5 Superpowers of Top Successful Real Estate Professionals | #TomFerryShow
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5 Superpowers of Top Successful Real Estate Professionals | #TomFerryShow

– Every agent has one of five superpowers. Which one is yours? (upbeat rock music) Welcome to the Tom Ferry show. Today, I wanna reveal to
you five superpowers of the uber successful real estate professionals. Now, you know me, I have
spent 29 years of my life dissecting, interviewing,
probing, coaching, training, working with, hanging
out with and learning what’s going on up here in the minds of the most successful agents. From brand new agents that sell 67 homes their first year in the business to 80 year old veterans down
in La Jolla, California consistently producing
$1,000,000 a year in GCI for 20 straight years. Or, the rockstar agent that
seamlessly comes from nowhere, and is suddenly doing nearly
$500,000,000 a year in sales. What do they all have in common? The answer is, they’ve all
identified their superpower, and then they amplify
it. They go all in on it. So, your job today as
you’re watching this show is to just, number one,
become more aware of it. We know that awareness is
the first step of change. The moment you can say, wait
a minute, so Maxine Gellens does that. if I take
and I do the same things that she’s doing, I’m
gonna produce a similar and maybe even better result. So, awareness is number one. Number two, acknowledge where you are. Now, I don’t want you to say oh gosh, Tom, I don’t have any
of these superpowers. We all have a little bit. The key is that the
most successful agents, the uber successful agents,
they go all in on a few of their superpowers and
that’s what makes them wildly successful. So you wanna find the one or
two that are right for you. That are more aligned
with your natural DNA and then lean in heavy. And then number three,
obviously is I want you to make some decisions and then commit. Right. Decide and commit. If you’re one of my coaching members, this is gonna be one of those shows that you’re gonna have a
conversation with your coach and say, you know you and
I have been discussing number three. I know I need to do it, it really does align with
me, it is a part of my natural DNA, but for some
reason I’ve been resisting. Let me get back to a growth
mindset and jump all in. Alright, so lets go through the five, no order of importance. Number one, This shouldn’t shock you by the way. When you look at their superpower, we’re really talking about what gives them like, unbelievable energy
and focus and passion, and it’s very simple, my friends. The most successful agents are constantly setting ambitious goals. Now think about it, when you have a goal you’re imbued with the spirit to act. You’re imbued with he spirit
to act, meaning you are inspired to go out and
take the right actions. Now think about it. Has there
been a time in your life where you didn’t have a goal? Generally speaking,
everyone’s experienced that and we know what happens
when you don’t have a goal. When you don’t have a goal, you and I both know what happens. Zig Ziglar called it you
become a wandering generality. Right, whatever happens happens. You become a victim to the
circumstances of the environment. And today, where the
streets are paved with gold in our industry, if you
aren’t setting daily, weekly, monthly goals. Annual
goals that fire you up… And I wanna be clear,
it’s not just the goal. It’s the act of writing it out and saying This week, this is what I’m committed to. this week I’m gonna get
those three listings. This month I’m gonna
have my best month ever, and I’m gonna have ten
transactions or I’m gonna go on 20 appointments. It’s setting the goal that fires them up gets them into massive action. That’s the superpower number one. Number two. Super important. One of the things that I’ve noticed, and I can actually give a shout out to so many individuals on this. One in particular, a gal
named Shauna Covington, from Laguna Beach, California. When I first met her nearly 15 years ago, she basically said to me,
Tom I have six listings, and anytime I have more than
six listings I can’t handle it I get out of control, you know,
so if you’re gonna tell me that I need to have a big
inventory, then I can’t do this. Well, what if I told you today
that if she has less than 18 listings she begins to panic. You’re saying, well Tom
what’s the superpower? Is it having listings? No, what the very best,
the uber successful agents have in common as a
superpower is they’ve created for themselves standards in their business and they maintain them. Standards in their business. If I walked inside your office and said show me on your wall, or your
bathroom mirror at your house What are your standards? Now think about it, if
I asked you personally do you brush your teeth
everyday, you’re gonna say yes and some people, their
standard is three times a day. Right, that’s a standard. Now, you might say, how does
that relate to my business? Well, what if I told you
that many successful agents have a standard for the
number of appointments they’re absolutely going
to set every single week. That literally, you know,
I think of so many agents I’ve worked with and talked
to, and all of our coaches have experienced this, where
they say what’s your number? You know coach, I gotta
get three appointments every single week, and if
it’s Friday night at 6 o’clock I’m calling mom to book an appointment. Because it’s just ingrained I my psyche. It is a standard that I’ve set for myself that I simply refuse to fall below. You with me? They refuse
to fall below the standard. So, one is around weekly appointments. One might be, as I mentioned
with Shauna, active listings. Another could be, I always
need to have this many escrows. This many pending. And,
of course, we know that they’re closing and a percentage
fall apart unfortunately. But they set that number and
say that’s where I feel good, and that’s where my
business is coming along and I’m gonna achieve my goal
so I refuse to fall below it. And, of course another standard
you might wanna think about is how much money you keep inside your checking and savings account, right? I talk to too many agents,
and we quickly work on this. But I say, what’s your
standards for savings in your business account? Oh, you know if I have like, 15, 20, 30 grand inside
there, I feel good. And I say what does it cost
you to run your business? Well, it cost me 15, 20…Woah,
you have a one month supply of income inside your business? What if something goes haywire? So, we always wanna be looking for ways to identify the standard,
and then raise it. Here’s the key though:
the supepower is that they refuse to allow
themselves to go below. You know we’ve talked about it
before on the Tom Ferry show. Too many people are poor,
rich, poor, rich, poor, rich poor, rich, and guess what? They allow that to be a
standard for themselves. Where the uber successful
agent…they write it out and they commit to it and
they say this is the number. So, maybe it’s one sale a month to start. Maybe it’s one sale a week. Maybe it’s five sales a week. Only you know where you’re
at and what that next benchmark will be. But know this, know this,
if your desire is to become one of the most successful
agents on the planet every single one of
them has standards that they’re looking to maintain every day. Look at number three, which
leads very nicely into this. The uber successful agents… What makes them unique
is two-fold in this. Number one, their ability to
eliminate the distractions. Think about it, right. I talk to people all the time and I say well, you know did you
make your phone calls, did you do this, did you take action? The things you commited to in your plan. Oh no, Tom I got distracted
by this, my cell phone, social media, friends inside the office, something happening, you
know whatever, right. There’s always something. What makes the most extraordinary people. What makes them extraordinary
is their ability to eliminate the distractions and to focus on the six most important
dollar-productive activities. That you know what, stuff’s
happening, the world’s, you know something’s going
on, something’s happening inside the office, a deal’s falling apart, but they know that these six
are ultamitely what drives the results of their
business and no matter what they refuse to miss the six. Number one, is practicing, roll playing. Now I know, you may say
“Tom, wait a minute, you’re telling me the most
successful agents on the planet are practicing roll-playing?” 1000% yes. Now, they might do it
differently than say, at our sales events where we’re practicing rehearsing for multiple days
to improve our confidence and skills and our language patterns. Maybe they’re doing it in
their car on the drive over in their mind. I’m gonna
say this, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna try this, I’m gonna
make sure I mention this, I’m gonna close with this. Everyone of the most
successful agents is practicing in their head or out loud so they don’t practice on the customer. Number two, they’re all doing
some form of prospecting. Now, that could be today
sending out a text message, sending out a memail email,
or it could be making a phone call, knocking on a
door, doing an open house. What thwy understand
is this, that everyday they gotta be pumping that well to be sure that their
pipeline is robust enough to make sure number two, they
maintain their standards. So, prospecting is critical.
Again, I’m not talking about dirty old man by the
river looking for gold. We know where the gold is, my friend. We know where the gold
is. In your database, doing open houses, online
leads, agent-agent referrals, and all the other things we’ve
covered on Tom Ferry shows. Now, the third one, of
course is following up and setting appointments.
Now lets be clear, if you just did what the
best agents do which is they get leads and they follow up. We know all the studies,
we’ve seen all the research. The average agent follows
up on a lead one time. Well, I sent ’em a message,
they didn’t respond, I sent ’em an email, they didn’t respond. What do we know? Go back
to tomferry.com and search, you know, “follow up campaign”. Where we talk about ten
contacts in ten days where we’re basically gonna
follow up until they buy or die. Sort of a metaphorical
example. That is a superpower. Number four, going on
appointments. Obvious. Number five, being in negotiations, as much as we can all the time. And then those with teams
have figured out that one of the most important
dollar-producing activities is the ability to transfer
their skills over to people on their team. To multiply
themselves and create that geometric growth
that they all desire. So, stop for just a second.
I’ve gone through now three of these. There’s five superpowers. One of two things is happening. Either right now you’re going yeah baby, coach I’m on track, I’ve got
one going, I’ve got two going, I’ve got some work I can
do here, or you’re going Oh man, how am I gonna
ever do all this stuff?. If you’re a brand new agent,
or you’re a 30 year veteran, remember I’m not gonna leave you hanging. It’s just one or two little
adjustments that we’re gonna begin to build on your success. I’m not asking you to
do all five on Tuesday. I’m asking you to just
slowly align your behaviors. With one or two things that’ll
move the needle for you. That’s what it’s all about.
Let’s go to number four. This is an easy one. One of the superpowers I’ve noticed… And I’ve seen this…it’s
so obvious when I say it. I can’t wait to get your comments on it. Whether it’s on tomferry.com or on youtube or somewhere on social about this. They have huge levels of energy. Can you name a mega-successful
agent that isn’t, that doesn’t have like,
a pep in their step, that isn’t a little fired up? Now, they might demonstrate
it and show it differently. Some might walk fast, some talk fast. Right, some are laser-focused
and they walk through the office in their own
way, but every single one of them has their own energy. Now the question is
were they born that way, or did they generate it and create it. Look, we all have some level of energy. I mean, you know we’re not sloths, right? We all have some energy. But
what I know about the very best is they do four or five
things on a weekly basis, a daily basis in many cases
that actually gives them that extra edge. You with me on this? So, whether it’s words and self-talk. Or, I listen to music. Some
people listen to music, it gets them fired up in the morning. Nutrition. They eat
consistently throughout the day. And they eat for energy.
They eat for Energy. Obviously staying
hydrated, super important. And the last thing is, they exercise. The number of people I talk to, that today are losing
ten, 15, 20, 30 pounds and as they’re doing it they’re like, coach, you’re not gonna believe this, as I’m losing the weight my
energy’s going through the roof, my productivity’s going through the roof, my cognition is going
through the roof. Woof? They’re remembering.
Don’t edit that at all. I love woof, that’s good. Their cognition. Their ability to take in
information, retain it and then act on it. That’s
all energy, my friends. Let’s look at the last one, number five. This is my favorite, ’cause
this is something that I feel as an organization
we’ve had a lot to do with. You look at sales and
you say there’s basically two approaches. Qualitative
and quantitative, right? Qualitative, how do you feel? Quantitative, what’s the
math? What’s the numbers? What we’re seeing, especially now, certaintly over the last
decade is the number of uber successful agents that
are running their business like a business is based
upon the math, right. They’re not making all their decisions based upon how they feel. I
don’t care, in many cases, how you feel if I’m asking
you about the market. I wanna know what are
the numbers telling me. What’s selling, what’s not selling, what’s being reduced, what’s
going for over-asking, how many offers are happening. The most successful agents are taking this quantative approach
where they study the market, they know the numbers and then they’re able to act on those numbers. So here’s what I wrote down, ready? Charisma is not enough.
That’s what I want you to get. Charisma, that qualitative feeling. Your ability, your swagger.
It’s important, my friends. But, if you wanna have a
sustainable, huge business over decades, you gotta look at it from a math standpoint. A
quantitative standpoint. So, here’s what I know,
here’s what I believe. The first thing they do
is they track and measure everything that matters.
So, if it matters, they track and measure.
I sent out the email, what was the open rate?,
how many clicks did I get?, how many leads did I generate? As an example, we made,
you know today as a team everybody made 22 calls, right. How many people did we talk to? How many people did we
generate a lead from? And how many appointments did we book? They understand that the business is math. That yes, there’s this
element of charisma, and the way you feel. I get it, I get it. But the numbers don’t lie.
The numbers don’t lie. So, for example, like
now they recognize that when my team makes this
many contacts in a month we sell that many houses. It’s math. Which leads me to the second part. They are looking for ways to
have repeatable and scalable growth in their business. What
is repeatable and scalable? What is it that every time we
do A, B, C, we get 1, 2, 3? And then you know what they do?
They go all in on it, right. They go all in. Not on how
I feel about open houses. Because I know people that
don’t like the feeling of open houses but they love
the math and the numbers and success tht they generate from it. You get the difference? It’s
like, who cares how you feel. Follow the numbers and you’re gonna win. The last obviously is,
that they use the data to make good decisions.
That they’re looking at the numbers of their business. For example, by using the data, we
make better decisions. One of my clients said more
recently, Tom, I noticed that 76% of the listings
that I take don’t sell at that asking price.
What it’s telling me is I’m overpricing the
properties to, in many cases, win the listing and then
I’ve gotta beat ’em down to ultimately to get a
price correctly and sell. See, just that simple
observation of the numbers or hey, Tom I’m sending out
this email marketing piece but nobody’s opening it up.
I’m not getting a response. Does that mean that email’s
bad or do we need to test and try something new? See,
the data, when we finally slow down and look at the
business analytically it allows us to make good decisions. Now, we’ve done multiple shows here
where we’ve talked about the power of tracking and
the power of measuring. And we all know when you
track and measure anything you’re working towards you get
a bump in your productivity. When you track and measure and you report it back to somebody the
growth becomes exponential. I mean, that’s IBM speaking not Tom Ferry. It is unbelievable what happens. So now, sitting here as we wrap this up. I wrote down…there are five things. Five superpowers of these
uber successful agents. Number one, they set ambitious,
continuous goal setting all the time. It fires them up. Number two, they’ve got high
standards for themselves and they fight like mad to maintain it. Number three, they’ve learned
to eliminate the distractions and do the six most important
dollar-producing activities. They create huge levels
of energy and by the way did I mention that energy is attractive to buyers and sellers? I
mean, when was the last time you met with a sales person who was a slug and said, boy I want more of that. No, you were thinking get that person, that energy-sucking vampire away from me. So, huge levels of
energy. And the last one, they take a quantitative approach to running their business by design. So now the $64,000 question for you is based upon this show,
what are you gonna do? Maybe you start with a little
assessment of yourself. And you look at the five and you say where am I weak?, where am I strong?, where do I need to put more attention? and then I would ask you
to simply make a decision. What’s one thing you can
begin to operationalize in your business to begin to move forward and maybe watch this show
again in the next 30 days, share of it with a few of your friends, have a discussion, become more
aware around the superpowers that are available to you that
are probably lying dormant inside you now and it’s
time to turn them on. Thanks so much for watching. Make sure you share this show. Remember always, your strategy matters and now more than ever your
superpowers absolutely rule. Hey, you’re the kind of person like me who’s always looking for
great stuff, new ideas, innovation and ways to
improve my life and business Check out the link below
at tomferry.com/agent-tools ’cause I got lots of
great stuff for you there.


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    I love the way you explain each and every point. I would love to put into practice these points as soon as possible. Thanks 🙂

  • Icy ist

    When looking at all these superpowers I see them almost as steps. 1st step would be gaining huge levels of energy. 2nd step is eliminating distractions. 3rd step is to set ambitious goals. 4th step is making decisions based on numbers. And the 5th step is creating standards

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    Love your videos I have been watching for several months now…just passed my South Carolina exam today …so excited to get started

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