6 Cheap Ways to Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads

Alright serious time I did everything myself and here that is
not how’d you do the business and that right
there is a house that I have already flipped as well already know that I can flip
this house to a buyer on my buyers list I have a strong buyers list in this area Hey what’s up guys John cochran here and today is
system Saturday the day that I bring you a system that I use in my business you can rip off duplicate using your own
local market now if you have been one in my live event
yet why not I only deliver my entire blueprint to you which qualifies you for a five hundred
thousand dollar line of credit to do business with so on
today’s system Saturday what we’re going to do is we’re gonna rock out
the 6 paid ways to build a real estate buyers list last week
we gave you all the free methods that we do in order
to build a big massive buyers list this week I’m gonna give you all the
paid ways that we build a real estate buyers list sometimes you just get
what you paid for you can read between the lines on that
so again just to recap from last week’s call two things that you’re gonna need in
order to capture a buyer lead and the first thing is a squeeze page and a website that will literally capture
these buyers information there there email address and possibly even
their phone number so you gonna need a squeeze page and give
them an ethical bribe in order to give you all their information giving away a free report or some type
of free list of homes for sale so they can go and search exactly what they’re
looking for a list of homes or there’s another method that we use by
having what’s called a lead capture phone number so as soon as a number is
dialed BAM it’s going you’re gonna capture that lead right there and they don’t even know it so there’s
two different ways to do it so there is six paid ways that we use that are very effective just attract
buyers to our website and to drive us to the phone
call so the first way is for sale signs any time
do we have a home for sale we always go through and I have a for
sale sign out there and that is a great way to attract buyers using the phone number lead capture
system another one is white sign you know
every single time that we sell a property we’re putting white signs right in the
yard you know must sell killer price deal call John whatever we’re always putting
white signs in the front in the front of the yard now on these white
signs you can also go and put a phone number or a website
building your buyers list and both of the ways another way is
directional signs you know anytime that we’re selling a property
any time we have a home that we’re getting ready to sell we’re always
using directional signs in order to sell our property so that everybody around in that community
know so we have a home for sale so I anytime that we’re doing this we are
focusing on you know 40k off home arrow and phone number so it’s a great way to
really attract a lot of buyers and then have them call that number and capture them immediately whenever they
call on that lead capture phone number so you
can definitely build your buyers list spike directional signs as well another way that I absolutely love to build a buyer’s list I’ve built a
massive buyers list of over 15,000 local buyers is from Facebook page ads okay so you
can literally go and do an ad of a property
or an ad of giving away a free report or and ad of giving
away a list of homes for sale and then have buyers go through and
literally do that so imagine going to put a and
ad up on Facebook over on the right hand side or even a post ad that you’re paying for driving a lot
of people on Facebook that is very very targeted to your squeeze pages or to directly a
phone call that is a way right there that we have
generated over 15,000 buyers alone just by using Facebook not that
expensive either to do that expect somewhere around 30
cents per click on your ads and expect about a dollar
a lead thats about what it cost Google paid ads is another one so
whenever somebody is you know googling homes for sale
Dayton Ohio or or houses for sale you know Fairborn
Ohio or homes for rent or whatever you need to
be popping up at the top of Google and then BAM a soon as somebody clicks on
your ad then they’re literally take into your squeeze page
and then you are capturing their information right there and the last and least the last one that we do is youtube paid ad so you obviously know that we do a lot of YouTube videos a lot of
them that’s what you’re watching right now and it’s a great way to build a buyers
so imagine do shooting a video some light somewhat
like what we’re doing into saying you hey this is John
Cochran here and you know I have a ton of homes that I’ve put on a list for you literally that you can get by going to
buy my dream house dot com and then literally the people on youtube
are going to be going to that website building your buyers list
and you can have those paid at so every single time you’re on YouTube you
probably see me doing this as well every single time that somebody’s on youtube your video is the
first thing that pops up and you can do paid ads
through that that is actually three your Google AdWords account as well those ads are dirt cheap expect per click to be about 8 to 13 cents per click expect about 75
cents per lead using youtube paid ads I
absolutely love it so that is the six paid methods that we
used in order to build a buyers list comment on
the video below subscribe to the channel and I’m out guys see you guys

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