7 Seller Tips For Selling Your Home #TheCostalesTeam

Hi, this is Joraine Sostales, with the
Costales Team at Intero Real Estate. I’m so excited to share with you my
seven seller tips to help you get the highest price, shorter days on market, and
a smoother close of escrow. Tip number one, De-Clutter. Remove personal items and depersonalize the home, as much as possible, the less that it feels like
your home, the more it can appeal to a potential buyer. Tip number two,
inspections. Most buyers will get inspections when buying a home because
they want to feel comfortable with what they’re purchasing and will possibly
negotiate with you based on their findings. Doing the inspections upfront
will give you, the seller, an opportunity to repair anything beforehand should you
choose to do repairs. In the event that you don’t want to do repairs, you can
provide the inspections to the buyer upfront and disclose that this is an as
is sale and that they are purchasing the property as is. Tip 3, clean. When a buyer
walks in you want them to say, “WOW, not EW.” A dirty home gives off the
impression that the home is dirty and old, not well taken care of or poorly
maintained and you do not want the buyer to think any of these things. A gleaming
home will show better to potential buyers than a home that is dirty because
no one wants to buy a dirty home right? Tip number 4, staging. A staged home helps the buyer envision how a home is to be used and how they would live in the home. With an empty home, it’s difficult for buyers to envision, how a home is to be
used and how they would live in that home. Tip number five, hire a professional
photographer. 92 percent of buyers start their home search online, even if you
clean and declutter and stage, do all of the things that I recommend, none of it
will matter, if the photos online do not reflect the beauty of your home and
that’s how they’re going to choose whether or not they’re going to visit
the open house. So you want the photos online to reflect the beauty of your
home, spend the money hire photographer. Tip number six marketing. Marketing is
important because this is how you’re advertising your home for sale. No one is
going to visit the open house. No one’s going to see how great the home looks. No one’s even going to look at the photos online, if the marketing and advertising
is not on point. Tip number seven, work with the
right realtor. According to the National Association of Realtors, most for sale by
owners actually get less for their homes than those who list with a real estate
agent. Visibles are typically willing to negotiate but they might not be very
good at it, if they don’t do it for a living. There are lots of details
involved when it comes to selling your home, our team of professionals can help
you, so feel free to contact me, if you’re thinking of selling, if you know someone
that’s thinking of selling, please, feel free to share this video or tag them
below. Thanks and have a great day!

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