Are Zillow’s Zestimates Accurate? | Home Seller Tips
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Are Zillow’s Zestimates Accurate? | Home Seller Tips

Hi, everyone! Melanie Cameron here with The
Cameron Team at Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage in Wilmington, North
Carolina. Today on our video series, I wanted to
discuss Zestimates. I’ve had a lot of sellers recently talk to me about what they
pulled up on Zillow as the home value – the value of their home, and I just want
everyone – to make sure they understand – that Zillow is a computer program. It is
a computer generated estimate of your home’s value. Sometimes they’re right on.
Sometimes they are way low. And a lot of times they are way high. You need to
understand there’s no one from Zillow coming to your house to look
at the upgrades, and look at the condition and the location of your home,
especially in this area, because location is so important when you’re close to the
water versus, you know, three rows back or, you know, a mile from the beach. So, I just
would caution you to to look at the your Zestimate of your home’s value
with a grain of salt. If you really want to know what the true value of your home
is, give us a call. We are happy to come out, take a look at it, and give you our
honest opinion of the current market value. You can reach us anytime at 910-202-2546 or check us out at Remember to continue
to like, share, and comment on Facebook and YouTube (IGTV too!) to get in on our monthly
drawings. Have a great day!

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