8 Free Ways to Build a Real Estate Buyers List
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8 Free Ways to Build a Real Estate Buyers List

I did everything myself and that is
not how to do the the business. And that right there is a
house that I have already flipped as well. I already know that I can flip
that house to a buyer on my buyers list because I have a strong buyers list in this
area. What’s up guys, John Cochran here and
today is System Saturday – the day that I bring
you a system that I use in my business and that you can rip off and duplicate using
your own local market.
Now if you haven’t been to one my live events yet why not? I only deliver my
entire blueprint to you which qualifies you for a 500
thousand-dollar line credit to do deals with. Now on
today’s System Saturday, what I’m going to explain to you is 8
free ways to build a real estate buyers list. Now
I understand that there’s a lot more ways than
8 to build a buyers list. You can put ads out on the Yellow
Pages. You know go out the real estate
investment clubs and what not collect business cards. I understand there’s a
lot more ways to build a list however I don’t teach theory. I show you what
works in today’s market. And I am going to give you the 8 free ways
to build a real estate buyers list.
Now in order to do this you’re gonna have to have one
of two things to capture buyer leads. Okay, the first thing is a squeeze page.
You have to have some sort of squeeze page or website out there
that is going to capture your buyers information, going to capture their
email address, their phone number or whatever. A page that it could
possibly have a video on the left hand side aand then a
opt-in giving their first name and their email address in
exchange for something like a free list of homes
for sale in exchange for a free report. So imagine having a squeeze page
and you’re going to give a buyer value; give them something of what they want.
And Exchange for their information. They do this all
the time. Now you really have to think about what
a buyer wants, okay. What does a buyer want whenever they’re buying a property?
And the truth of it is that they want a free list of homes
for sale. They want to search for property. That’s what buyers want
is to search for properties. I can promise you that
to give them a free list of homes to search is definitely gonna pull
a lot higher than giving them a free report on the
8 deadliest mistakes they can make whenever personal property I can promise
you that. But these are two different ways in
order to basically gather somebody’s information. So that’s
one way: is having a squeeze page. The second
thing that you could possibly do that we do both of these on
is having what’s called Lead Capture Phone Number. So imagine
going out and having a bunch of Craigslist ads,
you know, basically saying , you know, “Hey, call
937-212-2222 and basically I’ll give you a free list
homes for sale.” As soon as they call that phone number
software is capturing that buyers phone number
on the other end so that now you have their phone number and now you can start
marketing to them through text message and through
voicemail converting them into buying your properties from you. So
that’s exactly how it works: create a squeeze page or a lead capture phone
number and BAM – now YOU can start capturing buyers
information. Once you have their information now we gotta go out and
basically before you capture their information now you gotta go out and get
them to the squeeze page. You gotta get them to call that lead capture phone number. So
how in the world we do you think get them to this?
Okay this is where the eight steps come in and again I know there’s more
but these are the eight things at work in
today’s real estate market. The first one is you
can do video virtual tours meaning that you can
be walking through a property okay with a and iPhone or whatever and
you could literally put that property all over the
internet you could have a lead capture phone number.
Or a wide URL sending them straight to your squeeze page straight to
your lead capture phone number which BAM you’re catching your information
both ways. So video virtual tour of you just walking through a property
and have they’re in for me have some call to action
on the very bottom screen throughout the entire video. Anytime that you do a video
virtual tour it needs to be 5 minutes or less. Number two:
Craigslist ads. Craigslist ads are a big one. This is free.
Okay all these are free. So on Craigslist you can go and put as many ads you want
out there, driving people to your free listing
homes for sale your free reports or whatever to your URL to capture the
information. You could also post your ad on Craigslist
and drive them straight to a phone number that lead capture
phone number. Backpage, same exact thing. So Backpage dot com. It’s another
free site that you can go in post ads at to get a lot of people to start
downloading your free report to literally start searching for homes. So
Backpage dot com is another one that you definitely need to use
for your capture phone number and your squeeze page.
Facebook post, and we call these ‘housing alert’. So what we will do
is we will have a Facebook fan page and then we’ll just do a random post.
Just like you would on your own Facebook of page.
You just do a post called a ‘housing Alert’. Now in this housing alert, what
you’re going to do as you’re going through is really focus on you know
the deal for the buyer in this housing or
in this post you’ll have your URL going to your squeeze page
or your phone number going to your lead capture
phone number right from a Facebook post. People will call.
People will visit right of these and it’s all free for you.
Another one is YouTube videos. And these videos need to be two minutes or less.
This is different from the video virtual tours. This is different.
Imagine going out and shooting a video, entitling it something like,
‘Dayton homes for sale’. Okay, buyers are
going to search that and then it could just be a video of
you saying, you know, “Hey, this is John Cochran from Home
Backers Realty and we have a plethora of homes for sale in the Dayton
Ohio area that you definitely need to look at.
They’re all 25 percent of all you have to do is go to Buy My Dream House dot com.”
So you can do some type of video like that, under two minutes,
that has at the bottom of it either your call to action for your squeeze page
or your call to action for them to call you to get this
free list of homes which is what they want. So you can do that for every single city
that you’re looking to get buyers in and that
is a very good way to get exposure on YouTube to get
exposure on Google to get a lot of buyers calling you
for free. Another one is two property syndication
Website. So if you go and you have a property for sale
what you can do is you can upload that property one time to a property
syndication website. And what software will do is it will take
It, will broadcast your property for sale out to literally
forty different web sites at once. So imagine going in, uploading a property to
say Postlets dot com, which is what we use.
Postlet’s takes on the upload at one time and then Postlet’s
software, what it will do is it will upload
your property up to like HotPads dot com Trulia dot com,
you know, Yahoo dot com. It will take it to over 40 website
exactly like that just from uploading a one-time – saving
a ton of time for you. Another property syndication website that we use
is called Sell Point. It works the same exact way as Postlets
and it will get your properties exposure. So
what you want to do is during your Postlets ad
okay have your URL or have to really capture phone number
literally right into the face on your property flyers
or whatever and your property descriptions whatever so that on all
those forty website that Postlets and Sell Point is taking your
property to, it is going to see your lead capture
what URL or your lead capture phone number and
then that is how you could build a big massive list for free just from
literally uploading a property one-time. And the last and final one is Blogger dot
com. So what you can do, you can write a lot of blog posts about
properties write a lot of blog post about buyers and you know what the
market is and what not and then embedded in your blog post you want to
have your URL and your lead capture phone
number. And the reason we use Blogger dot com is because it is owned
by Google. That is the only reason we use it. There’s tons of blogs out there
but what we’re trying to do is get the the Google juice so whenever people
are typing you know ‘Dayton homes for sale’ or
whatever and bam – they’re gonna see your article that you wrote up.
And then they’re going to visit your squeeze page or they’re going to call
you right on your lead capture phone
number. So guys those are the eight steps. Comment on the video below.
Let me know do you like the whole TV? Was this very
helpful to you or would you like me to go back to the
old school way of writing it all on a white board? So comment on the video below.
Guys next week I can give you all the paid methods that we use to build an
extremely big buyers list to get a ton of buyers to our properties
and literally sell these things in seven days or less. So stay tuned.
Let me know comment on the video below I’m out. See ya guys.


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