5 Key Aerial Shots for Real Estate to get with your Drone
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5 Key Aerial Shots for Real Estate to get with your Drone

hi there welcome to this video where I
tell you the 5 key aerial shots you need to get with your drone for a real estate
listing getting this footage will help you get a faster edit when you go and
create a teaser video for your listing my name is Brad and I want to help you
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this video I’m going to tell you all about the shots you need to get for a
real estate teaser video but you can also use them for a long-form video and
you can use some of them to get some pictures but this video is mostly about
making videos teaser videos are about 30 to 60 seconds long and they’re all about
getting a prospective client excited about possibly buying a property make
sure you get 10 or 15 seconds of useable video with each of these shots you are
also going to want to add 3 to 5 seconds at the beginning and at the end of each
video just to make sure you have a little extra space now you may only use
5 or 10 seconds from each one of these shots but you want to make sure you have
more than enough usable footage for each shot so that you can get the very very
best each one of these key shots can actually be shot in multiple different
ways so it gives you a lot of variety to use in your video so they don’t look
exactly the same every single time now let’s start out with the reveal for
smaller properties you want to have something that’s like in the way like
maybe a tree or car or maybe even a mailbox something that you can hide it
the house or the property the building behind and then come around and show the
property for larger properties you may have a lot more options the best thing
is if you have like a hill or even a bunch of trees that you can come up and
over and fly over and then show the building as you fly up and over these
things and reveal the building the whole point is to have something hiding the
building or the house and then showing it and revealing it in a very dramatic
fashion and if you have enough room one of the things you can do is you can tilt
the camera down towards the ground so the building is not seen fly towards the
building and then maybe even ascend a little bit tilt up and then possibly
even fly over the building the second key shot is some sort of orbit or point
of interest this one is easy because most drones have a program that allows
you to do an orbit or a point of interest basically you get at a certain
height sometimes you know you can fly between 100 and 150 feet up and maybe 50 to 75
feet away and just do a nice orbit around the building you can experiment
with different heights just make sure that when you do it that you check if
you’re gonna fly kind of low that there’s no trees poles telephone lines
or anything in the way because then that is going to be kind of disastrous to
your drone the number three key shot is the straight down shot which is one of
the more flexible ones you can do it obviously you’re flying above the
property looking straight down you can do it where you’re over the building and
you can go ascend away from the building or you can descend towards the building
you can also do an ascension with a little bit of spin or descention with
spin or you can just spin you can also use it where you’re off to one side and
then you go over it you can do it at an angle you can come up and over you know
all kinds of different things you know use your brain use your creative juices
and do different shots of that style but remember you don’t want to have 5,000
shots to go through for one property do these different things for different
properties and just experiment as you go along and as you do more properties the
number four key aerial shot is to fly over which again it gives you a lot of
variety you could start low go over the building go high you can use a tilt as
you go over you can fly really really high and just fly right over it all
kinds of different these try different angles different heights there are so
many different things you can start I’d say about a four foot level and then
ascend over the front door or over the garage
or whatever and you can add a tilt to it like I said before the fifth and final
key aerial shot is what I call the 75 foot shot of course 75 foot is just a
guideline it gets you a nice height so that you can get down and look onto the
property and you want to do a little bit of movement with that and of course the
cameras going to be tilted down you can go in any direction you can kind of
don’t do a flyover but you want to do a side-to-side shot so you want to kind of
get something maybe a mini orbit or something a little bit of yaw to it but
really the goal is to get that back shot that everybody really wants it gives a
really good overview of the house and sometimes you can use that as the final
shot of the video and a little bonus tip while you’re doing these shots do not
make minor adjustments while you’re doing the shot if you find that you
don’t have the right framing or the right angle or you’re
flying in a little bit wrong basically stop go back to the beginning and start
over because you don’t really want to have those little jerky motions while
you’re in the video because that will distract the potential buyers there are
more shots that you can get and if you have a favorite one feel free to leave it
in the comments below and let everybody know what you think is a really good
shot because that will just help us all out in the next video I’m going to show
you how to take all of these shots and put them together and make a great 30 to
60 second teaser video thank you for watching the video and if you got
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