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Adrienne Houghton’s House Tour | All Things Adrienne

– Hey, what’s up? Welcome to my home, I am super excited to
give you the VIP tour. We’ve actually lived here
for a little bit over a year, but it still feels super brand new, especially to me, because
being a New Yorker, I’ve only lived in apartments, and this is my first house. So I can’t wait for
you to see it, come on. (mid-tempo lively music) So this is the main floor of the house, and I just remember the
first time walking in, and falling madly in love
with all of the chandeliers. I had just gotten married in Paris, and it felt very Parisian. So I’d say that the style of
the house is Parisian chic, and we actually call it Chateau Houghton. This is our formal living room. I actually love, love,
love this particular spot because during the wintertime I love to cozy up by the fire
and actually read a book. I might have something on TV going. Yes, I can watch TV and read
a book at the same time, thank you very much. We wanted it to feel almost like a hotel, like when you walk in and you’re like, oh my gosh, it looks so posh. So that’s what we were going for. Oh, this is a fun story,
come check this out. This is one of the things
that I absolutely love that came with us from our other home, and crazy, cool thing to do. High end coffee table books can literally cost you up to
300 and something dollars, like this one was, but
I didn’t wanna pay that. So you actually can find them second-hand and slightly damaged, maybe they’re missing the paperback cover, and you can get it for like 20 bucks. (tongue clicks) Boom, we
just decided to let everybody in our family and loved
ones that come over sign it with a marker
and now it’s super cool, so I love it. This is super special to me. This is actually a piano that I got for Israel for his birthday. It was the perfect place for his Grammys, not gonna front, like when
I first got to hold one I was like, oh my God, my
dreams are coming true! And the Bible says that we became one, so I’m like oh, I’m a
six-time Grammy Award winner. And I just love holding them, and when my friends come over, they’re always like oh
my gosh, this is so cool. But I love the moments that
we share at this piano. During the holidays, we
actually have Thanksgiving here, and anytime somebody comes over, somehow at some point in the night Israel gets on the piano
and we all end up singing. And I love, love, love the
memories that we make here. One of my other favorite parts of the house is the bar (laughs). I think we love to entertain people, people are always over our house. And we actually built this collection here not because we’re drinking all the time, but because we actually have our friends bring whatever their
favorite bottle is over, and we keep it here for them. So that every time they come, they’re not like, where’s my drink at? You don’t have my drink. We’re like, no girl, we got
it right here for you, boom. So I love, love, love when I look at this, it not only makes me think of having a good time and partying, but it actually reminds me
of my friends and family that I love so, I know whose
bottle’s whose (tongue clicks). (mid-tempo relaxing music) This is the formal dining room, and we always have candles
going in this room. I think they really create
a beautiful ambiance, candle obsessed, and I’m
also flower obsessed, as you can see. But guess what? These aren’t real. So originally, we actually
used to get weekly deliveries which got super expensive, but we also used to come
home from traveling, and the house would
reek of rotten flowers, and my husband hated that. So actually a florist
gave us the suggestion of getting faux floral arrangements, just like the ones we got that were real, and now we only get real ones for special occasions like a dinner party. So you wanna see where
the food comes from? Come check out the kitchen. I grew up in the projects, so when I walked into this kitchen I was like, what the heck, like. By the way, I didn’t even know
where the refrigerator was because you can’t tell that it’s a fridge. And I was like, what, this is so cool! How crazy is this freezer? Insane, right? So not gonna lie, this is definitely where everyone really
hangs out in the house. We have all this other area,
formal living room, dining, and everybody literally will
gather around this island, and just hang out here every
time we have a get-together. I literally have to kick people out. I’m like, go to the other
parts, I cleaned up the house. I am a huge fan of personalizing things, so one of my favorite
places is Things Remembered. Not only do they personalize everything, but they’re actually inexpensive. When I throw dinner parties
with my girlfriends, they actually have their own wine glasses, and this is Julissa,
Luba’s, Mertha, Drea’s, so all the girls have their
names on their own wine glasses. A super cool personal
touch that’s inexpensive. Cheers! This is the family room and it is directly
across from the kitchen, so once you eat, you definitely wanna
chill, lay back, relax. And that’s exactly what I do. And this is the crazy thing, I’m obsessed with this
sofa because it’s so deep that literally it takes up my whole body. And every single one of my
friends that hangs out here ends up falling asleep on this sofa. Even though this sofa is super luxe, we love mixing high
and low, so guess what? Our throw pillows are from Home Goods. I love Home Goods, there’s
so many amazing finds, and I think I kind of
completes the whole look. So that was the main floor,
now it’s time to head upstairs. (slow mellow music) (mid-tempo relaxing music) Welcome to my bedroom. I love this room so much. Obviously, this is like my safe haven. I love that it has a
fireplace in it, it has a bar. I love that it actually
has a sitting area in it, something I’ve never had before. It’s just a cozy space. I love to cuddle up with my husband. We watch movies in here,
there’s surround sound. Another awesome thing
is that there’s actually another bedroom that is
connected to our bedroom. And I love it because it’s a
perfect guest bedroom for now, and at some point, it’ll
make the perfect nursery. Also on this floor are
the big kid’s bedrooms. Sonny’s bedroom is a music theme, which I thought was super cool. We actually made the room a bit darker, a little bit more manlier. I love that it’s definitely
got a musician vibe. He’s an incredible
producer, he’s 16 years old. So Israel actually decided to hang all of his collectible guitars. Lille’s room is completely different. She wanted an all white room, and then we added a touch of Tiffany blue. And she is a total girly girl. And I’m not gonna lie, I do my makeup in her room
a lot of the time too, ’cause she’s got the great
glam mirror setup in there. They’re really lucky kids, okay. I didn’t have a bedroom like
that growing up (laughs). Another really special part of the house is the recording studio. It’s actually where I
recorded my Christmas album, and Israel’s currently recording his new album there as well, so we spend a lot of time
in the recording studio. Now for the best part of my bedroom. I have to say is this balcony. I absolutely love the view. I love looking up at the pergola that my husband had made for me. It was a complete surprise. I didn’t even know about it, I was like, oh my God, this is so cool. There’s chandeliers in there, we have dinner paries outside that are beyond beautiful with our family. Another cool thing is when
there’s parties going on, you know this is like
my personal VIP section. I can stand up here on top, and I’m like, yes. DJs going, I wave down
to people like I’m Evita. It’s just awesome to
see the people you love in your home having a good time. And I have the best bird’s
eye view from up here. And here we are in the master bathroom. This is my bathroom you guys. This is where all the beauty happens, where I get ready, this
is where I take my baths. Everybody knows I love a great bathtub, and this one is like my dream come true. It’s got incredible jets. It actually has lights that comes on it. At first when we saw the bathroom, we were like, oh my gosh, it’s all glass, that’s kinda weird. But then we got used to
it, and it’s so beautiful. Love my steam shower. There’s a bench in there. I do all my little spa things, it’s literally having a spa at home. Two of my favorite parts
of the master bathroom is one, my vanity section
where I actually sit down and do my makeup, love that. I also love the balcony
that’s off of the bathroom. Israel and I sit out there,
we have our morning coffee, make our little calls
while we overlook the back. The other part of the master bathroom is actually this door over here, which is the closet
that Israel and I share. Trust me, you do not wanna
go in there right now, but we’re actually gonna do an overhaul of how to share your
closet with your spouse, and kinda redo it. So you’ll get to see
a lot more of it then. That’s my house you guys. I love, love, love that I gotta
chance to share it with you with this little VIP tour. If you have questions or comments, make sure that you comment below. I wanna hear from you, I
wanna hear your questions. And if you wanna continue to
follow along for the journey make sure that you subscribe. Until next time, mwah.


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