Along For The Ride 025: Troy Jensen, Drain Technician

Okay, love ya. First job is.. Way up in Salt Lake the notes here say main line is backing up home was built in 1962 according to Zillow I’m sure Zillow is a nice person We’ll see if Zillow is right Bryson good to meet you All right. Do you mind holding this for me for just one second? I want to get these shoe covers on so I don’t track anything in You guys called us out because you’re having some drain issues, correct? Okay We’ve got a main line that is backing up on them periodically So what I’m gonna do is go ahead and auger the line. I always want to keep My work area as clean and clear as possible We’re not into the line very far and that was already pushing back With the 2 inch cutter going into a 4 inch line. This should just breeze down The main line without any problems. Here it comes Alright we did get some roots back on it So, I mean that confirms obviously that there are roots and everything in the line Obviously you guys know that there’s an issue. I’m gonna be honest at this point the best thing that we could do we can set up an appointment to have a supervisor come out and kind of Evaluate that line and look at it One of the things I like to do if I can I always make it cleaner than it was when I got here I was able to auger the mainline the full distance slash 100 feet Got a brand new brass cap on there. Now once again, there is a 30-day warranty on that So if there is any issues or problems with it, please give us a call back Basically, we had a mainline that was backing up into the house we had to gain access to the main line by breaking a clean-out to get in I augured the line. So right now we’re heading out to West Jordan somebody’s got a Toilet that’s giving them some problems flushing or going down and they say that it’s also affecting a sink as well Hello Hi are you Francisco For this particular job, it’s a little bit different there seems to be a clog in the actual sewer stack the basement drain is Draining and everything on the basement level is going down but everything from upstairs is draining into the bathroom sink But it means that there is a clog in the stack actually going down And now it’s feeling much better Okay, we’re pulling something back it’s like fishing I look at the day and basically start it in gratitude Grateful that I got a day in front of me and look at creating the best Opportunities that I have I try to be as positive as I can about what’s in front of me Go ahead and go up there and let’s be brave enough to flush the toilet now. Yes We did it. Take it easy. So the next job that we’re going to is in Lindon Utah, they have some bathroom sinks It looks like. Am I parked okay out there? Do you mind holding this for me and you don’t look like Bryan Nancy it’s good to meet you. I’m Troy with Any Hour Services. It’s a little slow Any time we do an auger I don’t think I included in every one of these but just so that you know It includes a 30-day warranty. So if there’s any backup or anything in there, we’ll come out and we’ll take care of it So right here, we’ve got a few bathroom sinks that are clogged up Mostly with hair and grime we’re gonna go ahead and clean these out and get them flowing again It’s gonna be hairy if I find anything good in the drains, do I get to keep it? Because I could use some bobby pins Quality Service start by opening the p-trap I just strive to always Really make a connection with the customer one way or another Or to just put them at ease as best as I can and just let them know that I’m really there To serve them and make their day easier You can either pull stuff Push it down into the bucket. I have noticed when I use bio clean that it helps preventing a lot of that sludge and that slime from ever building up and causing Problems and issues by doing that it helps the hair and stuff to go down easy Well here you can kind of see a little bit of stuff hanging down You’ll see it kind of drop Two down and one to go Well there you go another quality job You’re welcome it’s good to see you again Not a problem. Alright another satisfied customer Alright Well, that’s it. That’s the glorious life of a drain technician and service plumber thanks so much for joining me today, and I hope you enjoyed it too- Thanks You

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