Arizona REALTORS® 2019 President introduces TransactionDESK®
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Arizona REALTORS® 2019 President introduces TransactionDESK®

– Hello fellow REALTORS®
and association members. This is your 2019
president, Patrick Lewis. Just wanted to chat with you
for a minute about something that you may or may not have heard about that’s gonna be happening in 2019. You’re gonna see zipForm®,
and zipForm® Plus, and all of its iterations
start to be phased out as the only forms provider for
the Arizona REALTORS® in favor of a product by Instanet
Solutions called TransactionDESK®. Why TransactionDESK® you ask, well, because TransactionDESK® was looked at as well as a multitude
of different products by your Business Services
& Technology Committee and a variety of different work groups. Now, remember, the Business Services & Technology Committee is made up of your fellow REALTORS® and practitioners. And their job is really to go and look at different technologies
that are out there that are gonna help our agents and members be better at their job, look
better to their clients, save them time, make them more money. And that’s exactly what they did. In their months of rigorous
testing of a multitude of different products they
decided on TransactionDESK® because it combines your forms,
your electronic signature, and your storage all in one product. No more are you going to have
to write a form and email it to be into your electronic
signature product. Now it is all gonna be in one product. They’re also offering
preferential pricing for brokers if they want to migrate
over to TransactionDESK® as their transaction management system. How did we get here, that’s
another great question. We got here because the job
of the Business Services & Technology Committee and a variety of workgroups is really
to look at technologies that can really set us apart and make sure that we stay the best
practitioners in the business. In that process they started vetting different products that
were all-in-one products for transaction, forms, any sign. You, our members, told us
that that’s what you wanted. And our committees went
out and looked at it, and came to the decision
that TransactionDESK® by Instanet is gonna be the program that really helps you
write contracts faster and can help streamline your business. So, what’s next? What’s gonna happen
next is you’re gonna see TransactionDESK® start to
roll out around March. We’re gonna have quite a few
trainings set up prior to that, so make sure you check
back to, that you’re receiving the VOICE from the Arizona Association of
REALTORS®, and that you have liked the Arizona Association of
REALTORS® Facebook page. We’ll try and include
links to all of those. But make sure you do that so that you can stay informed about what’s coming. Now, one thing I want to make very clear is this was not a
decision made in a vacuum, this was a decision made
by your fellow members. And because of that zipForm® is not being phased out immediately. We are going to have both TransactionDESK® and zipForm® for all of 2019. So it will be a good
year for you to be able to get to a training, train your agents on how to effectively
make that migration over. And let us know how we can help in making that an easier process for you. We will also be sending
out lists of trainers that you can contact to set
up some training sessions for your brokerage, for your
company, or for fellow agents. As we move forward into 2019
I want you to reach out to us. We have your back, we’re
here to support you. And I guarantee you this is
gonna be a great decision for you and your business moving forward. Here’s to a fantastic 2019.

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