An Exclusive Look at ‘Fuller House’
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An Exclusive Look at ‘Fuller House’

First of all, how old were you when you
were on Full House, the first season?>>Andrea and I were ten.>>Ten.
>>Yeah, I was five.>>Wow.
>>Yeah.>>So have you keep in touch with
everybody through the years? Was this like a, or you haven’t seen
each other and you’re like, my god, this is gonna be amazing?>>No, I think that anyone that follows
us on social media knows that we’ve never been apart.>>Yeah.>>Literally,
we all live in the same house.>>We all live in the same house.>>[LAUGH].>>Wow.
>>I’m kidding. No, we’re really great friends. In fact, Andrea and I,
everyone thinks that it’s just D.J. and Kimmie are best friends, but Andrea
and I have always been really close, and you know we had a Christmas party, and there was a little wine happening and
we might have had a little bit too much. And then it turned into
a Full House episode, because then I was like
Andrea you can’t drive home. And so then, we like were texting Jonathan
Night cuz we’re huge Kids on the Block fans, [LAUGH] and we’re having this
whole Twitter conversation, and then I gave her my pajamas and
tucked her into my son’s bed.>>She tucked me in.>>And you were like, thanks Deej.>>And we have a sleep over.>>That’s adorable.>>We do keep in touch though,
we have a group chat amongst the cast. And everyone has their own
Bitmoji except for John Stamos. He’s the only one that doesn’t have
a Bitmoji, and he’s mad about it. He’s like, why don’t I have a cartoon? He calls it a cartoon.>>[LAUGH]
>>So can somebody please make John Stamos a Bitmoji cuz he’s missing out.>>Are you bringing your kids to the set? Do you bring them with you?>>Yeah,
>>Yeah.>>Yeah, we do.>>I bring mine on my girls made it for every show.
My older daughter is almost eight, my little one is five which is
the same one as when I started the show.
>>Wow.>>I mean yeah, to have that experience where I got to sit
with them on the couch in the original set was a moment I never thought in
a million years I’d get to have.>>What if they grow up and do a even fuller house?
>>[LAUGH]>>And they’re on the show.
>>Right.>>And then they bring their kids.>>That would be the fullest house ever.>>[LAUGH] We’d be okay with that.
>>Yeah.>>Yeah. Do you think there’ll be a second season? You think you’ll, obviously you want that.>>Of course we want it, we hope so! You have to tune in to
Netflix on the 26th!>>Yeah.>>And then, do you think the Olsen
twins will make a guest appearance? I’m sure everybody’s asking that already,
because they’re not a part of this. But do you think they’ll stop in.>>I don’t know,
the door’s open if they want to.>>Yeah, always open.>>Yeah.
>>We make reference to them on the show, so they’re not forgotten. We talk about them.
>>We definitely acknowledge Michelle being present, so.>>All right.
Well, let’s take a look at the trailer, the exclusive.>>Exciting.>>Hola, Tanneritos.>>All right, come on in. Aw geeze!>>Before we eat I have
something very important to say.>>Okay.>>Damn we all still look good.>>It’s okay Tommy, mommy’s here. I’m having a tough day, too. I have three boys who count of me for
everything. For the first time we’re
gonna be on our own.>>I’m clearing my schedule and
I’m moving in>>like my sister.>>Steph!
>>You need me right now.>>And you need me. So I’m moving in, too!>>Kimmie, you do not need to do this.>>I agree with DJ you
do not need to do this. [MUSIC]>>Mom, this is a terrible idea.>>I’ve waited my whole life to say this. Home sweet home! [MUSIC]>>Stop, hammer time!>>You’re stuck in the 90s.>>My moves are all that and
a bag of chips. Talk to the hand, loser. Snap! You go girl! I think I just did. [MUSIC]>>I’ve got two very important words.>>Have mercy!>>No. How rude!>>Cut it out! [MUSIC]>>Jane, it’s girls night out.>>I don’t know whether I should be
tugging this thing down or pulling it up.>>Do you have reservations?>>Yes, I feel like I should
be at home with my kids. [MUSIC]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Well I love->>[CROSSTALK] hysterical as Andrea!>>Yeah.>>This show. I love this show so much.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s so fantastic. I can’t believe that you went away after
Full House ended and then you’re back doing this out of nowhere, so
that’s gotta be so much fun for you.>>Thank you, thank you.>>All right, you can watch the entire
season of Fuller House starting February 26th on Netflix, we’ll be right back.


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