Announcing Shore Prime Properties LLC

Hi I’m Michele Irizarry from Shore Prime
Properties. The first house I ever bought was a sweet little colonial on Grand
Avenue in Long Branch I remember feeling so happy and proud we
had a backyard for our babies to play in a garden to grow beautiful flowers. It
was exactly that feeling that helped me to decide what I wanted to do in life. I
knew I wanted to help people reach their real estate goals. Completing a sale or
purchase brings such a sense of pride and accomplishment. Growing up in
Brooklyn has really helped me to develop my love and acceptance of all people and
wanting that same social diversity for our four children my husband and I
decided to settle down here in Long Branch. We just love the history, the
community and the culture. The real estate market here is varied as well
it’s truly a special city where you can live in a garden style condo or starter
home or look for a luxury high-rise or waterfront estate. After working as a
real estate agent for the last 17 years I’m so proud to announce the opening of
my own real estate agency Shore Prime Properties right here in my hometown of
Long Branch two blocks from the ocean at 103 Brighton Avenue in the West End. My
approach is an online/offline balance combining a continuing education in
digital marketing with many tried and true real estate
strategies. This helps me to create a robust and effective action plan for
anyone buying, selling or renting. If you have real estate goals on your to-do
list feel free to reach out or stop by the office. We can create a customized
plan so we can get you going where you want to be. Thanks so much for watching.
I’m Michele Irizarry selling prime real estate at the Jersey Shore!

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