$825K Beach House Vs. $14.9 Million Beach House
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$825K Beach House Vs. $14.9 Million Beach House

– Ah. Now that’s refreshing. – [Steve] Hold up, Ben! Yo! – [Ben] What’s up, dude? – [Steve] Stop the drone. I want in on this. – [Ben] You want to give it a try? You want to get refreshing? – Cheers. – Ah. – [Steve and Ben] Now that’s refreshing. – [Ben] What’re we doing today? – [Steve] Worth It Lifestyle Beach Houses! – Your boys Ben and Steven in the house. Ha ha ha. ‘Cause we’re doing houses. – Yeah, man. – Today on Worth It
Lifestyle, we’re gonna be trying three beach houses at
three drastically different price points to find out which one is the most Worth It at its price. – Worth It. – The reason why we have
Benjamin Michael Coleman because he actually grew up
where we’re shooting today. – Long Island’s my old stomping grounds. – What’s that building right there? – That is the bank, and then we got the police station right here. Careful, there are cops all over these streets, so drive safe, Riam. – We did see your uncle Matt last time on Worth It Lifestyle. Roll the tape. – Ben’s father is my brother. And Ben, I would babysit. It’s surprising he’s still here with us. – But today we’re seeing another special uncle of yours,
Christopher Coleman. He’s actually right there. He is a realty agent out
here in the Hamptons, and he knows this area
better than anybody I know. – I’m Chris Coleman. I’m a real estate agent
out here in Montauk. – And you’re also Ben’s uncle. – That’s correct. My brothers and I used to drop heavy loads of candy off when his
parents weren’t around. – All right, well, let’s
talk about the house. What is a beach house? Just to clarify, like, this
is not right on the beach, but I can see the beach from here. – To me, a beach house is
proximity to the beach. You can ride your bike, you’re down the block, it’s easy livin’. This is a beach cottage,
it’s a ranch setup. The lot is 50 feet by 130 feet. It’s two bedrooms, two baths. Primarily use this in the
spring, summer, and fall. – How much is is this house? – [Chris] This one’s on for 825. – This is great. It’s very open. Like, to me, sightline is really cool. Like, I can see what’s
happening in the kitchen, I can see what’s
happening out on the deck. – [Chris] We have a winter
fireplace for days like today. – [Ben] Ooh. – Oh. Send the candy down. – Just go a little closer in there. Take a look. – Yeah, take a look. (laughs) – [Chris] You get the
morning light that side, all midday light, and then the end of the day the sun sets that way. – [Steve] Oh. – Here’s the kitchen. The flow is out to the front patio. – Normally, when I try
cooking with my girlfriend, it’s like a war, because we’re
all on top of each other. Here that would never happen, because you’ve got a lot of room. – It’s well water, it’s not tap water. – It’s well water? – [Chris] That’s tap water. – Oh (bleep). I swear, you got me worried there. I was like, did I just drink sewer water? (bleep) – This is the bedroom, yeah. Dibs on this room. – Dibs is a very serious thing, so I can’t contest that. – [Chris] This one has an en suite bathroom and a walk out… You have the closest access to the beach. – This bathroom is… I would say it’s cozy. – And the most important
thing, plenty of lotion. – [Chris] So this is the master. – I love this, like, little nook. It feels very cozy, separated
from the rest of the house. If we were living here together, you’d be way on the other side. – You could still hear me. – You think? – You want to try? Benjamin Michael Coleman! – So I’m here having fun, and just, like, doing totally appropriate activities. Can you hear me? (laughs) I hear him loud and clear. – [Steve] Ooh. – After you, your highness. My childhood, phew. It’s just coming back to me. I found Steven’s bedroom. – Oh, hey. No, this is Alex’s room. – [Ben] So much room for activities! Just, like, being amongst the trees. This is what it’s all about. – All right, so we’ve
got the house right here. The beach is just right there. So you want to see how
long it is to get there? – [Ben] Yeah.
– Go! First beach house, $800,000. – Uh-huh. – Pretty pricey. – If you have that
money and you’re already paying for a place in
Manhattan, you want a place to just shoot out to over the weekends… Did you hear that? In the wind? Beach fact! (screams) You see that island way over there? That’s Gardiner’s Island, and
that is one of the largest privately owned islands in the world. – One man owns that piece of land. – That’s doing it right. Like, screw this whole beach house thing. I want to get my own island. – Oh my goodness. So the middle price range
is the upper millions. Pretty excited to see what
I’ll never achieve, but… Maybe you’ll get the beach house one day, and I’ll be able to live in it. – Maybe you can live in the doghouse. – Still by the beach,
so I’ll be happy, right? – Yeah. The car’s that way. (siren blaring) Hi, officer, how are you? Darn it. Are we filming? – [Cameraman] We’re rolling sound. – You’re not gonna wanna hear what this is.
– [Ben] What is it? – [Steve] It’s 325. – Shut up. I mean, nothing says welcome to the Hamptons like a $320 ticket. – [Steve] 325, actually. – Thanks. – [Steve] All right, I
know you got a ticket. I’m sorry, all right? I got you. – There go all my dreams
of owning a home like this. Now I’m broke. Can you imagine, like, pulling up, you’ve got your family, your
little kids walking out, the dog, like, guys, come on. Going into our beach house. – Woof woof. – All right, we are in Culloden Point. As you can see, it’s a bit
more fancy of a beach house. – It’s an upgrade. – [Chris] This is 5,700 square feet. We have four bedrooms
with, like, extra rooms and six and a half bathrooms. – Hold up. So you have more bathrooms than bedrooms. – You could start your poop
in one bathroom and, like, finish in another, just
to, like, switch things up. – It’s like a relay race. You keep passing the baton. This is the dream. What makes this location attractive? – This whole subdivision,
the 26 homes in here, all have an acre and a half, and the water is actually right on the
other side of this driveway. And basically what’s here
is gonna be built here, so there’s gonna be no
further development. – [Ben] How much does this place run? – This is on the market for $3.6 million. – [Steve] All right,
let’s check out the house. – [Ben] Yeah.
– [Steve] I’m excited. This is beautiful. – This house was designed where
we have all these windows. ‘Cause of all the light we
get, when you’re in here you kind of feel like
you’re outside as well. This is kind of the main
foyer off of the living room. We have kind of a formal
setup dining room here. – I’m all about the
molding and all the detail in the walls and the ceilings. – [Chris] Come on, there’s more. – There’s more! This kitchen. – Yeah. – [Steve] Wow. – [Ben] Two islands, dude.
– [Steve] Wow! You were talking about how
you and your girlfriend can fight over space– – She could have her own island to stay the hell out of my business. There’s two dishwashers. What? You use your own
dishwasher, I’ll use mine. I’ll be on my island over here. You could break up and
still coexist in this house because there’s two of everything. Holy (bleep), look at that. Now that’s refreshing! This is what I dream of. You wake up, you have breakfast with the sun coming in. – Oh, there’s a pool! – Yeah! And I see a fire pit down there too. – [Steve] So let’s check out the basement. – [Steve and Ben] Oh! – [Ben] Shoot! – [Steve] Oh! – This is sick! – [Chris] We have a little stadium there, whether you’re a Met or a Yankee fan, and a whole hangout with a ping pong. Wine cellar here and a
place to try the wine and to relax and smoke a cigar. – Where are we right now? There’s, like, a secret
freakin’ lair here. – [Steve] One game of ping
pong, winner takes the house. – [Ben] I haven’t played in a while. – All right, ready? – What are we playing, dude, just one? – Just one point. Ready? Whoa, what? – Yeah! – [Chris] Come on now, let’s
check out upstairs now. All the bedrooms have en suite bathrooms. – [Steve] Oh wow. – [Chris] Let me show you the master. – [Ben] Oh my God! – [Steve] Ooh. – This is what I’m talkin’ about. – Montaukin’ about? Ha ha. Because we’re in Montauk. – [Chris] We have an outside deck here and the master bath here. – Welcome to Ben’s Big Bathroom Breakdown. We got a jacuzzi tub. – [Steve] Steam.
– What is this? – [Chris] That’s a steam shower. – The toilet. We got some serious smell
separation, Steven style. – This is the biggest
shower I’ve ever seen. You could have a serious
festival in there. – [Steve] Dance party! (party music) All right, let’s get outta here. This is getting weird. – This bathroom gets 10 fingers up. – This is the house, all right? This is the beach right now.
– [Ben] This is my house. – Oh, check that out,
a horse crossing sign. – [Steve] What? – Having a horse is
also part of the dream. Visualize, realize. (hoof sounds) It worked. – Beach house fact! Jay-Z and Beyonce own a
property out in East Hampton. Guess how much it costs? – Ten million. Fifteen million. Twenty million. – Twenty-six million US dollars. – If the house is on the bay, she’d better go by Bay-once. – Oh, hey-once. Well, we are not going to the Beyhive, but we are going to our last
house out here in the Hamptons. We’re gonna get a taste
of that life of luxury. Oh yeah. – Good God. – Oh yeah. This is the beginning of my rap video. – Dude, we should do a rap video here.
– No, no. – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch. Everybody likes when it’s time to munch. – No! – [Chris] Welcome to Cloud Nine. – [Steve] Wait, is that the
name of the house, or…? – [Chris] It’s the nickname
of this house, Cloud Nine. – [Ben] Did you nickname it that? – No, people that stay here nicknamed it that for serious reasons. – Okay. – [Chris] There’s about six
bedrooms, six and a half baths. The whole south side
of the house is glass. You’ll be able to see ocean
throughout the entire house. – So each level has ocean views. – That’s correct. – [Ben] You see Gardiner’s
Bay, Fort Pond Bay. That looks like the Atlantic Ocean. – That is the Atlantic Ocean. – Ooh, and the biggest bay. – No, it’s not a bay. – [Chris] You can see all the way to Rhode Island but also be able to see all the sand on all the beaches in town. Total of the house is
about 9,200 square feet with the patios and decks. Right now it’s on the market for 14 nine. – [Steve] $14.9 million. – Okay, we got some work to do. – You bring the 14, I’ll bring the 9. – Oh, no, no, no. – [Chris] Down here is the guest suite, junior suite, we’ll call it. – [Ben] Okay. Junior suite. – [Steve] Junior! – Gimme a break, man. That view? – Windows from the toe to the top. That’s the life. – Visualize and realize. – [Chris] A sitting room or office here. – This is where I’ll just
chill and watch you work. ‘Cause you made all the
money to buy this house. I’ll be a nice househusband, you know. So you need Ben. – Hey, guys, who’s that? Oh, it’s my househusband, Steven. – [Chris] So here we are,
here’s a dining table. – I want to have a big, fancy dinner here. – If you could just move
a little bit to your left. – Sure, does this help? How’s this? It’s such a, just a serene feeling. Like, being able to
look at all that water. – Oh.
– Hey. Yeah. This place is lit. Whoa. – [Steve] Oh. – [Ben] That is the TV of all TVs. – [Steve] And the kitchen. Yes. – [Ben] We’re at it again with
these double islands here. – What does this do? – [Chris] These are electrical outlets. – [Ben] Whoa! – [Steve] No. Oh! Cool. I didn’t know I needed
that until just now. This is so fancy that I don’t
even know how to use it. – Oh, wait a sec… No. Ahem. Sink, on. – Does this work? – Yes. – Okay, wait, no, no, no, no! – Don’t tell us, don’t tell us! – [Chris] So here we have a fun bathroom. – [Ben] Chalk walls. So you can (bleep) and
write at the same time. – (Bleep)-spiration. – [Ben] Dude.
– [Steve] Oh. – [Chris] Spiral staircase. – [Steve] Okay. – [Chris] This is the Cloud
Nine upper deck lounge. Let me bring you outside. – [Steve] Is there like a
more affordable Cloud Nine? Like, you know, a cloud four point five? – [Chris] So now we’re in the master. (imitates mind blowing) – [Steve] No! – Wow. – So come on, check out
the master walk-in closet. – [Steve] Oh, it doesn’t end! – This is the biggest
closet I’ve ever seen. And it’s got lotion. – [Steve] No. – [Chris] And now we’re
in the master bath. – What is that? – That’s the rain shower and then, if you wanted to slide this open, you have a double shower, in and out. This is for the theater. This is where we watch Worth It. We have a little nanny’s quarter
or a little napping area. – [Steve and Ben] Come play with us. – Oh my God, that gave me chills. – [Ben] Oh hey, it’s the gym. This is legit. – Oh God, I’m so weak. – Oh, what’s up, bro? You want to hit the pool? Sweet. Oh. – [Steve] This house literally never ends. We’re in the basement,
and we can see the water. Let’s open to the heavens. – What? Holy sh– – [Steve] Breakfast,
lunch, dinner, brunch. – [Ben] Dude! – [Steve] Woo hoo! – This is it! I feel like I’m in The
Wolf of Wall Street. I just want money. – [Chris] So the whole
vibe of the house is you walk out to see water on the water, you can see Block Island, you can also see some of the East Coast’s
famous beaches in Montauk. – 15 million, 15 million. – [Ben] I’ve never seen
an infinity pool up close. – [Steve] What does an infinity pool mean? – [Ben] It means when you’re in the pool and you look out, it goes on infinitely. – [Steve] Thank you so much, Chris. – Thank you, Steve. – Appreciate it. – Thank you, Chris. – Thanks, Ben. – This has been awesome. Do you maybe have, like,
a nephew discount system? Something we can work out? – We can get something going here. – All right.
– Okay. – Yeah, yeah.
– So now there’s this Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ad, where he is in a suit, he jumps into the pool,
it’s pretty badass. I’ve always wanted to do it. We’re going to try to recreate it. And I’m gonna freeze my ass off. There was ice on the
pool before I got here. – We broke the ice before you got here, so it’ll be a clean drop. (suspenseful music) (screams) Now that’s refreshing! Ooh holy (bleep), ooh, ooh! – That was not worth it. – Holy crap, that was cold. – I’ve gotta give it to you. Your commitment to
Worth It is beyond mine. – I don’t know what’s wrong
with me, why I do this. – Which beach house was
the most Worth It to you? – [Ben] I’m gonna go with
the Wills Point house. Three point six is a lot of money, but now I want to work towards having
a place like that someday. – All right, so you visualize yourself in the $3.6 million house. I’m going to realize myself in my Worth It winner house, the epic Cloud Nine mansion. – [Ben] Wow. – [Steve] Visualize myself in that house with my friends, throwing a party. All right, that does it. – That’s it? – That’s the season finale. – What? – I want to thank you for coming
along on our season finale. – Anytime. – Thank you, Alex, for all that
you have done for the show. What, get back up here! Thank you to the editors, you know, thank you to our cast and crew, but most importantly, thank you. – So are we good here or what? – We’re good. You can go dry off. Bye, guys. This is one reason I
want to do season four. I want to do chairs. – [Ben] What is with you and chairs? You really want to know
about expensive chairs? – [Steve] Comment below. – [Ben] Really? – [Steve] Comment below.


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