AgentAchieve: More Leads in Less Time for Real Estate Agents (video scribe 2/3)
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AgentAchieve: More Leads in Less Time for Real Estate Agents (video scribe 2/3)

Meet Alice. Alice is a real estate agent. Alice likes
working in real estate because it provides a flexible schedule, the
opportunity to build relationships with clients, and of course the chance to make
good money. But with a work life, family life, and
social life, well, it’s overwhelming. Alice doesn’t just work a 9-to-5. Real
estate is an around the clock gig. She has events to attend, houses to show, clients to meet, and day-to-day work
responsibilities to complete. And then there’s a personal life from
running errands to supporting the kids to spending time with her family and
friends. She feels like it’s one big balancing
act. Even though Alice is a born multi-tasker, she
simply doesn’t have the time to research or respond to every new lead. And each time she misses a lead, she
watches potential sales slip down the drain. But there’s a solution for Alice. It’s called AgentAchieve and it will help
her close more leads in less time. Here’s one example, we like to call it the
six second miracle. One second: a prospect enters his contact info
on Alice’s website and clicks submit. AgentAchieve sends an instant interest alert
to Alice’s smartphone and laptop. Two seconds: AgentAchieve creates a contact
record for the new prospect categorizing and saving the most important
information. Three seconds: a marking plan is instantly
created hands-free. It includes several reminder tasks for Alice all based on
predetermined preferences and key info from the client contact form. Four seconds: an email is
sent to the prospect on Alice’s behalf. It includes a welcome kit and a brief message
to let the prospect know that Alice will be in touch soon. Five seconds: since all leads are not created equally, AgentAchieve can instantly calculate a letter grade for the prospect based on current mortgage information, regional market data, and
propensity to buy. Six seconds: for each and every lead, Alice receives a
prioritized report card letting her know which prospects are most likely to close.
All of this in six seconds? Impressive huh? Because Alice knows the first agent to
make contact with a prospect is usually the agent chosen, she gives her new
client a quick call to set up an appointment while enjoying her morning
coffee. Since Alice started using AgentAchieve, she’s restored balance to her life. Instead of scrambling to stay ahead,
Alice can focus on doing what she does best: selling houses. To get started today, visit
AgentAchieve(dot)com(slash)showmemore AgentAchieve. Sell more houses.

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