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Hello, in my experience, it’s important
to arrive well prepared for a property viewing, so you can check the important details and
take notes that will help you reach an informed decision at a later time. So in this video
I will run through a list of things that I check when I view a property, to help prepare you
for your next viewing. Hi, I’m Andy Walker from,
where I blog online about my journey as a property investor and landlord, sharing what
works for me, and what doesn’t, to help you start or expand your property portfolio. Now viewing properties can be really exciting
but it’s important to remember that you are shopping for a business and not a home.
So you need to work with your mind and gut, not your heart. It’s also easy to miss important factors
if you don’t pay attention to the close detail during your visit. And, if you have viewed
more than one property in a day, it can be difficult to remember which property had certain
features and flaws. I have viewed 9 properties in a single day
before, and I could have easily got some features mixed up with other properties if I hadn’t
of made thorough notes. So to help me, I take plenty of photo’s
with my mobile phone. I take at least one picture of each room, and I also take photo’s
of any defects as these may help me later get an idea of costs for fixing the problem. I‘ve
created a checklist that I take with me that allows me to tick the items off as I walk
around the property and make notes and it has a section at the top for the property
address and the contact details of the estate agent. It’s by no means a definitive list, and
you may want to add something to it to fit your requirements, but it’s a start and
you can print a pdf copy by clicking the link in the description below. So here’s a quick
run through of the 13 areas that I check: Does the condition of the roof look good?
You’ll need to step well back from the property and just check that the roof is level and
there aren’t any tiles missing. Check that the gutters look clean and stable and that
the drains aren’t blocked. If the property has a chimney, do your best to make sure that’s
in good condition and also check the flashings and the facias and make sure that there secure
and looking good as well. Check to see if any of the external walls
are bowed and also make sure that the pointing is in good condition. When you walk into the property close the
external doors and make sure that they shut properly and that they’re secure. And as
you walk round the property, close the internal doors, make sure they shut properly as well,
because if they don’t it could be a sign of structural movement. Check all the rooms and hallways for cracks.
Hairline cracks are generally fine, but if you can fit the side of a coin into that crack,
then it’s a sign of a structural problem and it will require further investigation. It’s important to check for any signs of
damp. There are many different types and only a specialist will be able to tell you the
cause and cure and remember to check the ceilings and not just the walls. If the property is
furnished, it’s a good idea to check behind the furniture as well. Does the property have central heating and
does the boiler and all the radiators appear to be in good condition. Also turn on the
taps and and flush all the toilets and make sure that they’re working properly. Does the fuse box and electrical sockets look
old or do they look new and modern and in good condition. As you walk round the property,
just turn a few light switches on and off and make sure they’re working fine. Are the windows double glazed and open them
to make sure they function properly. Also, make a note if the property is only partly
double glazed. Does any part of the floor creek or feel bouncy
as your walking round and check the condition of the carpets, tiles, lino and hardwood flooring
as well. Take the time to look at where you can add
value to the property. Now you may not want to do extensive works
immediately, but by looking at the possibilities for adding another bedroom, a reception room,
or extending the kitchen, you’ll have the option to do those works in the future, and
possibly increase the value and the cashflow at a later date. It’s also worth checking
to see if other properties on the street have had loft conversions or an extension because
if they have, then they’d of set a precedence. If electrical items like the fridge freezer
are included in the sale of the property, check to make sure that their in good condition
as well. Some properties are sold with tenants in situ,
and If they are you want to check the type of agreement that’s in place, how long is
left on that agreement and how much rent is being charged. If your viewing a flat or an apartment, you
should also check the communal areas and also any exclusive outside space that may come
with the property. Now, I can’t give you any guarantees, but
if you check those items it will reduce the risks of any hidden surprises later on, and
it will also give you some piece of mind that you are looking to buy a good property. You can print or download a pdf copy of my
checklist by clicking the link in the description below, or by heading over to
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forward to seeing you in the next one. Bye for now.

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