8000 FT mountain LANDING – The Worst Place To Land My KITFOX!! Landed BUT couldn’t takeoff :(
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8000 FT mountain LANDING – The Worst Place To Land My KITFOX!! Landed BUT couldn’t takeoff :(

What is ski flying – you better not flying all winter Quality florence’s that I am Just got done filming some air to air ski flying video with tom now I am heads back to my local airport on my way here I saw this mountain top that I was like, oh man I might be able to land there with all my bush tires because there’s a bunch of 2018 skidoo snowmobile tracks on it But I did touch in go on my alaskan bush wheels tundra tires For a second and it felt pretty solid then I scoped it out I don’t think I’m gonna land there because I don’t got ski plane skis on I have bush tires That’s the ridge right there, I don’t know if you can see it but god it looks smooth open oh I should try it, but I’m gonna make it approach just check it out is all crazy Got a nice little upslope to it. I don’t have skis on I got big tires point 6 good years Put a sauce of flaps in there Got a little bit of a dogleg Like we’re at 8,000 feet Oh shit, I did it oh, oh It’s a little soft up here Holy crap. I want top of a frickin snowy mountain ridge Boom that was as it stands. Hopefully it’s Thick enough where I get off this thing, let’s get out check it out take some photo. Oh, that’s crazy Wow It is a little soft but it’s it’s it’s not too bad put her down like right here and Then rolled out Up to there Gosh I need to get skis Then I don’t have to land on snow build tracks okay, so I Just kind of scoped out where I landed But I don’t think I’m gonna go that because I got a little head wind coming from the south. So I’m gonna head off This way it’s pretty steep, but it’s pretty firm I Don’t think I would set a camera up and do this twice, but I don’t think I’m going to This is a one-time deal. I am postholing I’m a little nervous about that. Actually I Got to take some photos cuz this is just beautiful I’m just gonna lay some tracks cuz it’s pretty soft I’m gonna see what it feels like going that way then I’ll stop and turn on it try this again Yeah, this is not good really soft you Got to pack this thing down Little update About half an hour 45 minutes ago mine. I tried taxing back and forth and it’s It’s too soft I’m trying right now to push make a path for myself And the plane goes it pops it down. It makes it pretty be backs, but moving this airplane around in the snow It’s not easy. I called Tom. I think Tom’s gonna come Looks like Tom’s coming. Oh Really stupid of me land here Thank God I got friends that have ski planes Now he’s gotta figure out how we get Tom on here without hitting me. I think if he goes right here Doing a little touch-and-go checking it out, but it’s definitely that he wants to end up My savior Tom Zuko He’s right there on the cornice Yeah, I’m in a bad situation well I can probably make some phone calls to that got snow machines Here’s my options I’ve got to be somewhere early in the morning. So I Could stay at this place and then find some snowmobilers to round me up in the morning Or I could sleep here at my kitfox plane tonight and wake up and take off We have packed this I’ll probably 200 foot take off like this I’m gonna get in the airplane with Tom And we’re gonna go back to his place then I’ll head over to Sander Hadley the skier and come up in the morning Yeah, it’s still a little soft here Might be doable but better safe than sorry I Just hope that it stays calm tonight My plane is here in the morning. That’s the gamble try to go for it. And right now Or wait tomorrow and go in the morning we got a gas can we’re gonna dig in the ground and Tie down one wing and then we could bury your thing and burying the other thing That’s the plan keep stomping and tie the plane down At the High Sierra, yeah, we have two uncles plane I just Pulled it right out. Yeah This guy’s just a loser Well, the ring comes out tonight at my place I will not let you know a Little bit you take off few rocks poking out we gotta try to miss and my plane That’s the plan I’ll text you the temperature tomorrow morning for my place, okay? Yeah, just like yeah, thanks Tom Tom is nice enough to lend me his car. I’m gonna go to Sander Hadley place He’s right here him and Beau and stay there and I hit Berlin go go get my plane That’s plan Good morning guys I hope you slept better than I did because well I didn’t sleep because my baby was up on top of a mountain and Hopefully my baby’s still up on top of the mountain on the other side, but we didn’t get any winds last night But if that was the forecast at Toms place, and he’s pretty close to the location The temperatures were below freezing, so I should have a nice solid takeoff runway and Right. Now I’m heading back to Tom’s to drop this car off and then Sandra’s gonna pick me up and we’re gonna go try to find the airplane it’s gonna be kind of a mission because It’s different when you’re trying to look for something on the ground versus so that’s the mission right now Go find a plane. Hopefully it’s still there Wish us luck Back at Toms Win for sander pick me up here, you know spike get them I’ll get that bird out of the snow. Thanks, buddy. Yeah Yes devil in Action I Think I actually see The other dealer he’s probably cold Found it. We just get it. We got some ravines to go through She is still sittin there Dude I was that’s wow, I think I was more scared going up that I Was like oh shit, this is right day, but now I gotta fly this We got That way Nice little backcountry runway here Oh all these clothes All right, so winds kind of died down Hello in there this yeah talk to me so you think it looks reasonable to me Once I hit this hard stuff once I start going down that Ridge Fine she’s on I Have to warm it up a little bit more Shot call you later There we go You got a Jonas brother go full-throttle It flops on my head the top of the hill. I can’t pull it up too soon, and I gotta ride it Long as I can Get it yes. Yes Oh Slow Already have I don’t want to do that again Just keep Oh


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