7 tips to sell your home over the Holidays | The Rescue Ronnie Show! Episode 103

Hey this is Ronnie and this is the
rescue Ronnie show today I’m gonna give you seven tips if you’re gonna be
selling your home or if you already have your home selling over the holidays
stick around and let’s check it out all right so we’re back I’m giving you some
tips on how to sell your house during the holidays because it’s definitely
different inventories definitely lower so number one minimize decorations the
first thing that you’re wanting to do is always put decorations up and do your
same exact format as you would before this is a little different if you are
going to be putting up decorations I advise you buy new ones if you don’t
have very very classy ones that are gonna make your house show super super
well make sure to keep it simple alright number two this is throughout the board
no matter what you do always keep your keep your house clean you’re having
parties you’re having family over you’re opening presents and and that type of
stuff so make sure that everything is always clean you get it professionally
clean you keep it professionally clean rake the leaves outside mow the lawn
that type of stuff all right number three most importantly price your house
right don’t try and get crazy amounts of money for it like you would in the
summer price it according to the comps at the moment and realize their house
could sit a little bit longer so you don’t want to enhance those days on the
market so price it accordingly number three always always always be available
I know you are busy during these times so coordinate with your real estate
agents and have see either set showing times or be available at all times it
takes one buyer and one buyer only to purchase your house alright and number
five keep your house cozy that means if you
live in an area where it is 20 degrees keep your heater on it’s going to be
some extra money for you but it will pay off in the long run if you are in a hot
area keep Acey on and keep it a comfortable
temperature so that is not a drawback to your home and one added bonus is maybe
cook some treats when you know there’s a showing coming or put on a diffuser for
some special smells so number six show alternate times of the year pictures so
if you live in a place where it snows or it rains a lot during the winter show
your house in pictures on the MLS or on Zillow what it would look like during
the summer so people can get a visualization of what it would look like
during those beautiful months with all the vibrant flowers and the great curb
appeal number seven my specialty make a video people are very visual these days
and you have to captivate their attention and it takes one buyer like I
said so make a video have your real estate agent made it make a video your
lender make a video and promote your home and get that visualization up so
those are my seven tips to sell your house during the holidays
I hope these helps if you need any help during the holidays I’d be happy to give
you an evaluation of what your house would be worth and as always have them
as their like and adios

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