Allen Johnson – CEO/Realtor of AJ Team Realty – Alexandria Keller Williams Realty
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Allen Johnson – CEO/Realtor of AJ Team Realty – Alexandria Keller Williams Realty

Hi, I’m Allen Johnson with the AJ Team, here at Keller Williams Realty I’m originally from central Virginia,
born and raised in a small town, country boy, came up here to go to school at George
Mason University, graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor’s in English literature, been here in the
Northern Virginia area for twenty-plus years. I’m the team leader
with AJ Team here Keller Williams Realty. So, from the top to the bottom I work
hand in hand with all our specialists with Rot, with Dawn, and make sure that we have the systems in place to make sure we can accomplish those
goals. I love the AJ team because we’re family. The people that we work with, they’re not clients oftentimes we become friends. Dawn,
Rot, other members of the team who we have we
share great times. challenging times, but
through all those times try to remain true to our culture into our values
which is treat everyone like you want to be treated. My favorite place in the DMV would be warf South Beach waterfront crabs seafood shrimp. There’s really a
collision of cultures down at the warf and plus I love seafood. My favorite
restaurant in the Northern Virginia area number one will be Mikes All-American
Grill. Number two would be Sweet Waters, and number three would be Carlyle, so the
common theme is the great American restaurant chains. You guys are in the Northern Virginia
area you have not tried any of those restaurants, you need to try them. The food is superb; the service is superb in the body supreme. One thing that
people don’t know about me is I’m an awesome father. I am a father of two wonderful girls Sydney and Camilla. They are my passion, they’re my reason. They’re my why. They’re my everything, and every day I
get up I try to try to to represent my family represent
them in a way that they can be proud of. God has been good to me. This is Allen Johnson with the AJ Team here at Keller Wiliams. You have the
dream; we have the address. the that

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