AIRBNB UK Make A fortune Without Owning Property
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AIRBNB UK Make A fortune Without Owning Property

(upbeat music) – [Shaf] Everyone’s making money on AirBnB these days, aren’t they? If you’ve watched my last Ask Shaf, you’ll know I pointed
out the pros and cons of becoming a host and letting out a room on
the accommodation website. But what if you don’t own any property? There’s no chance of making
money through AirBnB, is there? Actually, that’s not strictly true and this week’s Ask Shaf
is going to look at ways money can be made through AirBnB even if you don’t have a room to let. If you are organised,
like dealing with people and have lots of time on your hands, think about managing AirBnB rentals. Lots of hosts don’t have the time to book, check in and check out
guests, top up amenities, deal with queries and questions and ensure the property’s
in tip-top condition for the next guest. That’s where you come in, pretty much managing all
aspects of the property. You’d receive between 10 and
20% of the booking costs, which means that if you were looking after several properties, you could have a nice little earner. What do AirBnB hosts dislike
most about the process? Without doubt, it’s the cleaning
up after one guest has left and before the next one arrives. If they are supplementing
their main income, they perhaps just don’t have the time to get the Marigolds
on and start scrubbing, hoovering and changing bed sheets. That’s where you come in. Again, you would need to
have several properties that you cleaned, but it could certainly
be a lucrative business. AirBnB isn’t just for rooms,
it offers experiences too. You wouldn’t need a huge amount of cash to set up something visitors
might be interested in. Are you knowledgeable
about your local area? What about a guided walking
tour, with you as the guide? Do you know where all the best pubs are? How about a pub crawl? Is sport your thing? What about taking visitors
around the best stadiums? There are lots of options, you just need to get your thinking cap on and figure out what you would be good at and what people would be interested in. Do you already rent a
property with a spare room? Have a chat with your landlord and see if they would agree to you sub-letting the room on AirBnB. If it’s already furnished,
you wouldn’t have to fork out for furniture and there
wouldn’t be much in the way of start up costs. Remember to get permission though, I can’t stress how important that is. Speak to the local authority
and your insurance company too, to avoid any problems down the line. So you see, you don’t need
to have a property portfolio to make money from AirBnB. The potential to make money is there, you just need to go out and grab it. But before you do that, don’t
forget to hit the subscribe button for my YouTube channel. It won’t cost you a penny but
it’s full of more money-making and money-saving tips. From budding entrepreneurs to those running commercial property, my vlogs have something for
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