A day in the life of a Real Estate Agent

(Background voice) So, let’s do an introduction. OK. My name is Huss Saad and I’m one of the directors at Village Real Estate. I’ve been in real estate for about six years now and I love what I do. The main areas of real estate that you can get into are basically sales, being part of the rentals team and there’s also the administration department. So, being able to work on the back-end and help support the office that way. It’s a bit of a long term game. The type of person that should get in to real estate is some that actually cares about peoples situations and cares about helping people with their
ideal outcome. Being real estate agents, we need to know everything about our area, we need to know everything about our
community, we need to know everything about the house. And obviously, we need to know as much as possible about the property. So, when the work was done, information
about what sort of work was done, and whether or not things have gone through planning. So, basically we need to know everything. A typical week for me might begin with a sales meeting in the morning of a Monday. Our sales meetings are at 8am. So, nice and early. So, we cover of
information on properties that are coming up for sale, properties that have
sold over the weekend, also what our competition is doing just in terms of their sales and listings. There’s no second place or third place in real estate. Sometimes it might feel like, you know, you’re a hamster on the wheel and you’re just peddling without any result. But once you get your time and the effort in, you’ll start to see the results. That all sound good?

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