A beginner’s guide to land grabs

It might not happen here, but it’s reality
for thousands of the world’s poorest people. Big land deals in Africa and beyond forcing
people from their homes, jobs and food. A big land deal typically covers
10,000 hectares. That’s enough land for five thousand small farms
that could feed thousands of hungry people. But every second, communities in poor countries
around the world lose an area of land the size
of a soccer pitch to banks and private investors. Over two days, that adds up to an area of
land almost as big as Rio de Janeiro. And here’s the heart of the issue, two thirds of agricultural land deals by foreign
investors are in countries with serious problems
with hunger. 68% of those investors intend to export
everything they grow on the land. Which means that even though we’re growing more
food, big land deals will make hunger worse. So what can you do to help? Right now, the World Bank provides the
finance for many big land deals. It also has the power to influence
how land is bought and sold, as well setting an example for investors. With your help, it can be a force for good. Join us and tell the world bank the World
Bank to put big lands deals on hold while we
find a fairer way. When the world has demand chance in the past,
great things have happened. Communities around the world are standing up
for change once more. Stand with them and urge the World Bank
to do the right thing.

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