listed in April 2016
for $3 million before it was taken off the market. It was then re-listed and on the market for
6 months before it was taken off the market again. Keep in mind that at this point, the home
has not been built yet and it’s in that period where you can still customize the home
before all the details are finalized. The property was then re-listed for another
4 months during the time the construction had just begun. This is now January 2017. The property was then listed again and got
a contract in February of 2017. And you might be thinking, well why didn’t
you include it on your 2017 list? Well, that’s because it took over a year
to close. The property finally closed June 2018 for
$3.27M with a $30,000 seller subsidy. So all that is to say that these new construction
homes don’t just get listed on Thursday and have multiple offers on Sunday. They take time, sometimes years, as the market
moves much slower once you get above $1.5Million and especially once you get above $3 million. Okay that brings us to number one on our list. The most expensive home that sold
in Arlington is 412 Chain Bridge Road which sold for $4,325,000. This home is the last home in Arlington before
McLean and it’s right near the cluster of homes located on what’s known as the Gold
Coast of McLean. The one-of-a-kind residence features 9 bedrooms,
7.5 bathrooms, 10,000 square feet of living space and it even comes with 2 guest apartments. The home was built in 2009 and it still will
have many of the same qualities of the new construction builds 10 years later. In addition to the unbelievable entertaining
space and the state-of-the art kitchen, one of the best parts about the home is the outdoor
area that features a second-floor patio, and a very private outdoor pool. Surprisingly you’re only paying about $435/square
foot, which is well below the average in Arlington, but come on, once you factor in the location,
the interior, the year it was built, and the quality of the home, you can tell why it came
in at the most expensive property to sell in Arlington this year. The property had been listed for almost 2
years from 2015 – 2017 with no contracts. It was relisted in August of 2018 and closed
just a few weeks ago. So there you have it, the top 5 most expensive
homes that sold in Arlington in 2018. What do you all think? Any surprises on the list? Let me know which one your favorite is in
the comments section below. Thank you very much for watching. Until next time, create a productive day. Take care.


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