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Uff! Why so many ants have come here? Poor things, they are hungry. They are looking for food. Give them something to eat. If they have come to my house, I will not let them go hungry. What happened? Why are you flying around like a rocket? To think I was looking for food to give them and then they bite me. Poor things, they are hungry. I had saved one samosa for myself. I think I will give them that. It’s a samosa, eat it. So you think that Motu and Patlu can save us from Zingura? Yes Queen. They both are very good people and they help everyone. But how will we get a human into this small little world of ours? I have a medicine, if I drink and then bite Motu and Patlu then they will become as small as us. Run!! Zingura has come!! Run!! Zingura has come!! We have no other option to save ourselves from Zingura.Doctor Antz, go and get Motu and Patlu. I think this is Motu patlu’s house. Patlu, wake up. See, where we are. We had gone to sleep in the house, how did we come here? Such big ants!! Where did they come from? They are as big as us. The ants are not big, we have become small. Maybe it’s a dream, go back to sleep. It is not a dream, it’s reality. We have made you small and got you here. We have become ants!! Now, what will happen to us? Why have you’ll brought us here? I will tell you why. I am the Queen of the Land of Ants. There is a very dangerous insect Zingura who is killing our people and eating them. We need your help. And if we don’t help you, then? Then we will not make you big again and then the Zingura will eat you too. We are ready. Give us some time to plan. Patlu, you know that my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Quickly, you think of an idea. Idea! Come on, let’s run away. You both cannot run away. We were not running, we were jogging. Before any sort of a fight your body should be fit. Run!! Zingura is here!! Help!! Zingura is here!! Help!! Motu and Patlu, all the Best. Zingura!! Haha!! Oh! Doctor Antz, you did not run? There is nothing that can make us run, we have Motu and Patlu with us and we too are no less than you now! Who are these Motu and Patlu? Go meet them yourself. They are sitting behind those bushes plotting to send you straight to your maker. Patlu, run!!There is one Dr.Jhatka up and there is this doctor down here. All these doctors after our lives. Motu! Patlu! Where are you? You are challenging Zingura.Come out, let me see you. Come on let’s go and hide in those ant houses. Zingura will not be able to get into those. Where are you hiding yourself? Motu! Patlu! Caught you! Haha!! Hey god, help us!! Help!! You both cannot save yourself from me, haha!! Excuse me. Sorry, excuse me. Where is this place, we are trapped in? Motu and Patlu, I am coming, haha!!! Help!! Thank you, big brother!! Help!! Got saved!! Help!! This is when it can be rightly said that we fell from the sky only to get stuck on a date tree! Motu, quickly do something or we are finished between these two. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you think of something. Why are you two running? Idea! Give us wings and we won’t run.We will finish him while flying. As you wish. Get ready to fly both of you. Your wings are about to sprout. Oops! Zingura is coming towards me,got to go, see you’ll soon. Long live!! We have wings!! Quick, let us fly away. This spider is looking very hungry. How do we fly? Come here, come to me. I will teach you how to fly, hihi!! Hey god!! Help!!! Come down, at least some times!! Long live!! Hey, we are flying sideways. What is happening? I’m sideways again! This flying business is very difficult. I’m not able to understand how to go left or right? Whichever direction you want to turn in, you have to think that. And automatically the wings will go in that direction. It should be a part of your thinking. Now think we want to fly straight, ok. I will not let you’ll get away!! Motu, look there is a jungle. Let’s go and hide in it. Go straight, not upside down. Think straight! What are you doing? Motu and Patlu seem to have become experts in flying. Help!! The prey is flying itself into the trap, hehe!!!! Help!! Motu do something. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach, you do something. Idea! The spider is alone and we are two. Fly fast and quick, we will drag it with us. Help!! Someone help!! Motu! Patlu! Help!! Mummy!! Long live Motu and Patlu!!! Motu and Patlu you’ll have helped us a lot. Your tactics of fighting were very unique, you’ll are very brave. We will always be grateful to the two of you. Doctor Antz make them big again. Yes my Queen. Fighting with Zingura has made me hungry, let’s go and eat a whole lot of samosas. Are you two the brave Motu and Patlu whokilled the Zingura? Yes, we are the two braves. Wow! The stories of our bravery seem to be spreading far and wide. These are the two who finished Zingura, don’t let them go. Attack!!!!! Run!!


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