A MIAMI REAL ESTATE TOUR 2019 (Brickell, Downtown, Wynwood, Overtown)
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A MIAMI REAL ESTATE TOUR 2019 (Brickell, Downtown, Wynwood, Overtown)

people are saying this is an acai bowl I’m in Miami [Music] I’m in two days in Miami I’ve gotten to know Calle Ocho Little Havana or up-and-coming area I’ve gotten to know windward a up-and-coming art and fashion district which appears to be gentrifying quite quickly getting to know Miami Beach and the crystal blue waters the waters that just look so inviting I’ve been to know Brickell which is a trendy exclusive part of town a lot of new high-rise luxury developments going on I’ve gotten to know Coconut Grove a very quiet relaxed part of town great American breakfast at Barry’s I’ve gotten to know downtown and I found some shoes in my size first time I’ve bought shoes off the rack in about ten years and after all this and speaking with uber drivers from Dominican Republic from Cuba from Venezuela it’s starting to feel like the capital of Latin America I think real estate pulls a lot of keys to the stories of what’s going on behind the scenes so much you can help me out with some real estate hey guys how are you so what do you do I sell real estate live in Brickell we’re really based out of Berkeley we do a line we sell the city overall every neighborhood is different every is a very micro specific market she’s making videos about each part of Miami showing you the vibe showing you what’s going on in real estate stop realistic we’re gonna say here you really buy the whole neighborhood you buy the lifestyle I can go downstairs and have any bar lounge available to me within walking distance so this river if you see right here yeah it’s called the Miami River this separates what’s Brickell from downtown so it’s all the Miami skyline together but really this is the separation so the downtown side is actually cheaper you’ll get better deals as far as condos it’s it’s very different okay so 2-bed 2bath on this side of the river about 1,800 3,000 in downtown how much we talking 1600 – same thing 20 min mm okay depends and if you’re purchasing if you’re purchasing so a unit like this one is around 550 K but you can just find units as cheap as like 280 but you’re looking at really one bedrooms in that price range two bedrooms you’re talking you know so right now Brickell is a buyers market and a perfect example of that is say for example on the west side where you have single-family homes if you have a home for sale you have ten people fighting over that home there’s very little inventory on the east side there’s actually an excess of inventory so it’s more valuable to have a buyer here someone’s looking for for example a – – they have 40 available units to choose from so you have a lot more negotiating power properties you’re sitting when it comes to that which areas of town are up and coming where should a where should a investor who’s look at thinking medium long term where should they be looking it depends what kind of return you’re looking for I would recommend little havana very popular very up-and-coming gentrification is on fire there the Wynwood even over town which is a neighbor to Inwood is getting a lot of attention you have a lot of people trying to live closer to the east side so I mean you’ll have no problem running out your property and you have the opportunity to section 8 which is actually really good over here it’s direct deposit by the government and I mean you can write your unit out like that and they paid based on bedroom count not comparable sales so you get a lot more money for your unit if you go that route but I’ve heard a lot about Winwood let’s go to one we’re in downtown now yeah looks like there’s a lot of land that’s still to be developed yeah so downtown is getting the most attention now as far as new construction goes the projects that mean if you look around there screams everywhere there’s a lot of room for improvement here it’s it’s older older than Frick was so you see 30 buildings you’ll see where homeless people you’ll see some graffiti where you don’t see that the moment you cross the bridge over to the Burkle side but with that being said downtown has a lot more room for for growth and you’re seeing it every day all right so we’re coming into over town why why is over town with your favorites for investing I know over town is a overlooked part of Miami because it’s not the best neighborhood it’s dangerous at night etc etc but its location is phenomenal it’s sandwiched between downtown Winwood it’s you know right on the east side minutes to everything you want and the properties are still rundown and original so if there’s anywhere where you’re going to get appreciation for your money in a big way it’s gonna be an overtime most people don’t want to deal with owning property here and and you know the tenants or whatever that comes with it but that’s where the money’s made so I actually hooked up with watches through Andre his brother how do i how did you find me on on youtube i I’ve been following you since I was living in Colombia when I was living in Colombia I I always looked up like cool places to this head and then that led me to your channel what do you miss about Colombia oh my god get me started so many things are food the people you know the warm the warmth of the people you know the lifestyle the beautiful landscapes you know colorful especially the people is what I miss the most and the some of the traditions but like here in Miami is a lot of fun – yeah well isn’t there a lot of Colombians hanging out here Miami yeah tons do they do they bring some of that Colombian warmth with them of course I am he’s like an honor like piece of Colombia to Miami’s a melting pot of a lot of different South American cultures but definitely our two strongest are Cubans and Colombians so I mean I Club in food all the time here in Miami listen to music the Colombian reggaeton artists are the biggest artists here in Miami the language on the streets and the radio are mostly Spanish music I’ve heard [Music] this is permitted for restaurant retail yeah so if you look there’s residential if you look here it’s commercial this all used to be warehouses and residential but what starts happening with gentrification is they’ll start moving the commercial zoning over a few blocks and all those properties that were once residential are now commercial and their property values was skyrocket because now you can sell to you know big retail stores and art galleries and things like that yeah it looks like it’s becoming a non district oh it definitely is we have Art Basel every year and you have celebrities from all over the world that come to buy art it’s a big deal here there’s actually an event this weekend can’t win with life and they’re shutting down all of Second Avenue and it’s gonna be a big big party with DJs and boulogne and all sorts of things New York is very hustle and bustle people don’t really drive cars over here cars an extension of yourself a pretty flashy car what’s that about which sponsoring someone check out if they’re here for a couple nights char patio patio 1-800 lucky is good really really popular one is wood tavern what’s going on in Wynwood so when wood used to be a warehouse district and got gentrified turned into an arts district and now you have I mean property values are skyrocketing it’s become a commercial zone area so you’re getting bars and restaurants I mean if you look at the whole strip you tons of tons of options to choose from so real estate right now is on fire over the properties that used to be worth 90,000 or an hour 2 million so every surface in Wynwood seems to be covered in Art and Design the floors only some heels are amazing Miami mojito company I recommend how would you describe Miami in three words diapers ironic so dude redo you think mommy is the capital of Latin America absolutely why is that everybody expense all rights don’t believe the capital of Latin America and head to meta-gene and in particular one of our perhaps in Provenza met Aegean it’s called boskie’s de Provenza getting into one of our apartments is always refreshing clean modern stylish remember if you want to rent one of these locations in but with Hockley cata Hina or Medici and checkout life too far home / rent this one has a little cheeky jacuzzi as well it was my first time to Miami but it was really interesting seeing how the lesson and American cultures integrate into you know this flashy luxurious beautiful and sexy city I don’t know if it’s the capital of Latin America but it certainly is the gateway to Latin America San Juan meta-gene Bogota kata haena Miami really is a place to access Latin America I’m headed to Puerto Rico for the investors conference right now and then to Cartagena if you’ve seen some of the previous videos and if you haven’t you’re probably not subscribed so click like click subscribe Cartagena right now is going viral in New York New Yorkers are starting to choose Cartagena instead of the South Beach Miami vibe so it was good to see what was happening in South Beach renting a room in Miami starts from 35 40 dollars and up renting your own apartment in Miami starts from maybe a hundred dollars or not remember we’ve caught a heinous sweets around the 60 70 80 dollar range and you get your entire place to yourself alright it’s midnight I’m gonna rest up tomorrow morning I’m doing a real estate tour meta-gene showing you different properties at different price ranges subscribe so you don’t miss those videos coming out we’ll see you guys in the next one my name is Sam Miller a part of the group of real estate entrepreneurs that are creating turnkey investments as well as taking being the experience to the next level it means return properties like this into properties like this it’s gonna be a wild ride click the like button on Facebook subscribe on youtube right yeah


  • Carl L. Smith

    I am interested in Colombia Cartgena and Medellin and the rural areas where you may have a ranch if possible. I diffently want gain more knowledge about my interests of Colombia.

  • Edison Zuleta David

    sam, medellin is becoming very popular for nomads and pensioners. It would be very good that likewise you have made it invest and generate progress in the economy of the country. it's a suggestion. cheers

  • Carlos Betancourt

    What's up Sam, it's not good that you keep slapping the camera every time you finish a video, it's a not very professional attitude. I live in Canada and my wife is a Polish and travel agent and we are seriously thinking of doing business with you, but our clients, I am sure, would not like to see your videos the way you finish them. Please let me know if you can change that attitude, for the rest I love your videos, my wife made the same comment even before I told her something about it. I am Colombian and as such you will have noticed, manners are very important for us. You are a great person but certain phrases and attitudes do not benefit your company at all, take it as a good council and not as a destructive criticism. A hug.

  • Leonardo Parra

    I kind of grew up in Miami. People often call L.A the Latin American capital of the world but its Mexican and Central American populations are far overrepresented there as far as Latin America is concerned, it also has a huge Asian, White, Black and Jewish influences making it more of a melting pot than a truly Latin capital.

    Miami is something else, you truly can without a doubt survive without speaking a word of English. There are cities where more than 95% of the population speak Spanish in their home (Hialeah) I think it'd be safer to call it the South American and Caribbean capital of the world as Mexicans and Central Americans rather stay on the West. If you wanted a city where you'd find all Latinos look into New York, although New York is also the city of many continents so it's not exclusive of Latin Americans. Miami is hot, humid and quite flashy. Your car and your appearance dictates a lot about yourself and how you get viewed by society. Although that's inherently how the Western world sees people, Miami takes it to a whole new level. Spectacular looking woman, who aligned with the mindset explained above for the most part. Outstanding place to go to the beach and enjoy yourself, unwind, hang out with the lads to a tropical climate without having to leave the U.S. It is also the gateway to the West Coast of Florida, the Park themes in Orlando and the always awesome Florida Keys. Yes nature can be harsh, hurricanes, humidity and reptiles roam the state and did I mention it is quite really really hot? Florida in a sense is like a part of Australia that was put in America.

    Different stokes for different folks, that being said Miami would be a cool place to scape the winter months if you live in the North. But if you want to invest your money to move to a new place check out Colombia if you are into a more low key lifestyle, weather appropriate for human life or just more a green, cheaper place that will give you more for you buck.

  • Mohame Laverga


  • All Property Videos Dot Com with Don Wallace

    Great format- the interviewer let you talk, and also I was impressed by the way that you did not avoid talking about some of the negatives about Miami. No city is perfect, but not many cities are as exciting as Miami!


    Its so difficult as an Realtor to talk about neighborhoods like Overton and Opa-Laka. They are great for investing because the land is inexpensive. Thats about as much as you can say.

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