Abandoned House with Everything Inside
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Abandoned House with Everything Inside

Welcome Youtubers This house wasnt a planned explore we drove by and seen the cars in the garden So we decided to turn around and have a look We seen straight away in this persons garage That he was a car lover and had a lot of spare parts for many types of vehicles as you can clearly see This car is a Lancia Fulvia which is around 48 years old truly a timeless classic I’m guessing this was his pride and joy but now it has been left to the elements and hopefuly will be returned to its
former glory if someone else takes it on Inside is just full of mould and decay I had to put a mask and gloves on as you will clearly see it is everywhere inside We heard from a nearby neighbour that this gentleman has recently passed a few months ago with no children to take over the house His wife has also passed away Not sure when… but there are a few things belonging to her laying around I have also noticed that the man
that stayed here was in poor health possibly his heart,
but I dont know for sure I try not to move items or damage anything
in the places that I find As you guys can see in my other videos Soon as I go in I just record my findings and leave With just a few footprints left behind Lets see what else we can see This place reminded me of a bit of my childhood seeing some of the items or furniture If you guys see something
that you have seen before let me know in the below comments I hope you guys enjoyed the video as it was a good find and nowadays finding
someplaces like this…
is quite hard until next time …


  • Mel Blues

    Great find, I like the old china. Interesting choice of colour for a bath, not seen one like that before. I have an old Singer sewing machine like the one in the wooden case. It was given to me by on elderly neighbour when her sister passed away.

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