Amazon HQ2 in Crystal City! 5 Neighborhoods to Watch Real Estate Values

How’s it going everyone, Matt Leighton welcome
back to another real estate video. Today we’re talking Amazon HQ2 and 5 neighborhoods
to watch that I think are going to see a lot of activity. So as you may or may not know, Amazon announced
that they have chosen Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia as one of their two locations for
their new second Amazon headquarters dubbed HQ2. The other being in Long Island City
. So I thought it would be helpful to take a look at which neighborhoods I think would
see the biggest impact from Amazon’s decision. So I decided to not choose Crystal City because
that’s the obvious choice, right? Everyone is going to look there, and I think
prices might get a little artificial there while the market tries to to decide what the
values are actually worth. So these five neighborhoods that we’re looking
at are all nearby Crystal City and they’re all a little bit different. The first neighborhood on our list is Del
Ray.This neighborhood is located just south of Crystal City and it has a quaint
old-time feel to it. There’s still a main street that has restaurants
and coffee shops and hang out areas. Most of the real estate is
single family homes and duplexes so the reason you would live there is if you wanted a little
more space but also the ability to walk to local amenities like restaurants and parks. There are a few properties for sale in Del
Ray right now. You can expect the duplexs to start in the
low $600ks, Houses will start around the $700’s and there’s actually some new condos that
are just about sold out but if you’re lucky, you can get in starting around $400k for a
1 bedroom. There’s a few reasons I think Del Ray is
prime for appreciation. One is the location, walking distance to a
Metro and a main strip. Two is the type of housing inventory – you
have everything from condos, apartments up to new construction homes that are over $1.5
Million. And finally the character of the neighborhood
is hard to match. You have an old school ambiance that feels
authentic. Next on our list is Rosslyn. Rosslyn is located north of Crystal City and
is just 3 stops away on the blue line. There’s no transferring involved, it’s
a straight shot. And Rosslyn is on the list for a few reasons. First, you have a lot of changes that have
happened to the neighborhood to make the neighborhood more appealing to a younger crowd. For the longest time Rosslyn shut down around
5pm when the work day was done. Everyone would go back home
and the streets of Rosslyn would be empty. Now there’s a beer garden, there’s 20
new restaurants in the past few years, there’s holiday markets, wine festivals and a lot
more going on. Second, you have a lot of good inventory of
housing for those millennial Amazon workers making $150k/year that maybe don’t need
a yard and a garage and a lot of space. You have buildings with great amenities that
are newer that will match what Amazon workers are looking for. And you might say well Crystal City has apartment
and condo buildings too but the inventory of buildings in Crystal City is slightly older
and there are better options to be found in Rosslyn. And the third reason Rosslyn is on the list
is because of the location relevant to D.C. and other parts of Northern Virginia. Rosslyn has easy access into D.C. You have two Metro lines so you can take the
Orange Line as well and you also have easy access to Dulles International Airport. So you’re 3 Metro stops from Amazon HQ2
but you also have easier access to D.C. than Crystal City. Ok the third neighborhood we’re going to
look at is Huntington. Now this neighborhood is a little more transitional. You don’t really have the walkability as
some of the other neighborhoods on the list. You don’t really have the quaint streets
or beautiful houses. So why is it on the list? Well it has the potential. You’re right next to Old Town Alexandria,
you can walk to the Metro from the neighborhood and the cost to get into the neighborhood
is much lower than some of these other areas. You can find a duplex in the $300k range,
there are some very affordable condos and you can find a townhouse at a lower price
than say Rosslyn, Crystal City or Old Town Alexandria. It’s probably not the best neighborhood
if you want a brand new house, but it does provide a good alternative for those looking
for more space that don’t need the immediate walkability. Next up on our list is Potomac Yard. Whereas Huntington wasn’t walkable, doesn’t
have new houses and feels a little bit older. Well, Potomac Yard is the exact opposite. You’re going to have new townhouses, new
apartments, newer inventory, walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, Targest, eventually
a new Metro stop and I’ll say it’s a more planned community than some of the others
on our list because it is a little bit new. While you probably wouldn’t walk from Potomac
Yard to Crystal City, it is a quick bike ride or short car or bus ride away. The larger condos are going to be in the $600’s
and the townhouses are going to be starting around the low $800k’s and work their way
up from there. And the
last neighborhood on our list is Old Town North. This neighborhood is going to be basically
bordering Potomac Yard which we just talked about and Del Ray which started this list. That being said, all 3 neiigbhoroods are much
different so it’s important to note those differences. North Old Town will have older inventory similar
to Del Ray but at much more affordable prices. It’s the perfect spot for a first time home
buyer that wants to walk to the Metro and a few restaurants and grocery stores
but can’t pay $400k for a condo in Del Ray or more in Potomac Yard. You can get in for under $300k in North Old
Town. You’ll also have a really nice mix of townhouses
ranging anywhere from $600k up to $1M. And of course you’re still just a few Metro
stops away from HQ2, you don’t have to change stops or if you’re driving you can just
hop right on the parkway and you’ll be there in a few minutes. So there you have it the 5 neighborhoods that
I think will see the biggest appreciation, the most activity and will be the most desired
when Amazon HQ2 moves in and brings 25,000 new jobs with them. If there’s any neighborhoods you think I
missed or you want to add something, be sure to leave a comment in the comments section
below. Thank you very much until next time, create
a productive day. Take care.

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