8 things to look for in an awesome Realtor
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8 things to look for in an awesome Realtor

Hello, I’m Aaron Lovett
and I’m a Realtor in Middle Tennessee I represent Century 21 United Realty
I would love to talk to you about 8 things that you should look for in a real
estate agent that’s right, we’re not all created equal
we don’t all have the same business strategies or plans or work ethic
I’m not going to talk about professionalism or communication style or soft qualities like
that Instead
8 things that you can ask your agent about when you interview them
to find out if they really should be your agent. so when you are shopping around looking for
an agent to represent you as a buyer
or to represent you in selling your home these are 8 concrete things that you can look
for in that agent. OK number 1 – this point for buyers
Make sure that your agent actively searches off-market properties
anybody can set up an MLS search and send you an automatic e-mail with properties
When you find an agent that also looks off-market so, Zillow “make me move” or FSBO for example
now you’ve found somebody that is broadening the number
of potential properties for you Does the agent work outside the box? And this is true for sellers too. Point number 2, for sellers:
Find an agent who knows how to think and work outside the box. We don’t need cookie cutter solutions to
your unique situation. Sure, you might stick a sign in the yard,
any agent can do that and get a house sold, especially if you price it low enough, but
your family, your property, your life – is unique. To get the fastest sale or the most money
for your property, you want an agent who can listen and
craft a sales strategy that will work for you. For example, just a real quick example,
I saw on Facebook, somebody posting the other day
“Hey, I need a recommendation for a hotel to stay at that’s cheap because we’re going
to sell our house and we’ve got small children and we don’t want
to have to interrupt their lives with last minute showings and things like that. There was steam coming out of my ears because
the reality is, (most people don’t want their lives interrupted, but) for some families
it’s especially… it’s just a reality that they can’t keep their house showroom clean
24/7 and they can’t have these last minute showings. 2-hour’s notice just might not be enough. There are solutions to that problem. There really are. Most agents don’t use those solutions, but
I believe in them because I believe that selling your home should be as painless as possible. It’s my job to make sure that you get it sold
as quickly and for as little hassle and for as much money as you can. So, there you go. Find an agent that will think outside the
box when it comes to sales strategies. Point number 3 for buyers. Find an agent that can work on your schedule. A lot of agents are part time. They have other jobs and obligations. Find an agent that – and that’s no slam against
them, been there done that – but find an agent that will be available to look at properties
and to deal with contractors and schedule appointments and all of that stuff during
business hours and whenever you are available. Yeah. Point number 4. Find an agent – selling your home – find an
agent that uses professional photography. Now, you don’t have to pay for it. I pay for the professional photography. There’s no reason to see “no pictures” or
ugly pictures when you’re selling your house. There’s just no reason for it. If an agent uses a professional photographer
what they are saying is “I’m going to put your house in the best light possible to attract
the most buyers to give you the best chance of getting the highest price for it and getting
it sold as quickly as possible.” Professional photography. Point number 5. Find out, as a buyer’s agent or a seller’s
agent: “Will you show up for all the appointments?” For the inspections, for the closing, if there
are contractors that have to come in. If I’m selling a house and a buyer wants to
have a plumber show up and check a pipe, will you show up? Will you be there too? Yeah, it’s a time consuming thing to be a
real estate agent. But we have to be there for our clients. If you are selling or you are buying find
out if that agent is committed to being there for these appointments. The reality is that things happen and having
your agent there can help make sure that you get to closing as smoothly as possible. So, find out: are they committed to being
there for appointments. Point number 6: Ah! I talked about professional photography – what
about professional marketing? Having great pictures doesn’t do anybody any
good if nobody sees them. Just because you put pictures on the MLS and
they get aggregated to other sites still doesn’t mean that people will be drawn to those pictures. So, does your real estate agent create a website
for your property? Create a unique URL, for example, this house
has already sold but check out 301StewartSprings.com – it’s the address of a house I sold recently. It’s easy to share easy to remember because
it’s the address to the house 301StewartSprings.com and you can share that with your neighbors
and as the agent it’s easy for me to put that out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. That gets spread around much easier than the
super-long URLs that typically come with the brokerage’s website or the Zillow page. We can do better than that. Find out just how much above and beyond your
agent will go in marketing the property. That’s point number 6. And yeah, it’s a sellers market, like I said,
you might stick a sign in the yard – any agent can do that – plug it on the MLS – you should
get offers if it’s priced appropriately, but will you get the fastest sale and the highest
offers? You will if you widen out that pool of potential
buyers by really drawing attention to the professional photography by lots of Internet
and print marketing. OK, last two points – points number 7 and
8 – they don’t apply to everybody. Not every agent can do this because not every
agent has a construction background. But those agent that do have background in
construction, building, remodeling, commercial and residential properties, like I do, those
agents are really going to be able to help you out. So, for buyers: will the agent be able to
walk you through the inspection report – around the property. So, you’ve got a home inspection – inspector
writes a report, takes pictures, and will probably walk you through and around – find
out if your agent is able to speak knowledgeably about those things as well. To show you, to point out either before the
inspector comes what the inspector will probably make note of, and then certainly afterwards
be able to show you, in the attic, the crawlspace, or whatever is mentioned in the inspection
report. And then for sellers, this last one:when you
find an agent that – well – I dare you to find an agent that will show up in work clothes. I’ll just leave it at that. I dare you to find an agent that will show
up in work clothes. That will help you stage, or stage for you,
that will help you get the property in the best condition to sell. I’m not saying that you should ask your agent
to remodel your kitchen. But if there are touch-ups or minor repairs
that could be done, I dare you to find out if your agent will show up in work clothes
and competently get that property ready to sell. It depends on the property and what the needs
are, and the reality is: You don’t want most people to show up in work clothes because
they don’t know what they’re doing. But when you find an agent that knows what
they’re doing, then you’ve found somebody that’s worth their weight in gold. Those are my 8 tips for you to find the best
real estate agent for your situation. You can reach me on the web through the contact
form on my website LovettRealtor.com. You can always shoot me an e-mail or find
me on Facebook. I would love for you to like my business page. Those likes really do help, and I certainly
appreciate it. If you know of anybody who is thinking about
buying or selling real estate in the Middle Tennessee area, please mention me to them. Send them a link to my website or to my Facebook
page. I’d love to talk to them. I’m pretty low pressure, actually, despite
all of this. I just love helping people and I don’t try
to talk anybody into anything. That might be bonus point number 9: If your
real estate agent is trying to talk you into anything, that shouldn’t be. That’s not a guy that’s representing you;
they’re representing their own interests. So find somebody that will represent you. I won’t try to talk you into anything. So, anyway, there you go. Thank you very much. 8 tips for finding they best real estate agent
for you. Bye-bye!

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