5 Tips for People Who Don’t Understand Cars
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5 Tips for People Who Don’t Understand Cars

(electric buzzing)
(funk music) (brakes squealing) – Hey guys, Grant here. I’m not a car guy but I still have to get around town. Are you intimidated by having a big, (handle clanking) expensive, dangerous thing
you don’t know how to use? Are you embarrassed by
how long it takes you to find the little button (horn honking)
that pops your hood? Don’t be. Here are five car tips for non-car people. (bell ringing) Now the most important thing you can do when your car is acting up is ignore it. Just pretend it’s not happening
(bell dinging) (car rattling) It’s the same thing you do when you think you might have a cavity. Maybe it will go away by itself? Hey sometimes your computer
fixes itself by magic, right? Well, your car does the same thing. (torque wrench buzzing) If you do have to fix a car, remember, it’s probably a fuse. Why? Because you’ve heard of fuses. Luckily this is an easy fix. It’s just lots and lots of electricity. (electrical buzzing) To fix it, do it the same way you
fix a fuse box at home. Just make all the things look like all the other things. (electrical buzzing) If all the things look one way, and one thing looks another way, the one thing is the problem. (electrical buzzing) Sorry, that gets technical. (torque wrench buzzing) Now there’s a very important
step in all of car maintenance, calling your dad.
(bells dings) Your dad seems to know a lot about cars even though that’s not his job. Maybe people his age
just know more things. When you call, try to talk up any recent
accomplishments at work to soften the blow of not
having basic life skills. When he asks where he
went wrong as a parent, tell him that’s he worked too much. (torque wrench buzzing) When your car won’t work, don’t forget you’re spoiled. Your a soft person whose hands
have never known a callous and whose mind has been
turned to pudding by screens. This car is a luxury you don’t deserve and whatever unsmiling God there is has rightly judged that you’re
unfit to have such bounty. One must walk as if on
the way of the cross to the road to Mecca to atone for the sins of gluttony and sloth that you, indeed, all of us are guilty of. Remember to bring your own grocery bags. (torque wrench buzzing) Now unlike this car, you may have a diesel engine. And in that case, it might be a good idea
to install a tachometer. This one has an inductive pickup design to strap to the outside of your alternator to read rotation. And if you understand in what I just said, please explain it to me in the comments because I’m a little baby boy. (electrical buzzing)
(fire crackling) Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor. Click here to subscribe to the channel. Click for more fun stuff. And, sorry, guys it feels like I’m out. Am I out? Cause I can like see the top of the camera so it’s, is this better? All right, it feels worse. Okay. Thanks for watching.


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