5 Reasons You Need a Realtor When Buying New Construction
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5 Reasons You Need a Realtor When Buying New Construction

Hey guys it’s William Coalson today I’m
going to tell you why you need a real estate agent when you’re buying new
construction and it starts right now before I get started I want to ask if
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videos come out every week so if you’re thinking about buying new construction
there’s a lot of benefits to buying a newly constructed home obviously you’re
not going to have a lot of repairs to do for the first 10 years living in the
home and when you’re looking to buy new construction you have two options you
can buy a home that’s already been built or you can build on your own land or
build on an empty lot and start from scratch
so you can design everything the way you want and when you’re getting excited
about buying new construction your first step might be to go straight to a
builder and go into their model home and this could be a mistake for you because
when you go directly to the Builder that agent that’s on site represents the
Builder so it’d be a good idea to meet with your real estate agent first and
here’s five reasons why the first reason you should use a real estate agent when
buying new construction is because a real estate agent can show you all the
different options and you can shop around between different builders and
your Realtor can tell you what Lots are where and what type of construction is
in each subdivision reason number two is you get to be represented when you’re
buying your new construction so as I said earlier the realtor that’s working
in the model home really represents the Builder so if you don’t come to the
Builder with a realtor already representing you then they just assume
that you’re not represented and they guide you through the process on their
own without you actually having someone walk you through it reason number three
is you’ll know all of your rights as a buyer and all the legalities of the
tract and all the contingencies your real estate agent if they’re a great
agent they should be able to walk you through all of that so everything is
clear for you before you get started reason number four is to know what to
expect before jumping into buying new construction if you hire an experienced
real estate agent they’re going to have experience going through new
construction and telling you everything that you should prepare for before you
get started reason number five is you can work with
the same agent that’s selling your current home if you already own a home
and that way they can keep you on track and let you know how to time up closing
on your old home around the same time that you closed on your new home so
you’re not going through a period where you’re homeless and don’t have your new
home ready yet if you have any questions about new construction feel free to
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thanks and have a great day you home and closing on your old tongue ah
so close


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