5 Thank You Card Ideas for REALTORs
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5 Thank You Card Ideas for REALTORs

Do you ever find yourself sitting
down to write that thank you card and not knowing what to write. Just sitting there staring at the
blank piece of paper. Today we’re talking about five different thank you notes samples that you can send to a real estate agent. Stick around. Hi there how you doing. My name is Michael Montgomery with Rev real estate school. Today we are talking about the thank you card. Oftentimes when I’m sitting down with an agent they want to know who
do I send these cards to. What is a good time to send the card. What do I say in the card. The big thing that does come up is I don’t think I have enough people to
send thank you cards to. Let’s think about that. If you’ve watched any of our stuff
before. The one trick that we have is just open up your calendar and look over the past few days
weeks or so and see where you’ve been. If you look at where you’ve been and what you’ve done there are
always opportunities for you to send thank you notes in this video we’re going to go over five different people
that you should be sending thank you notes to. We’re not going to talk about the. Somebody sends you referrals so you
should send them a thank you note. That’s an obvious one we’re going to
talk about things that maybe you haven’t thought of but the one great trick when you’re
trying to find people to send thank you notes
to is just opening up that calendar and looking at where you’ve been. So our first opportunity to send a thank you note. Anybody who has provided you with a service we’re talking about a plumber we’re talking about a
lawyer we’re talking about a barista. We’re talking about a server we’re
talking about a store owner we’re talking
about anything any time that somebody has provided with some level of a
service that is an opportunity for a thank you note. The question that comes up here that
person doesn’t necessarily know me you know I met them at overseas. If it was a coffee was a barista. How are they supposed to know who I
am. Well that’s totally fine because I love receiving thank you notes. It doesn’t matter
if I know who you are or not they’re still
great. They sit up at my office. I look at them every single day when
I walk by. They’re great. So don’t be so concerned about that. And if you’re worried about that you
can also put in a business card. Put a little business card in there. Write a little thank you write on
your business card write the thank you note and send it to them. A lot of people will then look you
up it’ll prompt them to look you up. So make sure that your social media
profiles of your online profiles are all
congruent next. Any time you enter somebodies house any time you open the door and you walk into their house that is an opportunity for a thank you
card. This can be done during real estate
time too. So whether you’re prospecting
doorknocking these sort of things opportunity send a thank you card or friend family whatever that might be any time you enter into
somebody’s house. Thank you card for the business card. Most of the time I won’t because I know that person. But if it if it was a relationship that was made through a business
sense like door knocking or something like that then I would
throw a business card directly in there. Number three is after a buyer presentation or a listing
presentation. This is such an opportune time and it’s missed when you have a listing presentation or a buyer presentation. After that. What do you think’s happening these
people are calling back and they’re thinking about who do they want to use as a real estate agent. Now if you are in the running for
that do you think when if they receive a
handwritten note from you that it will increase
your chances. Absolutely. Any time you go to a listing
presentation after listing presentation drop a
thank you note in the mail the next day. Now let’s say this is number four. You do not get the listing. You do not get the
buyer. Another great time to send a thank you note thank you very much for considering me. Now sometimes I get while they they didn’t choose me so why should I be
saying the thank you. Well I think we all know
that listings can expire and things can change. Maintaining that relationship is
important. It is important. So sending that thank you card is
another very opportune thank you card that can benefit you down the road. Finally when a buyer removes conditions so yes it’s exciting of course when the buyer is moving in but sending a little thank you. Hey thanks so much for allowing me
to represent you in your purchase when they’ve
waived conditions can be an awesome time to send a thank you card. Why. Simply because once they’ve waived
those conditions is usually when they’re getting into
the office and they’re saying I just bought a
house. This is happening. And if they received a thank you
card then it can prompt them to pass your name on quite quickly so it can be an awesome time when
everyone’s excited the buyers are excited and they want to sing your praises
to other people that they are meeting. It’s an awesome time to send a thank you card. So don’t be afraid of the thank you
card number one thing when you’re looking for things
looking for people to send thank you cards
to open up that calendar look back and then otherwise feel free to use these five tips. Thanks very much. Do let me know in the comments do
you send thank you cards. Do you like receiving thank you
cards. Thank you very much for watching
this video. We will see you in the next.


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